7 Best Coconut Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Coconut Women Perfumes

Best Coconut Perfumes For Women. You will agree that coconut is one of the most adorable scents a cologne can have. It is such a delicious, feminine, and sensual ingredient that it seems an invitation to others to come to you to smell it better. Today we are going to mention the 7 Best Women Perfumes with Coconut Scent.

In this ranking, you will find a selection of the best women’s fragrances with a natural coconut scent, without having to go through all those colognes with a chemical background that ends up saturating you. If you want to smell like coconut, this is your list.

7 Best Perfumes For Women with Coconut Scent to Buy in 2022

7. Born in Paradise by Escada

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You are on a paradisiacal island in the Caribbean, sitting under a palm tree, enjoying the good weather, contemplating the crystal clear water of the beach, and laughing with your friends.

In the cabin-bar next door, they are preparing the Piña Colada cocktail with the most appetizing aspect you can imagine, and little by little, the smell of coconut milk, rum, and pineapple begin to reach you.

You could say that this perfume is, more or less, all that in a bottle. Its smell makes you feel in a tropical paradise. It is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a sensual and carefree attitude that from the first moment invites you to have fun and have fun.

It has a natural, sparkling, delicious coconut smell, a crisp (and a little sour) green apple, and a very fresh and sweet pineapple note. And best of all, this coconut cologne has a note of tropical guava that gives it an exquisite differentiating touch.

It has a good duration and a light trail. You may have to apply several sprays to show it in passing, but the result will have been worth it.

At the time of writing this article, it is still available. However, it is no longer listed on the Escada website, so they may have plans to discontinue it. We hope not because it is a lovely coconut-scented perfume.

6. Coconut Fizz by Guerlain

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Coconut Fizz by Guerlain is the brightest and most eye-catching coconut-scented perfume. That simple Imagine that woman who is always happy sees the good side in everything, and everyone adores her because she transmits super positive energy.

Dress in a simple but bright and very feminine way, to the point that it seems to shine. That woman has to smell like this, yes or yes. It is one of those perfumes that make you feel great and see everything with optimism.

Smells like summer. It has a natural smell of coconut water, frosted by very juicy melon and tonka bean notes. It is so sweet, creamy, and light that it makes you want to drink it, and from experience, we can say that it does not cloak anything at all. On the contrary, it is super refreshing.

If it lasted a little longer, we would have put it first on the list because it really is lovely. Unfortunately, around 4 hours, it starts to lose strength, and you have to reapply it to last all day.

Coconut Fizz is a perfume that you have to love. You can tell that it has natural ingredients, and you can tell that it is a quality perfume. It is effortless to carry in any situation, whether formal or informal, and we recommend it for all ages.

5. Sensuous Nude by Estée Lauder

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Imagine that you are on the terrace of an Italian restaurant on a summer night. The environment is decorated with climbing plants and dimly lit by orange lanterns. You are in the middle of a romantic date, enjoying dinner, and having a relaxed conversation with the other person.

If you had to choose a single perfume to use in that situation, it would be Sensuous Nude. We don’t know exactly what it is, but it has extraordinary magic surrounding it. Instead of the typical sizzling note of tropical coconut milk, it has a creamy texture that is very striking at first, but it quickly becomes delicate and super sensual.

It smells of coconut, sandalwood, and honey, all lightly punctuated by a totally captivating note of white musk. The truth is that its scent is not especially memorable. Still, it is so romantic, sensual, and of good quality that it is worth having it for those close encounters where a little coconut smell can add a touch of intimacy.

Its trail is light but precious. It lets out small bursts of smell intermittently, creating a charming effect that draws a lot of attention around. We recommend it, especially for young women adults.

4. Dolce Garden by Dolce & Gabbana

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It must be said that the name of this fragrance is very imprecise. It is reminiscent of a garden, but rather of a tropical island full of yellow flowers and coconut trees. Dolce Garden is supposed to be a summery version of Dolce, the first perfume in the line. They actually have nothing in common, other than the fact that they are both floral perfumes.

While the original is aquatic and fuzzy, this is a coconut-scented, sweet and delicious gourmand perfume. It’s like a piña colada cocktail with a refreshing and crunchy coconut as the main ingredient.

It is a fun, informal, and sexy fragrance to the fullest. A perfume that screams summer vacation and adventure.

You can wear it to go out, travel, on a romantic date, or a walk on the beach, but never to go to work at the office. It is a perfume that does not go well with formality since it has a cheerful and flashy character.

It has a slightly almond-shaped coconut smell, with notes of ylang-ylang and plumeria that give it a very feminine floral touch, and juicy vanilla that melts on the palate. A very long-lasting, super feminine, and captivating coconut scent perfume with which you will surely get more than one compliment.

3. Rihanna Reb’l Fleur

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We know what you are thinking, and we agree. Celebrity perfumes tend to have questionable quality and a generic smell that does not spark any instincts within you. But we have to admit; some deserve to be secretly worshiped. This is one of them.

This Rihanna coconut cologne has been a real discovery because it offers a designer quality for the little it costs. If it cost twice as much, we would believe it. It smells great, it’s novel, and it lasts a long time.

We were surprised by the depth of the perfume. At the start, it has the typical smell of coconut and vanilla, very direct and simple, but as soon as a few minutes pass, fruity notes of peach, red berries, and plum begin to appear, and the perfume becomes a true summer party in the Beach. The result is gorgeous.

If you go over sprays, it can get a bit heavy because it’s quite sweet, but it’s easy to keep it under control—a perfume with a character that invites you to have fun and bring out your more outgoing side. For the price, it is a gem that you must try.

2. Crystal Noir by Versace

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It is a perfume with the scent of coconut for women different from the rest of the list. In fact, it’s unlike any other coconut cologne we’ve tried.

All the exotic scents we’ve seen so far are left out of this jar. In its place, a mysterious and dark character appears, mature, delicate, seductive to the fullest, and with a slightly tropical background.

Some consider it too mature, too characterful, or too heavy. And it can indeed be difficult to use (we would not recommend it for a normal workday, for example). But in an important meeting, an event, or any other place where you have to show confidence, this perfume’s coconut scent automatically puts you on a higher level.

The coconut it has is not as fresh as in other perfumes, but it is a little toasted and vanilla. Hence the darkest and most tropical part.

It has notes of flowers, sweet and dry amber, hot spices, and soft musk. It is an unusual mixture, but it gives an extraordinary result of smell and duration. Crystal Noir has a sophisticated, seductive, very feminine style and, above all, with many statuses.

It is another of those cases in which the perfume’s quality is above the price, so if you like perfumes with the smell of coconut, we could not recommend it more. Both young and adult women can use it.

1. Indian Coconut Nectar by Pacifica

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Surely you’ve ever flattered someone else’s coconut scent only to find that the scent didn’t come from perfume but from their shampoo, body wash, or even a moisturizer. It is precisely that kind of smell that Indian Coconut Nectar has. It is the standard coconut colony.

If what you are looking for is that slightly vanilla coconut smell, which does not offend anyone and smells clean, there is no better perfume than this. It is one of those fragrances that you can wear to go anywhere and at any time of the year because it is as pleasant as possible and super easy to wear.

It is so. You wear it to go to work, to go to the beach, on a date, at a dinner with your friends … wherever you go; you will not fail with this cologne.

The only bad thing is that it is difficult to find since normally only the roll-on version is sold. Mind you; it’s pretty cheap for how good it smells. Unlike other more complex coconut-scented colognes, this one has such a feminine and simple smell that it will look good on you.

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