10 Most Loved Characters in the Vikings Series

10 Most Loved Characters in the Vikings Series

The Vikings cast was without a doubt one of the greatest chosen by the production. All of the actors gave outstanding performances as our favorite characters. We thought about it and came up with a list of the most loved and famous characters from the Vikings series who we would miss the most.

Most Loved and Favorite Characters in the Vikings SeriesĀ 

After all, it’s difficult to “say goodbye” to the Nordic universe established by what was one of the best Netflix series available. Fortunately, marathoning episodes on the streaming platform are still viable, but that’s not what we’re going to discuss today.

1. Ragnar


Ragnar couldn’t help but occupy the space of Vikings’ most beloved character – and it wasn’t just his power that ensured this. He was the most flexible character, and his growth was the most closely followed. Despite its best efforts, the series was never the same after his passing.

Which of these Vikings characters was your favorite and most adored? To get rid of the nostalgia, re-watch the episodes on Netflix and use the opportunity to share the list with other series lovers on social media.

2. Lagertha


Throw the first stone that did not shed a tear after Lagertha’s death. Despite being Ragnar’s best and most beloved wife, his personality was never restricted to marriage. After all, she was a powerful woman and became one of the most memorable characters in the Vikings series.

3. Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside

Likewise, Bjorn could never be left out of this list of most loved characters. After all, he was Ragnar’s first child and has been around since the beginning of the series. Over the seasons, his growth was undeniable and he became one of the most powerful Vikings in the series, following in his father’s footsteps.

4. Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless

Ivar’s personality is the big reason he is on our list. After all, their internal conflicts make the series much more interesting. He’s a great strategist and guaranteed a much better ending for the series.

5. Floki


When you see Floki on this list, you will either agree “with all your heart” or disagree “at the top of your lungs”. After all, the character of Vikings has always been very controversial. However, as much as he is hated by many, he is a very important addition to the series.

6. Aslaug


Aslaug also deserves a prominent place. You may even hate her, but there’s no denying that she was one of the most memorable queens in the series. Despite all her resentment, she is still remembered even after the series ends. In addition, she is the mother of 4 of Ragnar’s children.

7. Rollo


Rollo has always been in second place, overshadowed by Ragnar’s genius. Therefore, his loyalty was not always reliable and his steps were unpredictable. However, his combat skills made him one of the most interesting characters in the series, although some of his attitudes are at least questionable.

8. Heahmund


Another of the Vikings ‘ characters that we can’t forget is Heahmund. After all, he stands out for being a Christian who hates pagans (the majority in the series). In addition, his strategic mind also helped Ivar in many of his battles.

9. King Ecbert

King Ecbert

The King of Wessex was the leader of a Christian nation, but he never neglected its cultural plurality. Therefore, he always showed interest in the culture of the Vikings and his conversations with Ragnar were some of the best dialogues in the series. However, his problem was his selfish personality and the fact that he didn’t care about his son.

10. Athelstan


Ragnar’s slave was also one of the most loved Vikings characters by fans. After all, he was one of the only ones who gained Ragnar’s trust, and besides, his journey to remain confident and virtuous was very interesting to watch.

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