8 Best Al-Rehab Perfumes For Men and Women

Best Al-Rehab Arabic Perfumes

Al-rehab’s most popular items are oil perfumes, which have garnered the respect of gourmets all over the world, including in your country. We’d like to tell you about the most popular works by Al Rehab nowadays.

Al Rehab was founded in 1975 and initially focused on manufacturing essential oils by directly distilling concentrated infusions of various flowers and plants.

The brand’s management then opted to use essential oils as the foundation for fragrance formulations. So far, Al Rehab perfumes have not contained alcohol, water, or chemical fragrances.

The emphasis on naturalness, a diverse selection, reasonable prices, and appealing bottle design quickly elevated the brand to new heights.

In addition to oil mini-perfumes (rollers), the firm created spray perfumes, house scents, backdoors (oriental incense for rooms), custom compositions for hotel interiors, fashion displays, and so on.

Best Al-Rehab (Attar Oils) Perfumes

The fragrances of the Arab company Al-Rehab are a true treasure for fans of oriental oil perfumes. Many colognes are inspired by well-known international successes and sound nearly identical, although they are significantly less expensive than the original. No wonder this Saudi company’s motto was “Affordable luxury”!

1. Al-Rehab Choco Musk Eau De Parfum

Al-Rehab Choco Musk Eau De Parfum

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The shortest way to describe this fragrance is a cup of coffee with vanilla syrup and chocolate chip cookies in a patisserie filled with clove and cinnamon scents. Recommended to all lovers of gourmands, it creates a positive mood and stimulates appetite.

2. Al-Rehab Soft Eau De Parfum Spray

Al-Rehab Soft Eau De Parfum Spray

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And this perfume is strongly advised to be worn in the excellent season: they say it envelops like a fluffy soft cocoon! Tropical fruits with caramel and powdered sugar, vanilla marshmallow, and orchid petals – this is the recipe for the best fragrant antidepressant.

3. Al Rehab Dalal Eau De Parfum Spray

Al Rehab Dalal Eau De Parfum Spray

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Do you like toffees? “So, we must take it,” the heroine of the famous film “Office Romance” said. But in the composition of the fragrance – not only and not so much these sweets from childhood.

There is positive citrus marmalade, fruity wine, and caramel blended with creamy and velvety sandalwood. Delicious and will not add centimeters to the waist.

4. Al-Rehab Silver Eau De Parfum Spray

Al-Rehab Silver Eau De Parfum Spray

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A variation on the summer vacation theme – green tea with lemon and mint, a leisurely walk in the garden among flowers warmed by the sun … Thanks to a light note of metal, the perfume sounds loud and refreshing. A true unisex is recommended for both men and women.

5. Al Rehab Al Sharquiah Eau De Parfum Spray

Al Rehab Al Sharquiah Eau De Parfum Spray

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A fantastic combination of oud and dates combined with vanilla and rose creates a smoky and sweet aura. The oud here is not medicinal or repulsive; it plays the role of a background, a wooden vase for the queen of flowers, and orange tree shoots. Those who love this fragrance say it opens up incredibly beautifully on the skin in winter.

6. Al-Rehab Balkis Eau De Parfum Spray

Al-Rehab Balkis Eau De Parfum Spray

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Pineapples… But not in champagne, as the classic wrote, but in chocolate glaze, with honey, oriental spices, and flower pollen. The aroma is warm and dense, rich, sensual, and tart. In the cold, the expensive cosmetic powder is guessed. Recommended for evening out, strong and self-confident women.

7. Al-Rehab Lovely Eau De Parfum Spray

Al-Rehab Lovely Eau De Parfum Spray

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This perfume takes you back to childhood: lemon candy, orange slices, mint toothpaste, melon marmalade with honey, and fruit gum … a Charming, sweet, and refreshing scent for young people and teenagers.

8. Al-Rehab Red Rose Eau De Parfum Spray

Al-Rehab Red Rose Eau De Parfum Spray

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Seemingly traditional ingredients: rose, musk, powder, and vanilla. But with their help, a beautiful and refined, not at all bland melody is performed here.

The composition turned out not to be vulgar but, on the contrary, deep and romantic, even a little fatal. Vanilla is not classic sweet but pod-bitter. Intertwined with a rich rose scent and delicate powder makes your look unforgettable.

Final Words

We hope that someone will choose a natural pearl from various fragrances, a perfume that will delight every day! Moreover, the mini-format of Al Rehab perfumes presented above makes it easy to carry them in your purse, take them on the road, and renew them during the day, if necessary.

In addition, oil perfumes are a natural way out for people with dry, sensitive, or very delicate skin. The fact is that the absence of alcohol in the composition makes Al Rehab fragrances safe and non-irritating.

And we would like to remind you of the rules for handling oil perfumes. Allow the perfume to dry properly on the skin, do not rub the areas where you apply the perfume. Don’t use them on clothing as they may leave greasy stains.

Most importantly, do not overdo it with the application – the essential oil is already distinguished by its remarkable brightness of sound and loud plume. With an excessive dose of aroma, it can “suffocate” others.

By the way, Al-Rehab publications can be safely recommended to those just beginning to get acquainted with Arabic perfumery. Good luck with your olfactory discoveries and acquaintances!

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