10 Best Iris Perfumes For Women in 2022

Best Iris Perfumes 2022

Iris butter, from which the essential oil is extracted, is made by using flowers that have been grown for at least four years and then dried for three more. It comes as no surprise then that the finished oil achieves dizzying prices and is only used in the best perfumes for men and women.

Iris perfume is a synonym of warm and effortless elegance. Iris is greatly appreciated by perfume makers for the variety and richness of its fragrance. It is halfway between the flower and the forest.

Another advantage is its exceptional durability. The sweet smell does not oxidize over time, on the contrary – it becomes even more intense. Iris is one of the noblest ingredients in perfumery. All because the process of obtaining essential oil is time-consuming and complicated.


10 Best Iris Perfumes For Men & Women in 2022


  1. Tom Ford Noir

Noir Eau de Parfum evokes the atmosphere of big cities. The man Noir is an elegant seducer – in his perfectly tailored coat, he walks the rainy streets and catches the eye of everyone who passes by. It combines sophisticated character with intriguing sensuality. The contradictions in the scent notes make it even more fascinating.

Best Iris Perfumes

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The initial phase of the composition is heavy, resembling electrical discharges. It combines the freshness of bergamot with aromatic verbena, a powdery aroma of violet and caraway seeds. At the heart, Noir was seasoned with black pepper and nutmeg and then enriched with a bouquet of Tuscan iris and Bulgarian rose. The powdery-wood scent is truly stunning.


  1. N ° 19 by Chanel For Women

Chanel N ° 19 fragrance contains a rare variety of Irisa Pallida. The Chanel fashion house uses its own resources – it grows irises in the French town of Grasse. As a result, it has enough to produce its delightful, powdery perfumes.

Best Iris Perfumes for Women

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Composition N ° 19 opens with a luminous combination of galbanum and neroli flower. In the heart, the May rose and the iris meet. The scent of narcissus, jasmine, and ylang-ylang are in the background.

The base carries a powdery iris from its floral embrace directly into the arms of a mysterious chypre severity. It combines leather with oakmoss and vetiver.


  1. Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Eau de Toilette is an infinitely elegant fragrance that rises around the iris. The modern formula preserves the essence of Dior’s style in a male edition. Dior Homme is just great. These perfumes target the essentials and are free from all that is superfluous. Their architecture is simply precise and minimalist.

Best Iris Perfumes for Men

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Starting with the freshness of bergamot surrounded by lavender and sage, they show us noble elegance. Iris develops its aroma in the heart note, enveloping itself with the aroma of bitter cocoa and warmer amber. In the base, it focuses on woody fragrance notes that allow you to emphasize warm masculinity.


  1. Lancôme La Vie est Belle

When I heard that La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum was ‘the first delicious iris’, I knew we would be close. The composition uses Iris Pallida, which gives it a soft powdery texture. The smell begins with sweet fruit. Pear and blackcurrant, this sweet perfume smells of vegetable vitality for a moment.

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Apart from the iris, the heart note features mesmerizing large-leaved jasmine and orange blossom. However, it is the base that is the most anticipated moment of the projection.


  1. Giorgio Armani Eau de Nuit

The atmosphere of this perfume is quite mysterious. Eau de Nuit takes us to the streets of Milan during the cool autumn nights. It gives the impression that we suddenly find ourselves in a painting painted with the technique of light-shadow, which is a recognizable sign of an Armani man.

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Eau de Nuit uses an iris to paint a Noir-style picture in front of us. It starts with the freshness of bergamot seasoned with pink pepper and cardamom.


  1. Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum

Guerlain created Insolence (French for insolence) for an elegant but also eccentric woman.  The composition was built around sweet violet notes with subtle iris accents. It has tart red berries to which orange blossom has been added. As time goes on, Insolence transforms into a warm, woody base.

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Wearing this perfume is a game of unknown feelings. In this madness, you will find the powdery and non-obvious sweetness that projects as far as Mugler’s Angel. It’s a fancy, intense, and truly intoxicating rococo or science fiction fragrance. Everything in it is exaggerated, sometimes even grotesque.


  1. Prada L’Homme Eau De Parfum

L’Homme does not present an image of a specific man, but rather focuses on the dualism of personality. The fragrance celebrates the differences between all Prada wearers.

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High-quality raw materials are used, which can be easily felt from the beginning to the end of the projection. The combination of powdery notes of iris, violet, and orange blossom creates a fragrance that fascinates with its complexity.


  1. Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile EdP

Iris Nobile first appeared in 2004 as an Eau de Toilette. The great success of this fragrance motivated Acqua di Parma to introduce the Eau de parfum version. In my opinion, it is much more beautiful.

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Iris Nobile Eau de Parfum is an elegant flower with a chypre base. The iris in this composition is earthy, dirty, and cold. It smells really wonderful, it’s breathtaking. It is easy to wear at any time on any occasion.

After spraying, you will feel a citrus accord intertwined with anise. It is arranged on the skin like a transparent powder-purple curtain. The citrus wind brings you to a floral heart that smells of iris and violets.


  1. Givenchy Gentleman For Men

Gentleman Givenchy is inspired by its predecessor but radically transforms its fragrance. Still endowed with deep confidence, this time it releases more subtlety.

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In the heart note, Gentleman surprises with a combination of classic and modern notes of men’s perfumery – lavender with iris. The first one has a spicy, herbal aroma, the second one brings a powdery, seductive scent. In the base, the perfume ends with a deep scent of patchouli, vanilla, and leather.


  1. Prada Infusion d’Iris for Women

Ending the list with Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful irises on the market. It perfectly reproduces the DNA of this complex and powerful flower, and at the same time is not heavy and difficult to wear fragrance.

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Daniela Andrier used in her composition Iris Pallida from Florence, which is one of the most valuable varieties in the world. Embellished with mandarin and orange blossom, Infusion d’Iris is a scented brand signature that clearly marks its Italian roots.