Aaj News Live Streaming

Aaj News Live Streaming

Pakistan’s AAJ News Live TV channel initially began on 23 March 2005 by one of the most dominant media in Pakistan. Aaj News Live Streaming is the oldest and most famous private Urdu news channel in Pakistan with more than a thousand employees.

Aaj News Live Streaming TV ChannelĀ 

It is fully equipped with all modern equipment in the offices of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. AAJ News provides 24-hour news coverage from Pakistan and around the world with superior news reports with an in-depth analysis of the famous news anchor with his team.

News Channel Aaj TV has not only the useless experience of Business Recorder’s pristine news but also the only digital satellite channel that has an earth station in Pakistan that broadcasts directly to the Asia Sat satellite with a presence of more than 60 countries and has collaborated with a news source partner in more than 100 countries.

TV Programme 

Aaj TV’s social media platforms provide English and Urdu news to serve a massive audience. Some of Aaj’s popular TV shows are the following:

  • Faisla Aap Ka
  • Ru-baro
  • Islamabad Tonight with Rehman Azhar
  • BBC Sairbeen
  • Spotlight
  • Sawal Hai Pakistan Ka
  • Aman Barabari kay Sath
  • Kahani Kay Pechay
  • Paisa Bolta Hai and Qaidi Ni

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