8 Best By Kilian Perfumes for Women

Best Kilian Perfumes for Women

Those who once came into contact with the luxury fragrances of the brand can be called lucky, as their unique compositions have garnered the recognition and love of perfume connoisseurs in a short time. As a result, they are already able to appreciate perfume’s beauty, complexity, individuality, and versatility. The 8 Best Kilian Perfumes for Women were developed, taking into consideration the overall demand and feedback from customers over the past few months.

Top 8 By Kilian Perfumes for Women

1. Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Eau de Parfum

Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Eau de Parfum

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The opening bouquet of Good Girl Gone Bad opens with the virginal freshness of Jasmine Sambac’s petals and the sweetness of China Osmanthus. This archetype of femininity is not fooled for long, though. Good, the flowers lose their inhibitions and become bipolar and decadent!

The May Rose exhales its honeyed ardor. The Indian Narcissus shows off her milky side, while the Egyptian Narcissus shows off her narcotic animal side, which is delightfully obsessive and uncontrollable. To contain this overflowing opulence, Virginia Cedar and Haitian Vetiver attempt to assert their dominant character without completely taming it. There is tension, addiction exacerbated, and pleasure consumed.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Osmanthus, May Rose
Heart Notes: Narcissus, Tuberose Base
Base Notes: Amber, Cedar.

2. Kilian Black Phantom Eau de Parfum

Kilian Black Phantom Eau de Parfum

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Black Phantom weaves together the dark and ancient concept of the Memento Mori: the death that we do not see but that is always present in our lives. Enjoy life fully and totally, as we like a perfume: delighting in a sensual but inescapably transitory moment that can be remembered and treasured – but never preserved.

A chord from “Shin Shin,” a fiery cocktail of intense coffee and Caribbean rum that the pirate kings used to drink at their parties, opens Black Phantom’s “Memento Mori.” Coffee conceals a deadly secret: what appears like an almond fragrance is actually the deadly sparkle of cyanide bite. A memento mori, perhaps!

Java vetiver enhances the bitterness of coffee. The heady sweetness of the rum is reflected in the luscious smell of sugar cane at the base of the fragrance, coupled with aromatic, creamy, and somber sandalwood. For those who are in search of pleasure, Kilian and Sidonie Lancesseur have created pure, voluptuous sensuality.

It is completely black with copper finishes, with the name of the fragrance engraved on a copper metal plate on the front, while the cap is made from copper galvanized zamak with the brand’s famous “K” engraved. As if it were a magnificent Jacobean tomb, the bottle is placed next to a smiling skull on a black lacquered chest.

Top Notes: Rum Absolute, Cyanide Accord
Heart Notes: Vetiver Essence, Coffee Absolute
Base Notes: Sugar Cane Accord, Sandalwood

3. Kilian Back to Black Eau de Parfum

Kilian Back to Black Eau de Parfum

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The freshness of Calabrian bergamot contrasts with the warmth of Guatemalan cardamom and coriander berries to create an elegant and unusual start to Back to Black, an aphrodisiac, sunny freshness. With a hint of fruity notes, raspberries, and a hint of aromatic notes, blue chamomile enhances the top notes.

4. Kilian Straight to Heaven Eau de Parfum

Kilian Straight to Heaven Eau de Parfum

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A woody, intoxicating fragrance… Straight To Heaven, White Cristal, an intoxicating, addictive perfume… The perfumer has created a fascinating filter to create the illusion of a white, feverish, sulfurous night. A true potion for gaining access to earthly paradises. Using white rum as an ether, the perfume has been completely transparent.

The note goes up, ethereal, explosive, fruity, and gourmand. Rum, the “alcohol of life,” has a tumultuous history and is a trace of the heat of the islands.

Featuring a stimulating muscle spicy note and jasmine petals, this perfume has many surprising facets around its euphoric rum base. Next, a sulfurous mystery is hidden in the woods (cedar, patchouli, rosewood), both warm and deep. The wrapper heightens Amber’s sensuality. The vapors of soft musk transport us to limbos of delicious bliss, while silky vanilla is offered as a sin of gourmandizing.

In a tribute to the eighteenth-century environment, the perfume rests on a black satin bed beneath the key, which is covered with a black pompom.

A black pompom protects the perfume from spells and assures its mystery. With its protective shield engraved on the side, the owner appears to be under the protection of a fallen angel. This bottle is smooth and rough, black and transparent, cold and warm… It multiplies the sensations.

Top Notes: Dried Fruits, Nutmeg
Heart Notes: Hedione, Patchouli, Rum
Base Notes: Ambergris, Violet, Cedar, White Musk, Tonka, Vanilla

5. Kilian Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum

Kilian Rolling in Love Eau de Parfum

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This scent captures the feeling of being in love so deeply that it almost seems to “get under your skin.” It is an intimate and addictive fragrance. From roses to tuberoses to orange blossoms to gardenias… Kilian’s flowers are composed like a narcotic dependency, a tribute to love’s addictive side.

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A new direction has been taken by Kilian Hennessy with Rolling in Love, a new fragrance developed with perfumer Pascal Gaurin. Rolling in Love is more direct and less faceted than her previous scents, almost monochromatic in its concentrated representation of one emotion. As a “white” scent, Rolling in Love features notes of ambrette seeds, almond milk, iris, and musk along the scent trail.

Top Notes: Almond, Ambrette
Heart Notes: Freesia, Hedione, Heliotropin, Iris, Peony, Raspberry, Tuberose
Base Notes: Caramel, Lactone, Musk, Tonka, Vanilla

6. Kilian Angel Share Eau de Parfum

Kilian Angel Share Eau de Parfum

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A master blender uses cognac essence derived from liquor to give Angel’s Share its natural caramel color, similar to a perfumer making chords and essences for a perfume. On the opening notes of cognac oil, cinnamon essence, and absolute tonka bean, the lasting notes of sandalwood, praline, and vanilla create a delicious finish, a rare blend only angels can experience.

7. Kilian Gold Knight Eau de Parfum

Kilian Gold Knight Eau de Parfum

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The perfumer Pascal Gaurin says, “Gold Knight combines finery and eroticism, a splendid quality of deep sensuality. Inspired by Klimt’s elegant gold-plated gentleman in the Beethoven Frieze of 1902. “In Gold Knight, patchouli’s addictive dark sensuality is contrasted with bergamot’s effervescent glow and vanilla and anise’s warm golden sheen.

8. Kilian Royal Leather Eau de Parfum

Kilian Royal Leather Eau de Parfum

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Royal Leather is a tribute to the British heritage and the iconic uniforms of the Royal Guard. Warm and intense, it starts with a thorny chord and black tea, followed by heliotrope flower. With its leather heart arrangement and the Laos oud and Indonesian patchouli in the background, the perfume has a captivating personality that perfectly complements the leather heart.

About By Kilian Perfumes

A descendant of the famous Hennessy cognac empire, Kilian Hennessy is the founder of this new brand. Despite living in luxury and comfort, Kilian did not waste money. On the contrary, he went on to study perfumer courses and graduated. He has worked at famous trading houses like Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Paco Rabanne, and Alexander McQueen.

In 2007, Kilian presented three perfumes at once – Kilian Prelude to Love, Kilian Love, and Kilian Beyond. The fragrances were dedicated to the most beautiful feeling in the world: love.

The perfumes made a splash not only in Europe but also abroad. From that moment on, the Kilian brand began its great history, and the world has been eagerly anticipating new scents.

The brand’s perfume compositions are avant-garde in nature, influenced by great works of art from the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as Kilian Hennessy’s impressions, sensations, and fantasies.

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