12 Best Fruity Note Perfumes For Women

Best Fruity Women Perfumes

Best Fruity Perfumes for Women. The fragrance you use transmits an apparent message to the people around you and influences how you deal with daily situations. There is something about fruity note colognes for her that makes people automatically relax and feel comfortable smelling them. 

That is why the fragrance you are going to wear must fit your way of being and your lifestyle. At the same time, they reflect the inner energy of the woman who wears them. So if you like always to be wrapped in an aura of naturalness and spontaneity, a fruity fragrance is exactly what you need! We have compiled the list of 12 Best Fruity Perfumes for Women so that you can be inspired and finally find the cologne that best suits you and your personality. 


12 Best Fruity Note Perfumes For Women


12. Girl of Now by Elie Saab

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Elie Saab is that brand that we know for always putting femininity first, for being a reference for how a perfume for women should be. Girl of Now represents all that transparency, subtlety, and luminosity so sought after in fragrances and that, at the same time, are so difficult to find.

Its aroma is fruity and almond-shaped and melts with the skin in an effervescent combination of pear, tangerine, almonds, pistachio, tonka bean, orange blossom, magnolia, and patchouli.

It is fresh and light, with a character that is semi-sweet and undoubtedly creamy. Also, you will not have to worry about it becoming burdensome since its trail is not cloying at all, and it maintains a pleasant and sexy smell at all times. If you need perfume to wear during spring and summer, Girl of Now is an excellent option that everyone likes.

11. Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein

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Eternity Moment is one of those few fruity colognes that you would be able to recognize in any other situation once you smell for the first time. It is not a perfume that calls to action but is full of tenderness, romance, and a bit of nostalgia. The good taste with which this fragrance has been created is out of the ordinary for the price it has.

It opens with a very complete and exotic fruit accord, where lychee fruit, guava, raspberry, and melon take center stage. The heart of Eternity Moment will enchant you if you are a lover of perfumes that project naturalness since you will leave a floral trail of jasmine, passionflower, and water lilies. It is a very feminine spring perfume that transmits freedom and passion, two sensations that have been shown to make a woman irresistible.


10. Because it’s You by Armani

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Like many of the Armani fragrances, Because It’s, You is inspired by New York City. It is shocking to think that fruity women’s perfumes could be inspired by the environments of one of the largest and most modern cities in the world.

However, its notes’ naturalness manages to be perceived as an oasis of freedom and romance in the middle of the great city. You will love it if you share the idea that sometimes it is necessary to lower the city’s volume to get to know yourself better.

It must be said that although it is a sweet perfume, it has that airy and light sweetness that does not mean cloak, so typical of high-end perfumes that use quality ingredients.

It is a delicious fragrance with notes of raspberry, vanilla, white musk, lemon, and neroli; although none of them stands out above the others, they are so well balanced that they give rise to a totally new smell. It is full of sweet, bubbly touches, freshness, and a character of absolute sensuality.

It is conceived to be a perfume for daily use, although it has a very suggestive component that makes it suitable for close encounters.

9. Dolce Garden by Dolce & Gabbana

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Imagine that you are in a garden full of fruit trees and exotic flowers while a gentle breeze blow lightens the atmosphere. The sensation is similar to that produced by Dolce Garden. A perfume that exudes naturalness made to transport you to those mild summer days, where relaxation reigns and worries disappear.

What sets this perfume apart from the rest is a sparkling coconut note that comes and goes like the rest of the fragrance slowly develops on the skin. It also has several notes that provide volume and texture, such as plumeria and neroli. In general, it is a very feminine perfume and super pleasant to the smell, which invites you to get closer and have light-hearted conversations through its fruity character.

8. Nina Ricci Luna Blossom by Donna Karan New York

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Admittedly, the apple-shaped bottle in which this perfume comes is beautiful, a real charm. But let’s not go so fast. Indeed you have ever been excited to try a fragrance with an incredible design, and then you have been disappointed by the aroma hidden inside.

With Nina Ricci Luna Blossom, it is complicated for the same to happen to you, and it is such a natural and rounded perfume that there seems to be no one who does not like it.

It has a very feminine aroma that blends perfectly with the skin, giving a constant feeling of cleanliness, delicacy, and harmony. But do not be fooled by its supposed innocence since its notes of peony, pear, and musk hide a whole world of sensuality that is noticed as soon as the woman wearing it appears.

It also has a woody background that adds dimension to the composition and adds the finishing touch to the fragrance. If you want to have a spring and summer perfume that is easy to wear, with this, you will not fail.


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7. Givenchy Hot Couture

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Glamorous, determined, classic, and irresistible. There is no better way to describe a perfume like Hot Couture, so elegant yet cheerful and nuanced. You must not forget that perfumes reinforce the image of the person who wears it, which means adding a plus of sophistication and good taste for details.

Also, Givenchy Hot Couture is one of those fruity women colognes that smell of luxury, a feeling that is difficult to explain but that you have surely felt on occasion and have wondered where it came from.

This fragrance’s central points are raspberry and orange, two incredible fruits in terms of charm and creaminess. Other spicy and herbal notes orbit around it, giving the essence an intoxicating texture.

It has hints of pepper, amber, and magnolia that add a lot of intensity to the entire composition, so it is advisable to reserve it for slightly colder days, bringing out all its richness.

6. My Burberry Black by Burberry

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Since it was launched less than 4 years ago, it has remained one of the best women fruity perfumes at the moment, with thousands of women worshiping it around the world.

Curiously, in Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries, it has not yet become fashionable and still retains the novelty factor. So we recommend taking advantage to take it now before it becomes popular and is everywhere.

The main note of the perfume is peach, which appears surrounded by the tenderness of amber. It is a sweet and intense fragrance with a heavy trail, so it is best to use it during the autumn and winter months when you can get more out of its warmth and elegance. Keep in mind that the smell of My Burberry Black has a vital playful side, designed to make uncomfortable situations fun.

5. Amor Amor by Cacharel

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Amor Amor is possibly one of the most recognized fruity perfume for her. And as incredible as it may seem, despite being launched almost 20 years ago, its scent is still up-to-date with current fashion.

They are subtlety and seduction in a bottle, passionate romanticism in the purest style of a teenage movie from the 80s, but wrapped in a cloak of elegance that only Cacharel is capable of achieving.

Amor Amor is an all-rounder ideal for all seasons, except for the coldest winter days with a sparkling character provided by the nectar of black currant and apricot. The trail gave off by its notes of plum, white musk, and bergamot will make you feel like a runway model who enchants people in their wake.

It is a dynamic and attractive perfume, capable of lifting your spirits and making you face the day with energy. It is one of the universal fruity perfumes for women of all ages who want to have fun taking with them a scent that could be described as a masterpiece.


4. CK One Shock For Her by Calvin Klein

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For the price it has, the quality of CK One Shock for Her surprises for good. Normally, the perfumes that can be found for this price tend to give the feeling of being generic and not very original.

That’s something this fragrance stands out from, as it has a unique and nuanced spicy, fruity scent, so it’s no wonder so many women love it. Of course, its duration is somewhat short, but you can always carry a small applicator with you to put it on again whenever you want.

It is a creamy, addictive, and super sexy perfume, in addition to having one of those scents that constantly call to action. CK One Shock For Her by Calvin Klein is the best fragrance to go out and have fun with your friends on those days when you want to feel irresistible.

Chocolate, blackberry, passionflower, musk, and narcissus are some of the notes that draw the most attention outwards, making it very difficult to miss the projects’ energy. It is aimed at young women wanting to try something different.


3. Hugo Woman Extreme by Hugo Boss

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If you like spring perfumes, casual and with a little bit of mystery, Hugo Boss Woman Extreme is for you. As usual, the word ‘Extreme’ in the name of the perfume does not represent what you find in it since there is nothing extreme and intense in it. On the contrary, it is a fresh and harmless fragrance that causes dynamic and sensual effects peculiar to fruity feminine perfumes.

It is based on the idea that ‘less is more,’ revolving all its notes around a single ingredient, which is Boysen berry. This berry has a unique fruity aroma that gives the fragrance a fresh and semi-sweet air, which transmits good taste in abundance.

It also has natural notes of fresh grass and black tea that make this perfume an infallible option to please everyone around you. If from time to time, you find yourself in the situation of not knowing what perfume to wear when leaving home, Hugo Boss Woman Extreme is so easy to wear that it is tough to fail with it.


2. Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

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Mon Paris is made for a woman who loves the smell of fresh and natural strawberries. It is a sweet and light perfume that turns towards the more youthful and conquering side of the aromas. Unlike other fruity women’s fragrances, this one focuses on keeping it simple, leaving space to highlight the personality of the woman who wears it.

It has some notes that remain present during the slightly more than 8 hours that the perfume’s smell lasts. They are the strawberry, the red fruits, the bergamot, and the orange.

By themselves, they are ingredients that do not say much, but once they are combined with the peony and jasmine flowers, they become a burst of femininity and sensuality. Mon Paris is one of the perfect fruity women’s perfumes looking for exceptional and quality bouquets, full of energy for summer and spring afternoons.


1. Versace Eros Pour Femme by Versace

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After the overwhelming success of the men’s version of this perfume, a reinterpretation dedicated exclusively to women could not be missing, and what better way to do it than through fruity touches?

It is a fragrance that is as loved as Versace followers hate it, but if you can be sure of one thing, this fragrance is an actual feminine seduction bomb.

Versace is a citric, floral, and fruity women’s perfume in equal parts. It has notes of Sicilian lemon, bergamot, peony, jasmine, and pomegranate, a very safe composition that generates such a pleasant trail that it is incapable of offending anyone with its smell.

Now, a perfume as attractive and sensual as this could not be complete without a background of ambroxan and white musk, which adds that animal claw so typical of Eros Pour Femme. A safe bet at any time of the year.


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