PTV News Live Streaming

PTV News Live Streaming

Considered Pakistan’s national news channel, PTV News live streaming offers you current affairs and bulletins from the moment television first launched in the country. Occasionally, PTV News Live TV revolutionized the old image from “9 pm Khabarnama” to a suitable news channel that offers you much more than just news.

PTV News broadcasts several current affairs programs from morning to dusk. The channel broadcasts two Urdu language newsletters during its morning transmission. Four short-lived Urdu newsletters are serving the latest updates, an Arabic newsletter titled “Al-Akhbar,” a Kashmir newsletter, and who can forget the most famous and traditional Khabarnama from 9 o’clock.

PTV News Live Streaming TV Channel

PTV News Live – Welcome to Pakistan’s official news channel, PTV News. It is a 24-hour news and current affairs wing of the PTV network. The channel was formerly known as PTV World, until 2007 when it was renamed PTV News.

The channel is known for broadcasting news in both English and Urdu, which is easily understandable to the Pakistani community. PTV News Live is the only Pakistani channel that broadcasts news in several regional languages from one platform.

The masses can access the news in Arabic, Cashmere, Sindhi, Pashto, Baluchi, and Punjabi only on PTV News TV. Being the voice of the government, PTV News broadcasts the verdict of each current government. The programs and talk shows on PTV News TV are impartial and represent the right information that all Pakistanis can relate to.

PTV News’s slogan “Sach Zimedari K Sath” describes the channel’s business philosophy. As the voice of the government, PTV News Live aims to broadcast authentic reports to the public.

PTV News provides live coverage of talk shows, debate programs, and current affairs programs based on current topics from Pakistan and the world.

PTV News you watch today is the modern form of that old black-and-white news channel that gives you limited news coverage. PTV News Live Stream of Today offers newsletters that cater to National News, Regional News, significant national news, and World News.

The channel now operates 24 hours a day to give you the latest news. The PTV news channel enjoys a favorable audience from all corners of the country. Millions of Pakistanis prefer to watch the news on PTV, especially the old traditional audience and those who live in distant places.

PTV News offers news in English and Urdu. He broadcast talk shows, hot debates, and current affairs programs based on various local and international topics.

PTV news bulletins after 6 pm are broadcast on national television and are also available to satellite viewers in more than 38 countries. The regional PTV newsletter is transmitted in the Punjabi language from the PTV center in Lahore, Sindhi news from the Karachi news center, Pushto, Hindko news from the Peshawar news center, and Baluchi news from downtown Quetta.

Local viewers can watch the news in their regional language only on PTV News. You can watch PTV News live online, PTV News Urdu streams high-quality online only on Stream Kro.


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