The 10 Best Lavender Perfumes in 2022

Best Lavender Perfumes 2022

The scent of lavender is so common in cosmetic products that we usually underestimate it in perfumes. There are so many different faces of lavender perfume that it can satisfy almost any taste. Lavender may not have the allure of gardenia or tuberose, its versatility often outweighs the more exotic flowers. It blends wonderfully with all the notes and extends across the entire perfume world map.

Do you want to smell like fresh laundry and soapy cleanliness, these 10 Best Lavender Perfumes will give you a feeling of freshness. Women’s and men’s lavender perfumes will mesmerize you with their extraordinary aroma.

Here are the 10 Best Lavender fragrances and perfumes for men and women that will soothe your soul – whether it is dark and cold outside the window, or the sun is shining and it is unearthly heat.


10 Best Lavender Perfumes & Colognes of 2022


  1. Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Unisex

With its distinctive scent of trees, sea, and aromatic lavender, Costa Azzurra recreates the image of the beaches of the Côte d’Azur in French Provence.  This Eau de Parfum for men and women is a real delight that is associated with warm summer and holidays.

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Its rich and complex composition shows the full palette of vegetation, evoking the scents with which we are surrounded on the beach. It was built around the scent notes of wood, sea algae, citrus, and lavender. The right proportions ensure that there is no soap smell, and the lavender itself has a pleasant, smoky character.

Costa Azzurra is not a tropical or fruity composition. It resembles rougher landscapes of wild beaches than paradise beaches full of tourists. Wearing this fragrance is a real pleasure. It will suit people looking for a refined, luxurious fragrance for the summer. This perfume with a lavender scent is perfect for day and evening outings.



  1. Bottega Veneta Knot For Women

A delicate blend, inspired by wonderful Italy: sun, sea, flowers, fruit, and even the scent of clean laundry that hangs between old tenement houses! The knot is a completely unusual floral perfume for women.

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They open with the sparkling scent of sweet fruits of mandarin, clementines, and limes. They thrive around lavender, orange blossom, and neroli. They finish with a soapy scent of musk and tonka beans.

I would describe them as discreet, clean, boundlessly white. Contrary to the heavy oriental fragrances, this composition stays close to the skin. The fragrance is chic and sophisticated, absolutely unchanging. This is a very interesting face of lavender for all those who find elegance in timeless simplicity!



  1. Prada Luna Rossa For Men

This men’s perfume is named after the Italian Luna Rossa crew that raced for America’s Cup. This is the oldest trophy in the history of the sport. Since it is hard to come by, it is most desirable. This is the most important award in sailing.

In this race, all the conditions of the game are dictated by the forces of nature, and modern technology and the greatest professionals stand against their immeasurable power.

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Inspired by the values ​​of sailing in pursuit of excellence, Daniela Andrier has developed an uncompromising men’s fragrance. Luna Rossa Eau de Toilette reinterprets traditional materials used in perfumery for centuries with great talent.

Lavender, the iconic ingredient of men’s perfumes, gets a contemporary dimension. This fragrance has a powdery, slightly soapy scent. In combination with metallic fresh mint, it creates a duo that is really hard to forget.



  1. Guerlain Mon Guerlain For Women

The Mon Guerlain women’s perfume is the result of the work of five generations of exceptional perfumers at the head of the Guerlain house. They have traveled the whole world in search of the most beautiful raw materials, and Mon Guerlain expresses this, which contains the best of nature. She is the embodiment of strong, free, and sensual femininity.

From the very first minutes, we can sense the aromatic and Mediterranean lavender Carla de Provence – one of the most valuable varieties in the world.

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Its wonderful, powdery scent is combined with the freshness of bergamot. In the heart, the composition becomes creamier – a magnificent iris and mesmerizing large-leaved jasmine appear. The whole is lined with a base of vanilla, tonka beans, and sandalwood.

This composition is truly unique. It beautifully combines warm and fluffy notes with the freshness of citrus and flowers. On cold autumn days, it will wrap your body like the nicest sweater.


  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

The most iconic point in Jean Paul Gaultier’s creation is a striped navy shirt. In 1995, the iconic t-shirt even got its perfume. Jean-Paul Gaultier imagined a fragrance that would suit nonconformists trapped between tradition and modernity.

The composition of Le Male is timeless and takes inspiration from the aromas that marked Jean Paul Gaultier’s childhood. Eau de Toilette Le Male is a strong fragrance, unlike other compositions from the 90s. It immerses us in a completely different era and combines the freshness of lavender and mint with vanilla and tonka beans.

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As a result, the composition at times resembles beard care lotions from the distant past, at other times it is modernly sweet and spiced. Maybe that’s why, despite the passage of time, Le Male does not get old at all. He remains that alluring type of sailor who appears out of nowhere and disappears for unknown reasons.



  1. Calvin Klein CK Be

Ck Be is a language of freedom that celebrates differences between people. The fragrance is pure and in its openness it manifests independence and courage to express oneself.

The composition opens with an aura of multidimensional freshness. Thanks to the combination of lavender, bergamot, mint, and green notes, it is neither completely masculine nor feminine. It smells like expensive soap that is usually reserved for special occasions.

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At heart, it moves towards ultra-elegant flowers. It transforms jasmine, freesia, and magnolia, enriching all of this with the velvety gentleness of peach. Ck Be’s base is warm. Contains ambergris, sweet myrrh, white musk, sandalwood, and aromatic vanilla.

As a consequence, it is one of my favorite fragrances of the 90s. It has the sensuous cleanliness of the bedding that blends wonderfully with the skin. It smells as good on women as it does on men.



  1. J’ose by Eisenberg

For José Eisenberg, perfumes are masterpieces that live in their own world of infinite sensuality. His first composition – J’ose – is aromatic and very spicy. It is a sensational sequence of aroma impressions caused by the appetizing aromas of coffee and lavender.

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The crisp spontaneity of lemon and mint contrasts with the heart note, in which the herbal lavender with a caramel background blends with the delightful softness of coffee. The hot, resinous background is a gentle memory of this rebellious symphony.

It’s a perfume with a hint of lavender exclusively for the bravest women! Not all ladies will find themselves in their charismatic fragrance.



  1. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l’Homme

Launched in 2006, the fragrance l’Homme reflects male beauty and sensuality. Thanks to its charisma, the fragrance inspired YSL to create a composition with even greater magnetism that shows all its power at night: La Nuit de l’Homme. La Nuit de L’Homme combines the freshness of citrus and the liveliness of spices with warm and powdery notes of trees and lavender.

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It opens with fresh notes of bergamot and aromatic cardamom. At the heart, the woody scent notes of cedar are combined with sweet, powdery lavender. The base is very sensual, it combines coumarin with vetiver.

This fragrance is worn after dark. Then everything begins, everything is allowed, and seduction speaks in its own language. The mysterious and alluring La Nuit de l’Homme takes the art of seduction to the top.



  1. Calvin Klein Obsessed

When the Calvin Klein fashion house launched the Obsession fragrance for women in 1985, the sensuality and independence of the woman of the time were presented. The fragrance has been successful on a planetary scale and undoubtedly reflects the brand image better than any perfume. That is why the new artistic management decided to rejuvenate the fragrance and give it a more contemporary character.

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This time femininity is no longer dense and heavy. It is fresh, clean, and bright. It mainly revolves around the notes of lavender, sage, and musk. If you consider the scent of clean linen as sensual, Obsessed for Women will charm you with its seductive aura.



  1. Davidoff Cool Water

Cool Water from 1988 was the first to be inspired by the relationship between man and the ocean. Like water, it seems to be in constant motion, therefore it has an inexhaustible amount of energy. The composition is based on a fern chord, but its structure has been completely modernized.

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The characteristic lavender remains of the accord, which is the epitome of the men’s fragrance from years ago. It is accompanied by elegance spiced with a pinch of geranium. Peppermint also brings its rebellious character. It combines with a hint of sea and coriander.

Cool Water is a wave of intense freshness, a fragrance perfect for summer. Despite the passage of time, it is still one of the top perfumes for men. It is perfect for everyone – regardless of age, style, character, and profession.


Final Words

The best lavender fragrances for men or for women can be smoky, green, herbal, or spicy. It smells like fresh laundry and cleanliness or hay and camphor. It blends perfectly with other notes, creating unforgettable compositions for women and men. Choose the one that suits you best and let yourself be carried away by infinite freshness.