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92 News Live Streaming

92 News Live Streaming is Pakistan’s first Urdu HD news channel. It was launched in early 2015 with headquarters in Lahore along with secondary offices in other major cities in Pakistan. 92 News HD is the first Pakistani news channel to stream high-definition video results.

92 News HD Live Streaming TV Channel

92 News HD Live can be viewed throughout Pakistan via local cable and satellite. The channel is also available in South Asia, the Middle East, America, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and India. The 92 News HD live stream is also available on its official website.

News Reporters, Anchors, Analysts

92 News HD TV Live has the services of professional and well-known news, presenters, and analysts that give the channel an advantage over its other counterpart. With their skills, all these professionals produce quality height programming.

The 92 News HD team of presenters and analysts are highly professional and well-mannered and always provide a full, deep, and close meaning to the analysis of reality based on genuine reports from their reporters throughout Pakistan.

Khushnood Ali Khan

Khushnood Ali Khan has a good reputation in the field of journalism. He is a well-updated journalist/analyst who often brings ideas from today’s main story on his talk show. It is an impartial and in-depth analysis with high authority and is fact-based. Their show airs live on 92 News HD Monday through Thursday at 07:05 pm.

Tariq Mateen

Tariq Mateen is a lead presenter of 92 News. Before joining this channel, he worked with Dunya News as a news anchor. His Zarai Ke Mutabiq program airs on 92 News every Friday at 07:03 pm.

Shazia Zeeshan

Shazia Zeeshan is a talented 92 News Live presenter. He successfully runs a 92 News live stream of interviews with the Title Night Edition Friday through Sunday at 11:03 pm Before this, and she worked at Dunya News, where she also hosted a program based on political analysis.

Asadullah Khan

Asadullah Khan came from Express-News. He is also another expert and professional 92 News HD presenter. His show called Zair-e-Behas broadcasts on the 92 News HD broadcast in prime time Friday through Sunday at 08:05.

Adil Abbasi

Adil Abbasi is a young, talented, and attractive presenter. He successfully directs his show called Daleel on the live broadcast on Monday through Thursday at 8:05 pm.

Saadia Afzaal

Saadia Afzaal has extensive experience in organizing programs on multiple channels. She began her career on PTV News, and before joining 92 HD News was the host of a show on AAJ TV. In 92 News, he directs a program called 92 At eight that is on-air Friday through Sunday at 08:03 pm.

Other news anchors, presenters, and analysts associated with 92 News HD TV are as follows.

  • Fawad Chaudhry
  • Farrukh Saleem
  • Farah Farooq
  • Hina Ira
  • Khalid Mustafa
  • Mishal Bukhari
  • Ahmed Ali Butt

Programs List 

Channel has an extensive network of reporters spread across 300 cities in Pakistan.  The channel’s name is the result of an inspiration taken from 1992 when the Pakistan Cricket team won the World Cup title for the first time in Pakistan’s Cricket history. Also, 92 is a Pakistan County dial code. 92 News HD soon earned a place among Pakistan’s other top news channels.

News programs, talk shows, comedy shows

92 News Live HD broadcasts news, breaking news, hourly headlines, news bulletins, talk shows, programs based on political analysis, comedy shows, and other programs based on entertainment and information and entertainment on transmission 24 hours a day. The most popular 92 programs are as follows:


Bebaak is a program based on political analysis in which the famous journalist Khushnood Ali Khan offers his expert analysis on the main subject today. Hina Ira presents this program on the live stream of 92 News. Bebaak airs every Monday through Thursday at 07:03 pm.


Daleel is a talk show that discusses all the main stories of the day with a guest panel of guests. The show is hosted by Adil Abbasi, who is a young, talented, and professional presenter. The show airs on 92 News HD Monday through Thursday at 08:03 pm.


Zair-e-Behas is another quality-based talk show presented by Asadullah Khan. The program has a typical talk show pattern in which a panel of 2 or more guests is invited to talk about a current hot topic. The show airs on TV channel every Friday through Sunday at 08:03 pm.

92 at 8

92 At 8 is a politically-based talk show hosted by Saadia Afzaal, who is a very energetic journalist and presenter. The show has just started on a TV channel with the typical talk show theme.

Night edition

Shazia Zeeshan presents Night Edition in 92 News HD. It is a typical talk show in which two guests are invited to discuss the current topic. Night Edition broadcasts live on 92 News HD Friday through Sunday at 10:05 pm.


Himaqaten is a comedy show that is enriched with a lot of fun and much more political debate. This program is presented by Iqra Haris along with Aftaab Iqbal, who participates in the program as co-host and analyst. He is a famous host who also directs the most popular program called Khabarnaak on Geo News. Mehmood Aslam, the famous TV actor, participates in the program with multiple outfits. The show airs on 92 News Live Monday through Wednesday at 11:03 pm.

92 News HD also broadcasts many other quality-based programs that are equally popular and similarly watched by viewers in Pakistan. They are like underneath;

  • Ho Kya Raha Hai
  • Budget
  • Tracking
  • Subh-e-Noor
  • Hadd-e-Adab

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