How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly for a Perfect Eye-Shape

How to Correctly apply Eyeliner & Avoid Mistakes for a Perfect Eye-Shape

5 Ways to Correctly Apply the Eyeliner for Perfect Eye Shape

Knowing how to Apply Eyeliner to your eyes correctly makes your eyes stand out. However, doing it properly is not an easy task; you have to avoid common mistakes while applying Eyeliner. That is why today we show you some tips and tricks to help you draw your eyes easily.  If we want to achieve perfect eyeliner, we must take into account the following tips or tricks.


  1. Avoid Shaking Hands

One of the problems with eyeliner is that your hands shake. The solution is straightforward. Sit down, place your elbow on a flat surface, and rest your little finger on your cheek. This will help you stabilize your hand and make a perfect outline.


  1. Use Masking Tape

If you want a “cat’s eye” line, use masking tape to make a straight line. Also, before making the line, put a point where you want it to end. This will make it easier to get the line of the same length in both eyes.


  1. Use Periods or Hyphens

If you find it difficult to draw a line on your lashes, start by putting some dots or dashes and then connecting them.


  1. Cool the Pencil Before Use

If you have a problem with your pencil, as it crumbles because it is too creamy, 10 minutes before use, store it in a freezer.


  1. Make your Eyes Appear Bigger

Use a white pencil for the lower lashes. That will make your eyes appear bigger.

Mistakes to Avoid while Applying Eyeliner

We not only want to teach you how to outline yourself; we also want to give you some points to know what you do NOT have to do.  These are the most common mistakes women make when lining their eyes, making our looks not look as good as they should.


  1. Dont Stretch Skin When Applying Eyeliner

It may seem that applying it this way is easier, but when the skin returns to its place, the result can be a disaster.


  1. Do not Outline Lower Lashes with Eyeliner

The eyeliner should be used only for the upper part. At the bottom, it is better to use a pencil or eye shadow. If not, your eye will appear much smaller.


  1. Don’t Correct Mistakes by Making a Thicker line

It is one of the most typical mistakes, the only thing that can be done is to intensify the error. It is best to correct it with a make-up remover wipe or add a few drops of make-up remover with a cotton swab.


  1. Do not Seal the Eyeliner.

When you finish doing your eyeliner, add a bit of translucent powder, especially if you use a creamy pencil. That way, you will prevent the eyeliner from unraveling over time.



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