12 Samsung Smartphones with NFC Support

12 Samsung Smartphones with NFC support to Buy in 2021

We have compiled for you a list of the 12 latest Samsung smartphones which include flagship mobile phones as well that support the NFC feature. These different smartphones from different price points are worth being a good option for those of you looking for a new Samsung smartphone with NFC functionality.

Samsung Smartphones with NFC Support

NFC or Near Field Communication is a function with which you can easily connect various devices. NFC, which hasn’t been used by many buyers in the past, has many benefits. One of them is to make payment transactions with one touch.

1. Samsung Galaxy M51

    This Samsung phone is visually appealing, one of the reasons is the massive 7000 mAh battery, which many competitors lack. If you want a smartphone with a long battery life and NFC connectivity, the Galaxy M51 is an excellent choice.

    This smartphone supports 25W rapid charging, so you don’t have to worry about charging times. According to Samsung’s press releases, the Galaxy M51 can be fully charged in 115 minutes. Given the enormous battery capacity, this is a favorable indicator.

    This smartphone comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM, however, there are superior variations available in other areas (for example, 8 GB of RAM). The high-quality screen is another appealing feature of the Galaxy M51.

    2. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

      The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or Fans Edition Flagship smartphone is placed first in the list of Samsung phones with NFC Support. It has a model with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM.

      This phone offers a lot of cool features. Some of them are IP68-rated, which means they are dust and water-resistant for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters.

      A 120Hz screen provides an extremely fluid visual experience of information. HDR10 + support also improves the display’s realism. The camera and battery are both excellent.

      The camera has a 3x optical zoom telephoto lens. The 15W charger charges the battery in roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes.

      3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

      The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 is a high-end smartphone introduced in 2020 that features the NFC feature. And, because this smartphone has been outfitted with the most current Samsung technologies, the availability of NFC is just one of the features available.

      This smartphone allows you to experience future technology, such as the ease of a tablet that can be folded down to the size of a mobile phone. Despite its exorbitant price, this foldable mobile phone allows customers to use various gadgets at the same time with a single device.

      With Flex Mode, you can try taking pictures or watching videos in a new way. By opening the case at a 90-degree angle, you can display camera or media controls at the bottom of the screen, and the video you are watching at the top.

      4. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

      If you want the most modern Samsung mobile phone, there is a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra with some of the best features in a high-end phone, including NFC Support. Naturally, the NFC capability is included in this model to make your life easier.

      Because the ultra-large screen size with Dynamic AMOLED panel is perfect for taking notes and drawing, using the S Pen as a stylus is assured to take notes.

      The screen’s 120Hz refresh rate makes it ideal for watching videos or playing games. In addition to NFC, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra offers Wi-Fi 6, which allows for quicker network connections.

      5. Samsung Galaxy Note20

      As the “lite” version of the Note20 Ultra, this phone has many of the same features, such as a S Pen, camera functionality, and the Exynos 990 CPU. In addition, the Note20 supports NFC, making it easy to commit transactions digitally with a single touch.

      The difference is in the number of cameras and their resolution, as well as the somewhat smaller battery capacity. The same is true for the internal storage, which has been reduced to 256 GB. Despite not being as flawless as the Note20 Ultra, this flagship phone is still one of the most recent Samsung phones available.

      6. Samsung Galaxy A31

        The Samsung Galaxy A31 is a mid-range Samsung smartphone with exceptional performance in numerous areas such as cameras, battery, and storage.

        The NFC-enabled smartphone is built around four rear cameras with 48MP (wide angle), 8MP (ultra-wide), 5MP (macro), and 5MP (depth sensor).

        With a 5000mAh Li-Polymer battery, you can go about your everyday activities without being bothered by low battery messages. A fingerprint sensor is also included on the 6.4-inch AMOLED panel screen.

        7. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

        NFC is a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphones. As a high-end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra must, of course, include these current features.

        The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the flagship model in the new Samsung S20 LTE lineup. The smartphone is made with a variety of modern technologies.

        From the tough Gorilla Glass 6 front and back to the 5000mAh battery with the latest charging technologies, this phone has it all. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is an excellent device.

        The camera is one of the most crucial features of this phone. Overall, the photographic capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra are among the best in its class.

        8. Samsung Galaxy S20 +

        The Galaxy S20 + is the second model in the S20 LTE family hierarchy. Despite several notable differences from the Ultra series, the price difference is substantial.

        The Galaxy S20 Plus features a slightly smaller screen than the S20 Ultra but retains the same resolution. As a result, the pixel density of the S20 + is higher than that of its sister.

        There are additional variances in the memory sector, capacity, and compatibility for rapid battery charging, as well as the settings of the back camera and front camera modules.

        Due to lower settings, the Galaxy S20 +’s camera capabilities are lesser than those of the S20 Ultra. The Galaxy S20 + does not have a 108MP wide-angle camera, but rather a 12MP sensor.

        9. Samsung Galaxy S20 LTE

        This is the newest member of the Samsung Galaxy S20 LTE family, which also includes an NFC capability. This phone differs slightly from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

        Because of its smaller chassis, the Galaxy S20 has a smaller screen size than its larger siblings, which is 6.2 inches. This phone, on the other hand, has a higher pixel density.

        Meanwhile, the rear camera is made up of the same three modules as the S20 + rear camera. The S20’s back camera, however, lacks a depth sensor for bokeh. Another distinction is the battery model.

        The latest generation of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series features a 4,000mAh battery with the same charging support as the Galaxy S20 Plus.

        10. Samsung Galaxy A71

        Samsung released the Galaxy A71, a smartphone with exceptional specs, in early 2020. The Galaxy A71, as a high-end smartphone, is of course equipped with NFC, making digital payments easier.

        The Samsung Galaxy A71 is a smartphone that should not be overlooked. This 6.7-inch phone already has a very good Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730 (8nm) CPU.

        Samsung has provided a choice of 6GB or 8GB of RAM to protect the performance of the processor. The camera of the Galaxy A71 is what makes it unique. This phone is one of the first from Samsung to include four primary cameras. The sensors in each camera are 64, 12, 5, and 5 MP.

        11. Samsung Galaxy A51

        Are you looking for a low-cost but high-quality Samsung smartphone with NFC? Considering the Samsung Galaxy A51, many people believe that the Galaxy A51 is the less expensive variant of the Galaxy A71. The 6.5-inch smartphone is powered by the excellent Exynos 9611 (10nm) chipset.

        The Galaxy A51 has two RAM options, 4GB and 6GB, to keep the processor functioning smoothly. If 64GB of internal storage is insufficient for you, you can upgrade to the Galaxy A51, which offers 128GB of internal storage.

        This 4000mAh battery, like the Galaxy A71, has four rear cameras. However, the lenses available differ from the sensors on the Galaxy A71.

        12. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

        The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, which was introduced worldwide in January 2020, rounds up the list of Samsung Smartphones with NFC Support. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s lower series begins at 40k. What do you get for such a large sum of money?

        This smartphone not only provides branded quality but, like the Note 10 series, it also includes a stylus capability to empower its customers. Overall, the specifications of this phone do not disappoint.


        In conclusion, these all twelve Samsung Mobile Phones supports NFC Feature and all these smartphones are one of the top-best Samsung flagship phones that you should buy.

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