How to Rent a House in Pune

How to Rent a House in Pune

How to Rent a House in Pune

Pune, which is nestled in the magnificent and majestic foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains, has excellent weather all year. Furthermore, it is not as cold as north India’s winters or as hot as south India’s sweltering summers. During the months of July, August, and September, Pune receives a lot of rain. While you may be anxious at work, Pune’s beautiful weather will always calm you down over a cup of adrak-elaichi chai.


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With a youthful and dynamic city, Pune is like a smaller half of Mumbai—only less congested and dirtier. Pune, also known as Maharashtra’s cultural capital, has long been a place rich in culture and heritage, with a strong link to literature, music, and theatre. Despite the fact that Marathi is the city’s native language, the residents also speak Hindi and English.


How much does it cost to live in Pune?

  • Pune, India’s eighth-largest metropolitan economy and sixth-highest per capita income, is nevertheless far less expensive than Mumbai and other big cities.
  • Pune has a cost-of-living index of 27.44, 0.89 percent lower than Bengaluru.
  • Knowing how you spend your money and how much you can save is always a smart idea.


Examine the apartment

Before you pack your belongings and load the truck, make sure you properly investigate your flats for rent in Pune. If you have the opportunity, undertake an apartment tour with the landlord or owner to see if there are any faults or niggles that need to be addressed. Yes, it includes the dripping faucet.


Commute every day

Pune has only one local railway system that runs from Pune station to Lonavala, unlike Mumbai’s BEST buses and the ease of the interconnected train line. There is currently no metro or monorail system in place, although construction is beginning and is projected to be completed by 2022.


  • Pune, on the other hand, offers excellent motorway and expressway connections. The PMPML and BRTS bus services, as well as three-wheeled rickshaws, are all options.
  • To avoid traffic and the midday heat, pick a location within 5 kilometers of your job, regardless of your mode of transportation.


Locality and Area

Apartments, gated communities, 1 bhk house for rent in Puneand townships abound in the city, which range from a retiree’s paradise to a bustling metropolis. Pune is a slower-paced, calmer, and less congested metropolis than its older twin, Mumbai. In the Ease of Living Index, Pune was also placed first in terms of liveability (2018).


Pune is also recognized for being a fairly safe city with a low rate of violence. It’s preferable to find a location that is close to both your employment and the rest of the city.


Convenience Stores and Other Conveniences

It’s a good idea to get to know your surroundings by looking for convenience stores and important landmarks near your possible lodging to get a sense of the area. Pune boasts a plethora of malls and retail complexes that will meet all of your demands, in addition to being less expensive, safer, and more spacious.


Recreational and Leisure Activities

Pune is a kaleidoscope of colors, with something for everyone on every street corner. Because of the accessibility and ease of living in such a prominent location, there is a lot to do in Pune. Pune will leave you breathless with its breath-taking vistas, from ancient buildings like the Shivneri fort to road drives to Lonavala.


Prepare to have your tastebuds drowned in Puneri specialties, from Bedekars’ fiery Misal Pav mix to ChitaleBandhu’sBhakarwadi. If you prefer the nighttime, charming drunken bars such as Penthouse High Spirits, Mi A Mi, or Area 51 will chase away your weekday blues.


How much does it cost to rent a property in Pune?

When relocating, the cost of renting a home is something to consider, especially because it will set the tone for all of your spending and budget. Pune’s cost of living is generally low, food is economical, and intercity transport is also reasonably priced. To save time and money, it’s best to select a location that’s convenient to your employment.


You won’t have to work too hard to get a property in Pune; it’s still easier to find a 1bhk flat on rent in Pune than it is in Mumbai.


Should I rent a property that is furnished or one that is unfurnished?

Let’s make an educated guess. A furnished home is a clear yes, whereas an unfurnished property is an apparent no. While moving into a completely furnished house is faster and more convenient, a financial commitment and a high rental will put a hole in your pocketbook. Even while Pune isn’t as congested or as costly as Mumbai, finding a completely furnished property that suits all of your demands might be difficult. The finest part is still to come!




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