Why Your Online Store Does Not Sell

Reasons Why Your Online Store Does Not Sell

7 Reasons Why Your Online Store Does Not Sell

One of the concerns of many eCommerce owners comes when their online store does not sell. Being successful in sales can be difficult, as there are more and more competitors and it is necessary to adopt a marketing strategy oriented to achieve results. Not all online stores manage to position themselves in the market.

There are various reasons why an online store may not be getting the results you expected. In this post, we are going to try to explain the reasons why your eCommerce does not sell and what you can do to solve it. Let’s see some of the reasons why your eCommerce is not getting the sales you expected.


1. Store Design

When the design of the online store is not good, users may not feel compelled to make a purchase. There are stores that are too basic, which cannot be seen well on mobile devices, so the user does not find the products they are looking for. If the design of a store is outdated, there are logical reasons to understand that your store does not sell enough.


2. Navigation Problem

Another possible problem that an eCommerce website does not sell is the lack of navigability. If the potential client does not have a good user experience when browsing, perhaps because the speed is slow or because the web is poorly structured, they may not find what they are looking for and end up going to another website.


3. Technical Problems

Technical problems can be another reason why an eCommerce store does not sell or does not generate the expected results. For example, suppose there is a technical problem at checkout that prevents buyers from completing their order. Logically, if there is a technical error that prevents purchases from taking place, you will not receive any order until you solve it. Here it would be very important that you contact a web design company to try to review the problems of your online store so that the checkout works well.


4. High Prices

Do not ignore the possibility that users are not buying in your online store because the prices are too high. It must be borne in mind that if your pricing strategy does not convince the consumer, they will not feel compelled to complete a purchase.

Sometimes the problem may not be in the prices of the products but in the shipping costs. This is in any case a commercial question, where you should evaluate the prices that other stores have for another product, and see what makes your store uncompetitive.


5. Lack of Consumer Confidence 

There is a lack of trust in your online store that can lead users not to make a purchase. This can happen if, for example, you do not have the texts of the legal notice, the privacy policy, the terms and conditions, the return policy, etc. If users don’t know who you are, they might think twice before paying for a product, as they don’t want the store to disappear and keep their money.

Building trust is one of the essential aspects of selling with an eCommerce. We invite you to take this aspect into account if you want to have customers in your online store. Request our advice and adaptation services to the RGPD.


6. Lack of Marketing Strategy 

A digital marketing strategy is essential for an eCommerce store to sell. Maybe you do have some sales, but not enough for your e-commerce to survive. In that case, what you need is a marketing strategy to generate recurring customers, people who buy frequently in your store so that you can obtain higher income and greater stability.

A digital marketing strategy can involve various actions: a sales funnel through a newsletter, a blog in which you generate content on the issues that concern your buyers, and social networks aimed at providing valuable content and offers to your potential. customers.


7. Lack of Traffic 

Without traffic, there are no sales. As simple as that. You need a website that is well-optimized for SEO and can respond to the search intent of users. If you are not taking this into account, it is important that you request an SEO optimization service that will help you gain more traffic and get more potential customers to visit your website.


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