15 Best Chloe Perfumes & Colognes for Women to Buy in 2021

Best Chloe Perfumes 2022

Chloè fragrances are always romantic and seducing which is why it’s one of the top-rated brands in the perfumery industry. Today, we are going to talk about the 15 Best Chloe Perfumes for Women which were released years ago but still are trendy in 2022.

Chloè is against forced elegance. He values ​​freedom, spontaneity, and nonchalance. On the one hand, it is independent and free, on the other hand, it is natural and delicate. Chloè is what she wants, what it is made up of herself.


Chloe History 

Chloè’s story began in 1952 when Gaby Aghion created her first collection under this name. The brand’s mission is to create clothes that combine high-quality materials with elegance and ease. The icon of this brand is a shirt-dress that combines elegance with comfort.

Chloé offered an innovative approach to fashion, which in the 1950s was highly controversial. The “ready-to-wear” concept, which was the company’s policy from the beginning, assumed that the customer who made the purchase comes out with ready-made clothes. Clothes are not ordered from the tailor. You get the impression that Chloè stopped in the 50-70s.

Gaby Aghion herself attracted great talent. Her long-time collaborators included Karl Lagerfeld and Stell McCartney. Currently, the company is owned by Compagnie Financière Richemont and the perfume is distributed by Coty.

The history of Chloé perfumes begins in 1975 when Betty Busse created the first perfumes for this fashion house. The success of this fragrance was spectacular – it permanently entered the canon of classic women’s fragrances. These colognes are divided into three fragrance Line: Classic, Chloe Love, See By Chloe, and Chloe Love Story which is mentioned below


Classic Chloe Line

The history of Chloé perfumes begins in 1975 when Betty Busse created the first perfumes for this fashion house. The success of this fragrance was spectacular – it permanently entered the canon of classic women’s fragrances.


Chloe Love

I can talk about Love endlessly. Apparently, ‘3’ is a very marketing number, but it would be better if only the first two versions of this fragrance were created – Eau Florale is my huge disappointment. The other two fragrances are dark and thick, wrapping a sensual envelope around the body.


See By Chloe

This is, in my opinion, a completely unsuccessful line of Chloé. While all the fragrances of this brand are of really high quality, See by Chloé is simply boring, bland, and overwhelming. Although I am aware that every brand must have a wide range and must offer everyone “something”, it seemed to me that Chloé did not have to. These are candy jams that I really don’t recommend to anyone.


Chloe Love Story

The Love Storyline is extremely successful. The bouquet of white flowers develops wonderfully on the skin. They are durable, they stay on the skin for about 6-7 hours. A good choice for the spring and summer season.


15 Best Chloe Perfumes & Colognes for Women 2022


1. Chloé for Women

You will feel a strong accord of white flowers and trees here. The fragrance is finished with a pungent aldehyde like the legendary Chanel №5.

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  • Top notes: lily of the valley, lonicera, orange blossom, Ylang-Ylang, hyacinth, peach, aldehydes
  • Heart notes: jasmine, rose, daffodil, garden carnation, tuberose tuberose,
  • Base notes: sandalwood, amber, blackthorn


2. L’Eau de Chloé for Women

It is a sharp green chypre with a distinct rose. The fragrance is different from the classic Chloé. It is definitely very distinctive. A bit heavy and classic – it surprises.


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  • Head notes: grapefruit, citron, peach, bergamot, aldehydes
  • Heart notes: rose, rose water, violet, freesia, jasmine, lily of the valley, magnolia, peony
  • Base notes: patchouli, cedar, ambergris, labdanum, oakmoss, white musk



3. Chloe Eau De Parfum 2008 For Women

Bottle with a beige bow. It is the fragrance that started a new history of Chloé perfumes. It fits perfectly into the company’s philosophy: it’s playful elegance.

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  • Top notes: peony, freesia, lychee
  • Heart notes: rose, lily of the valley, magnolia
  • Base notes: ambergris, Virginia cedar


4. Roses by Chloé

The coral red version is a bit sourer, but also fresher, younger, and energetic. Unfortunately, it cannot be hidden – it is impermanent.

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  • Top notes: bergamot, tarragon, lychee, lemon
  • Heart notes: rose, magnolia, cedar, apple, black currant, peach
  • Base notes: white musk, ambergris, wood notes


5. Chloé Eau De Parfum Intense

This perfume is perfect for winter evenings. Strongly rose, enveloping. It’s the intense version – so they last longer and are really intense.

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  • Top notes: pink pepper, freesia, rose, pink peony
  • Heart notes: creamy sandalwood, magnolia, rose petals, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: tonka bean, amber, honey, cedarwood


6. Chloé Eau de Toilette 2015

The beginning is the same as in the classic perfume version. Later, you can clearly feel the citrus, which in combination with the rose gives a really interesting effect.

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  • Top notes: bergamot, lemon, magnolia
  • Heart notes: white rose, gardenia, rose
  • Base notes: cotton flower, musk


7. Love Chloé

Love is a composition that fits perfectly into the style of effortless elegance. It is a light but exceptional fragrance for spring and summer.

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  • Top notes: orange blossom, red pepper
  • Heart notes: iris, hyacinth, lilac heliotrope, wisteria
  • Base notes: musk, rice, powdery notes


8. Love, Eau Intense Chloé

This is my beloved fragrance for summer evenings. Orient combined with a floral and sweet accord. The fragrance is sensual, enveloping. And that chocolate-vanilla …

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  • Top notes: iris, heliotrope
  • Heart notes: hyacinth, lilac, wisteria
  • Base notes: musk, Peruvian balm, vanilla


9. Love, Chloé Eau Florale

Don’t be fooled, this is not the Love you know. The youngest Love smells like floral mouthwash. There is no trace of the notes shown below.

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  • Top notes: green tea, mate
  • Heart notes: sweet pea, woody notes
  • Base notes: powdery notes, musk


10. See By Chloe For Women

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  • Top notes: bergamot, apple blossom
  • Heart notes: jasmine, ylang-ylang
  • Base notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla


11. See by Chloe Eau Fraiche for Women

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  • Top notes: apple blossom
  • Heart notes: water hyacinth, jasmine
  • Base notes: vetiver


12. See by Chloe Si Belle Chloe for Women

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  • Top notes: neroli, birch leaf, and cucumber
  • Heart notes: gardenia, orange blossom, apple, jasmine, peach, and rose
  • Base notes: white musk, ambergris, coumarin, vanilla, and coconut


13. Love Story by Chloe for Women

The main role in this composition belongs to the bitter orange flower, which clashes with bergamot and sweet orange blossom. Great fragrance!

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  • Top notes: neroli, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, pear
  • Heart notes: orange blossom, stephanotis, rose, black currant, peach
  • Base notes: musk, cedar, cashmere wood, patchouli


14. Love Story Eau de Toilette

Toilet water is slightly lighter than perfume. More fresh and refreshing, but very floral. The plum blossom is neither sweet nor overwhelming here.

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  • Top notes: bergamot
  • Hearts notes: orange blossom, plum blossom, nasturtium, lily of the valley, green notes, rose
  • Base notes: musk


15. Love Story Eau Sensuelle

This is a very strong premiere of 2017. The fragrance is delicate, a bit bedding, but not dusty. While it is not refreshing, it is perfect for spring.

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  • Top notes: lemon, yuzu, pear, orange blossom
  • Heart notes: passionflower, heliotrope
  • Base notes: cedar, ambergris, musk, sandalwood


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