How to Choose the Right Bra to Wear Buying Guide

Choose the Best Best Bra to Wear in 2021

Many women choose a bra just for its design but are they making the right choice? Just because it’s cute or flirtatious, they don’t hesitate to check. However, it is essential to consider other points before buying one, especially to ensure comfort. Our buying guide to the best bras tells you more about it.

How to Choose the Right Bra to Wear in 2021


Comfort Through Material

The quality of a bra is gauged first of all by the nature of its fabric. Ideally, it should be soft, flexible, resistant, and breathable to ensure constant comfort. Its nature determines the sturdiness, practicality, and overall safety of the underwear.

Manufacturers like to use all kinds of materials for their clothing. This means that the market and price comparison offers a wide range of models and choices. Besides, you will find bras made of cotton, polyamide, polyester, spandex, lycra, and elastane.

These materials are sometimes 100% constitutive of the garment. Sometimes, they are associated with two or three variable percentages.

However, the best material is cotton, because it is supple and soft to the touch. Elastane and lycra appeal to their elasticity. Polyamide is light and dries quickly. It is also resistant. As for polyester, it is breathable and rigid.

It quickly wicks away perspiration. And if you are a newly baptized mom, you can opt for a microfiber (soft texture) nursing bra with pads. Also, the seams of the staples must be solid and those of the fabric, fine. This is essential so that the bra does not irritate the skin.

Design Adapted to Your Morphology

To know which bra to choose, you must know the various variations and formats adapted to your morphology. Indeed, each woman is unique: cup size, the shape of the breasts, bust and chest circumference, etc.

Since then, manufacturers have not lacked imagination and have filled the current market with eight types of bras including full cup, half cup, padded, push-up, minimizer, triangle, bandeau, and sport (with X back or Y).

Our advice? A shrinking (minimizer), full cup, or underwired cup bra is for you if you have a heavy and generous bust. If your top has a V-neck, opt for a demi or triangle model. And for a tank top or a halter top, the bandeau variant is the best choice. The bras, triangle, and push-up elastic fabric models are mainly designed for small breasts.

The Frames or Hoops

These elements are used to adjust the bra. They are often a source of discomfort for women because they are not suitable for all sizes and shapes of breasts. When you try on one with an underwire in the store, make sure it provides good support without pain. Models without hoops are suitable for young, round breasts.


preferably, opt for a model with adjustable elastic straps that do not attack the skin of the shoulders. This is recommended to prevent them from falling (something which often happens) systematically.

Note that the best bra should fit well to your chest: strapless that slips and breasts well off in the cups. The band of the bust must be horizontal, stretched, and well affixed to the skin: neither compressed nor loose.


Many women are often confused about the size of their bra. They often choose them too large: 34 B instead of 32 C for example. To avoid such inconvenience, you need to get to know your actual height expressed in numbers and letters.

Do this a little bit of math. You must first measure your bust measurement (under the breasts) and your chest measurement (at the level of the tips of the breasts). In Canada, these two measurements are taken in inches (34, 36, etc.). As for the cup size, it is expressed in letters (A to H). To find out your bra size, subtract these two measurements and consult a correspondence table.

You should know that the size of the breasts varies according to changes in weight and pregnancy. It is therefore recommended to take the measurements regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

How do I find The Right Bra Size

The size of a bra is determined according to 2 measurements (in cm): the chest measurement (at the level of the tip of the breasts) of the bust (below the breasts). This size is expressed in numbers (benchmark of the bust size, from 28 to 56) and letters (cup size, from A to H).

In the USA, the correspondence between bust circumference and bra size translates as follows:

58 to 62 cm: 28
63 to 67 cm: 30
68 to 72 cm: 32
73 to 77 cm: 34

For the correspondence of the size of the underwear and the cap, you have:

28: AA (70/72), A (72/74), B (74/76), C (76/78), D (78/80), E or DD (80/82), F or DDD (82/84), G (84/86)
30: AA (75/77), A (77/79), B (79/81), C (81/83), D (83/85), E or DD (85/87), F or DDD (87/89), G (89/91)
32: AA (80/82), A (82/84), B (84/86), C (86/88), D (88/90), E or DD (90/92), F or DDD (92/94), G (94/96)
34: AA (85/87), A (87/89), B (89/91), C (91/93), D (93/95), E or DD (95/97), F or DDD (97/99), G (99/101)

How to Adjust a Bra

For a well-fitting bra, choose the balconette, baskets, and bandeau types for a small or medium-sized breast. A generous bust is well highlighted with a full-length, minimizer, and push-up model.
Also, you can recognize a well-fitting bra when it is placed horizontally across the back. It should neither be too loose nor too tight. The shoulder straps must not fall off. Their length should be adjusted so that a finger can slip into them. The separator must stick well to the thorax. The frame must completely conform to the crease of the breast.
A bad fit is characterized by the back which goes up systematically and the breasts which are revealed when one raises the arms.

Why the Bra Straps Kept Falling off

Constantly falling suspenders are a common nightmare for many women. The reasons behind this:

Wrong setting
Small shoulders
Narrow shoulders
Wrong bra size

How to Wash a Bra

The more you put on a bra, the more its fabric stretches. This is due to perspiration and body sebum. It should therefore be washed frequently so that it is elastic and remains firm.

To do this, run it through the machine. All you have to do is set the appliance on a “delicate” cycle and use a mild detergent. Then, extend it through the middle of the 2 cups (never in the dryer).

How do I bleach a bra that Turns Grey?

When washing, the fabric of a bra tends to turn yellow or gray. To make it look pristine, just machine wash it with lemon juice. Otherwise, you can use 125 ml of soda ash instead.

If your “balcony” is made of white cotton, use 95 ° C hydrogen peroxide and set your machine to slow action. Alternatively, you can mix your usual washing powder with a sachet of baking powder. If the gray of the fabric persists, you can bleach it with oxalic acid.

When to put on a Bra After Breast Augmentation

After childbirth, the chest gains in volume. In principle, its size stabilizes 2 to 3 weeks after the birth of the baby. From then on, you will be able to measure the size and offer you nursing bras with or without underwire and with a soft texture.

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