10 Best Oriental Perfumes for Women in 2022

Best Oriental Perfumes 2022

Floral oriental or fruity oriental fragrances, which add rose, orange blossom, and jasmine or sweet fruit to the composition, are slightly milder. On the other hand, lovers of sweets will like oriental gourmand with a touch of delicious caramel, dark chocolate, and aromatic coffee – yum! See the ranking of the best oriental perfumes for Women and see which one suits you best.

Oriental perfumes are sexy, sweet, powdery, and spicy – no one can resist their seductive scent.¬†Oriental fragrances are distinguished by a unique blend of warmth and sensuality. Their aroma is intense and is based on notes of ambergris, vanilla, oud, musk, and spices. Oriental fragrances are best worn at night, which doesn’t mean you can’t spray them on during the day. Especially if you want to catch everyone’s eye.


10 Best Oriental Women Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2022


1. Guerlain Shalimar For Women

The queen of oriental perfumes is undoubtedly the unique Shalimar. It is a great work of perfumery that has been popular since 1925. It is estimated that Guerlain sells 108 bottles of perfume every hour.

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The composition opens with citrus top notes with bergamot at the fore. As time goes on, the aromas of vanilla, smoky incense, and leather gradually develop. This spicy perfume was inspired by the same story that led to the construction of the magnificent Taj Mahal mausoleum – the great love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. They are a symbol of glamor and romantic rail travels in the Orient.


2. Yves Saint Laurent Opium

The iconic Opium perfume by Yves Saint Laurent aroused great controversy when it was launched in 1977. Yves Saint Laurent was accused of promoting drugs, but that only helped promote the perfume and by the late 1970s it became the best-selling fragrance in the world.

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The 2009 reformulated Opium still leaves the scent notes of myrrh, clove, and ambergris, but reduces the extreme depth of the original. As a result, the perfume acquired a more modern character. Moreover, they were closed in a wonderful bottle. Its creator drew inspiration from cases that were worn under Japanese kimonos to store perfumes, herbs, and medicines.


3. Gucci Guilty Intense For Women

This gold-plated bottle looks like something Marlene Dietrich would love to put on her dressing table. This wonder has an exotic, elegant and dense fragrance inside that fills the entire room.

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Pepper, ambergris, and patchouli are warm and enveloping, and a hint of lilac brings floral freshness and sweetness. The result is a fragrance with surprising projection and sublime sex appeal. If you are looking for oriental perfumes with floral elements, be sure to try Guilty Intense.


4. Estée Lauder Amber Mystique

This rich and extravagant composition is inspired by the treasures, colors, and textures of the Middle East. She is mysterious and absolutely magical.

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Amber Mystique is a fragrance full of dark unknowns, a scent of passion and grace. The composition begins with sweet notes of raspberry and black currant. The fruity sweetness quickly turns into warm waves of ambergris and incense, then takes us to the undiscovered depths of oud. In my opinion, this composition is one of the few created by Western perfumers that transports so accurately into the sun-warmed landscapes of the Orient.




5. Tom Ford Black Orchid For Women

Black Orchid is an oriental cologne who prefers leather jackets and a glass of whiskey with ice instead of colorful Sari and sweet lassi.

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The notes of truffle, dark chocolate, and smoky incense make Black Orchid smell sexy and have a slightly masculine character. In turn, patchouli, vanilla, ambergris, and Ylang-Ylang add softness and warmth to the composition.

I admit that this is one of my favorite perfumes and I never part with my bottle even for a moment. Black Orchid Eau de Parfum is modern and timeless at the same time.


6. Rasasi La Yuqawam For Women

From the Arabic ‘Yuqawam’ means ‘irresistible’ and I think it’s hard to find a more appropriate name. It is often said that La Yuqawam is the younger sister of Black Orchid – in fact, both fragrances are very similar.

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Ylang-ylang is quite intense in both compositions, but these Arabic perfumes are more milky and creamy. They are dominated by sandalwood, cinnamon, and a milky accord.

Besides the smell, the packaging is amazing too. In a large, magnetically closed box you will find a dark purple bottle with a wooden cap. Really La Yuqawam perfumes are hard to resist.


7. Thierry Mugler Angel For Women

Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler is a milestone in perfumery. As they contain dessert notes of caramel, dark chocolate, cotton candy, honey, and coconut, they belong to the group of oriental-gourmand fragrances.

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Despite such a dose of sweetness, the perfume does not smell like a cafe. Thanks to earthy notes of patchouli, tonka bean, ambergris, and musk, they gain a dry fragrance. As a result, it is an extremely bold perfume, loved by many exceptional women.


8. Al Haramain Rawaa

Rawaa is an oriental Arabic perfume straight from Dubai. Magic poison hides sweetness and mystery in a beautiful bottle. The composition begins with a mixture of white flowers. The main stars are jasmine, almond, and vanilla. The notes of caramel and cocoa beans give them a charming sweetness.

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It is a great perfume for a night out – very sensual and infinitely romantic. In its flowery and almond debauchery, Rawaa is somewhere between Good Girl by Carolina Herrera and Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.


9. Swiss Arabian Noora perfumed oil

‘Noora’ means ‘divine light’. They are bottled rays of the sun that penetrate even the thickest clouds with their balsamic warmth. This is definitely one of my favorite Arabic perfumes.

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The oriental composition opens with gentle notes of orange and honey, which turn into flowery notes of lily of the valley, rose, and saffron. The fragrance closes with musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. Natural oils were used in the production of perfumes. Noora does not contain alcohol.


10. Parfums De Marly Kuhuyan

Kuhuyan is one of the oldest breeds of Arabian horses and is a symbol of splendor and pride. This Eau de Parfum shows the bright and lively side of these majestic creatures.

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The composition opens with a hint of fresh, green violet leaves with a hint of creamy jasmine. A wonderful leather chord plays in the heart, combined with the sweet scent of heliotrope. The base is spicy agarwood (oud), balsamic ambergris, and aromatic tonka beans. Kuhuyan niche perfumes reflect the dynamism, strength, and elegance of the Orient. They are deep and very atmospheric.