Abb Takk News Live Streaming

Abb Takk News Live Streaming

Abb Takk News Live Streaming TV channel began operating in April 2013 and obtained a license from the Apna network. Abb Takk TV’s primary mission is to play a vital role in the transmission of news and news bulletins through electronic means.

Abb Takk News Live Streaming TV ChannelĀ 

AbbTakk Live has earned the status of an acclaimed channel by broadcasting TV shows based on politics, news, live news, news alerts, cultural news, sports news, entertainment, shows, fashion, and much more.

The owner of the channel is Fahad Hussain Shah, who also owns Apna Entertainment. Abb Takk was a renowned paper organization that later went into media dominance. He is recognized as the best new entrant in the news channel category. Abb Takk offers the latest Pakistan News, international forums, sports, business, entertainment, and special categories from Abb Takk for specific spectators.

Programs List

Abb Takk TV is a political program center that consists of face-to-face dialogue between politicians and journalists on many ongoing issues. His popular shows are Tonight with Fareeha, Benaqaab, Clean Chit, Ab Sab Dekhan Gay, Khufia, Hazraat, and News Cafe.

The AbbTakk TV team consists of the best journalists from Pakistan from respective backgrounds, including Nasir Baig Chughtai, Jasmeen Manzoor, Quatrina Hosain, Sajid Hassan, Paras Masroor, Masoom Rizvi, Shahab Mahmood, Adil Abbasi, Farah Other.

Abb Takk News Live is an Urdu news and news channel that has been officially operating since April 2013. It is licensed by the Apna network based in Karachi. Abb Tak TV News’ business philosophy is to play its part in broadcasting current and accurate news bulletins and news by converting print media into electronic media.

It was previously recognized as a journalistic organization with the name “Abb Takk,” which later entered the domain of electronic media. AbbTakk Live TV is known as the best new entrant in the category of news channels in Pakistan. Abb Takk News TV Live’s specialty is its talk show that includes dialogue between politicians and journalists on hot topics.

Abb Tak’s Bulletin and the morning TV show Abb Tak are being watched by several viewers regularly. Some of the popular programs on the air at Abb Tak Pakistan are:

Daawat and Mehboob

Do you want to learn delicious recipes at the house of a renowned chef? The TV broadcast of Daawat and Mehboob in Abb Tak from Monday to Saturday at 11:03 am is your chance to learn and cook delicious recipes. Chef Mehboob has a unique style of cuisine that is loved by several women across Pakistan. Look at Daawat and Mehboob and decorate your dining table with delicious recipes.

Tonight with Fareeha

Tonight with Fareeha is a social, current, and political-on-air talk show on Abb Tak News. The show was hosted by renowned presenter and journalist Fareeha Idress. She invites guests in each episode to discuss and discuss various public topics. Tonight with Fareeha is on the air Monday through Friday at 8:03 pm. If you’re a fan of talk shows, watch Tonight with Fareeha!


Hazraat is a comedy show that airs abb Tak. This hilarious show was presented by two renowned comedians, namely Saleem Afridi and Kashif Khan. The main goal of this program is to make people rejoice and entertain themselves and also gain knowledge from the respected guests of the program. Hazraat airs every Saturday at 10 pm.


Khufia is the most effective and popular program on the air in the news of Abb Tak. The main theme of the program is to address all the social and cultural problems of our society and makes every effort to transmit them to the higher authorities. The host of this show Khufia is Sana Faisal. Khufia airs every Wednesday at 11:03 pm.

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