Do’s and Don’ts Before You Learn How to Drive A Car

Do's and Don'ts Before You Learn How to Drive A Car

Learning how to drive a car can be an exciting yet scary experience. Once you learn how to drive a car, you can enjoy the freedom of traveling to any place that you like whenever you want. Since learning how to drive a car is a challenging process there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you begin.

The Do’s

Read on to know what these things are and how they can help you in your driving journey.

1. Put an L sign on your car

If you are using your own car to learn, it is important that you put a prominent ‘L’ sign on the front and the back of your car. This lets others on the road know that you are a learner and helps them keep a safe distance from your car. Using a prominent ‘L’ mitigates risk of any dangerous accidents happening on the road.

2. Always wear a seatbelt

You should always put on a seatbelt as soon as you sit inside your car. This is important even if you are practicing on an empty road as wearing a seatbelt can protect you from any serious injuries when you hit the brakes suddenly.

3. Adjust the seat and the side mirrors

Whenever you are driving a car, your legs should be able to reach the control pedals comfortably and you should be able to see the road in front of you clearly. It is important to practice how to adjust the seat level and the side mirrors for a comfortable drive.

The Don’ts

Here are some of the points you should avoid while driving a car.

1. Never tailgate or overtake any vehicle

Tailgating is when you drive close to the vehicle in front of you without keeping any safe distance between you and the vehicle. Keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle gives you enough time to react in case there are any sudden movements. Overtaking or cutting any vehicle without a warning can cause serious accidents. You should always make use of an indicator if you are planning to make a turn or switch driving lanes.

2. Avoid highways

Whenever you are practicing your driving, it is important that you stick to familiar roads and avoid highways where cars move at fast speeds. Practicing on familiar roads can help reduce the stress of uncertainty and can help you practice at smaller speeds till you are more comfortable. Practicing on the highway can be very risky and can cause hindrance to other drivers. Highway driving needs some additional factors to be borne in mind which are not to be imposed on novice or learner drivers.

3. Never be distracted

It is important to always stay alert and focused when you are practicing how to drive a car. You should never let your mind drift away from the road. As a beginner, you will need to think a lot about your driving actions and the surroundings which is why it is important to stay alert.

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