The Flexibility of Online Learning in Adjusting Students Lesson Plans

The Flexibility of Online Learning in Adjusting Students Lesson Plans

The Flexibility of Online Learning in Adjusting Students Lesson Plans

Online learning has provided us with a lot of advantages making it more desirable amongst both the teachers as well as the students. In the last few years, Due to the covid-19 pandemic, online education has been the only alternative approach that could be adopted by schools and colleges and all the educational institutions across the world.

Through the use of this technology, students have been able to maintain that normal schedule of attending classes and ensure that that daily exchange of knowledge was adequately met. Moreover, through the use of this medium online teaching has also evolved significantly with teachers today being more prepared and enhanced when it comes to using this medium.

One of the many advantages provided through the online learning medium is that it provides both the teachers as well as the students with a lot of flexibility in the schedules. flexibility is defined as a Process that which the students and teachers are able to adjust their own timings of whether vendors want to attend classes and how the classes would be taken.

Considering the case of the students, it is important to know that the students are required to study an array of subjects throughout the day and as a result Having flexibility in the schedules makes it easier for them to adjust the timings and attend classes accordingly.

Similarly, in the case of the teachers,  they are required to take multiple classes throughout the day across various standards. In such a situation having flexibility provides them with the opportunity of adjusting which classes need to be taken first and which can be taken later. It is because of all these factors that the online learning process has become so popular amongst both the teachers and the students.


Flexibility in Lesson Plans

An important aspect of online learning as mentioned word besides flexibility is convenience. It is important to note that the teachers are required to develop lesson plans for each class starting from preschool students to 12th standard students.

Each of these classes has its own needs and requirements when it comes to the syllabus and the lesson plan. Moreover, the number of subjects is more for the higher classes when compared to the lower classes.

As a result, more lesson plans need to be developed for the higher classes when compared to the lower classes. In many situations, in the case of physical classrooms, it has been found that teachers feel overwhelmed and overburdened in managing so many classes in a single day.

As a result, it becomes difficult for them to develop lesson plans separately. However, in the case of online education, there is specific software available in the market that helps in reducing the stress faced by the teachers when it comes to developing lesson plans.

Through the use of the software all the teachers are required to do is input the lessons with the intent to teach in a classroom, along with the total time they require for finishing that particular lesson. The software, through its own technology, is able to develop a comprehensive lesson plan which can be used by the teacher to teach its class.

Therefore, through the use of this software, it becomes easier for teachers to teach multiple classes and develop separate lesson plans for each of them. Moreover, the time taken to develop these lesson plans is very minimal making it all the more attractive for the Teachers.

Considering the case of the students, the lesson plans being easily developed beforehand, helps the students stay prepared and have an idea regarding what kind of lesson is going to be taught in class that day. It is because of all these factors, such as flexibility and convenience that online classes have gained so much popularity.

As a result, it can be stated that despite the negative issues that have arisen because of the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the online education Revolution has been a positive aspect of the education industry across the world. It has helped people become more aware of the benefits provided through online learning systems and use them to their complete advantage.


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