10 Best Perfumes That Smell Like Coffee

Best Coffee Perfumes of 2021 That Will Make You Addicted

The coffee note is capricious because although its natural essence – coffee absolute – has a hypnotic aroma on the blister, on the skin it can smell like roasted meat or damp, decayed wood. We have collected the most beautiful coffee-scented perfumes for women and men. Choose your favorite Coffee fragrance that suits you best. Sweet, bitter, spicy, smoky, with a floral or fruity accent, reminiscent of chocolate or hazelnuts: every coffee lover knows how different types of coffee can play wonderful melodies.

Its beans have one of the most intriguing aromas on Earth. I really don’t know a person who passes by indifferently to good coffee. Just as brewing the perfect cup requires some skill, incorporating coffee into your fragrance is no easier than that.

After all, perfumers know how to reproduce it in such a way that it impresses with its aroma. Proof of this is the fact that there are coffee fragrances with so many different characters to choose from.

Due to the essential oils that are combined with coffee, coffee can smell in a perfume in many ways. We have fluffy compositions with a sweet smell, sharper with a pleasant bitterness, and even aromatic with notes of herbs.

10 Best Coffee Perfumes That Will Make You Addicted

1. Carolina Herrera Good Girl For Women

Good Girl Women’s Perfume was “born of contradiction”, which refers to the duality of the modern woman. The coffee note in this composition is infused with sweet praline, almond, and chocolate.

Good Girl opens with a strong sweetness of almonds and dessert coffee, and although it calms down over time, it dictates the tone of the whole composition until the very end. There is some citrus in the top notes, but they are quickly replaced by loud floral notes: jasmine and tuberose.

Best Coffee Perfumes

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The base of the perfume is a bit quieter but still very sweet. The coffee leaves a delicate foam, and the chocolate and almonds only envelop it in a whisper. It is dominated by creamy vanilla, musk, and sandalwood.

Good Girl’s composition is indeed a juxtaposition of contradictory notes. Luminous flowers and fruit were combined with dark coffee and chocolate. This makes the fragrance bold, dangerous, and truly stunning. It has so many twists and turns that surely many people will pay attention to it.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium For Women

Almost 40 years after the iconic Opium, Yves Saint Laurent continues the saga by introducing her rebellious younger sister – Black Opium to the collection. Modern, glam rock perfumes for women have chosen the scent notes of coffee as a star. This, in combination with white flowers, introduces expressive and completely captivating fragrance impressions.

Best Coffee Perfumes

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Coffee appears in the opening and accompanies us throughout the projection. The top notes, it contrasts beautifully with the fruity sweetness of pear and spicy pink pepper. The Black Opium heart is an elegant bouquet of white flowers. Jasmine and orange blossom together with fluffy vanilla are truly mesmerizing. Thanks to them, the whole thing smells like coffee with milk served in the summer garden of a good pump room.

The base smells of woody warmth and cozy patchouli. The delicate aroma of vanilla coffee becomes more polite and sensual. Black Opium will appeal to women with rebel souls, who fear boredom the most in the world. This perfume will express your yearning for the madness to lose your breath.

3. Cacharel Noa For Women

Oliver Cresp, the perfumer behind Noa, describes his composition as coffee musk. In fact, it is much more complex. It begins with the spring scent of green grass, blooming peony, lily, and freesia, accompanied by the delicate sweetness of the fruit.

She becomes warmer and more sensual with every minute. It leads us deeply where sweet coffee and unbridled musk reign. The coffee notes in Noa are like the aroma from a hot cup. With vanilla, tonka beans, and incense, this light composition takes on a mysterious, completely magical dimension.

Best Coffee Perfumes

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By overdosing on soft clouds of white musk, Noa becomes an extremely cozy fragrance. A wonderful melange of aromatic coffee with velvety musk and a fresh bouquet creates a fragrance that is impossible to forget.

4. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme For Men

The previous men’s fragrances in the Polo collection, Red and Red Intense, were interesting but lacked durability. The Extreme version not only stays on the skin all day but is also the most unique and coffee-like in this group.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme For Men

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The composition is linear and does not change significantly over time. It was built around three fragrance notes: aromatic coffee, sweet fruity accord, and smoky wood. Coffee is most noticeable. It is intense, black, and very energizing.

Sparkling red-orange and cranberry soothe it, and ebony is responsible for a pleasant depth. Polo Red Extreme has that fruity vibe found in the best sports perfumes, but it is also much darker, smokier, and bolder.

5. Mugler A*Men For Men

After the unexpected success of the women’s Angel in 1992, Thierry Mugler wanted to offer the same sensation in men’s perfumes. His great love for American comic books from the ’50s inspired him to create a composition based on contrasting chords – absolute sweetness and infinite freshness.

The fragrance was supposed to represent a timeless superhero who lives in a legendary world between myth and reality. The composition begins with the metallic freshness of mint and spicy spices. They are joined by bitter bergamot and aromatic notes of lavender and coriander.

Mugler A*Men For Men

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With time, A * Men opens the door to the second chapter of the composition – gourmand sweets. A deep hint of roasted coffee is combined with honey, caramel, and tonka beans. The final scene belongs to the creamy vanilla, which is a duet with woody notes and patchouli that creates a sensual aroma and soothes the previous madness. A * Men is a perfume with many faces, which is why, despite the passage of time, it suits the modern man so perfectly.

6. Montale Intense Cafe Unisex Parfum

Intense Cafe is a unisex perfume, intended for both women and men. Coffee smells very different here. It is intense, sweet, and nutty. This variety is associated with a cozy cafe where we can pamper all our senses.

The composition begins with a portion of freshly brewed black coffee. Served among a sea of ​​rose petals, it is breathtaking from the very first minute. Over time, creamy notes of white musk and fluffy vanilla appear. Thanks to them, coffee gains a drop of milk and a teaspoon of sugar.

Montale Intense Cafe Unisex

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The last phase of the projection belongs to the ambergris, thanks to which a rich, nutty aroma rises above our cup. This addictive and surprising fragrance tells a really interesting story and will be a great pleasure for all lovers of coffee in perfumes. Their dense nature makes them perfect for fall and winter, both for evening outings and everyday work.

7. Dolce & Gabbana The Only One For Women

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One is a women’s perfume in which the scent of coffee initially has powdery accents, and then becomes more milky and fluffy. The composition opens with the scent of violet mixed with bergamot and mandarin. This makes the top notes sweet and sparkling.

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One For Women

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A moment later, beautiful notes of coffee appear. Iris and the ever-present violet are responsible for their powdery nature.  The base melts in the sweetness of caramel, creamy vanilla, and warm patchouli. It is intense and sensual. Pleasantly wraps the body in a warm scarf of gourmand sweetness.

In fall and winter, many women are looking for cozy armor that will make them feel safe. The Only One is the right fragrance for them. This fragrance is really cute in its cafe style.

8. Eisenberg J’ose Homme For Men

Jose is the first Eisenberg fragrance. They reflect the personality of their creator: it’s a bold fragrance! The composition is a subtle blend of sweet and aromatic notes. Top notes fill the air with the crisp freshness of lemon, bergamot, and mint.

As they gradually give way to mocha notes, they transform the composition from a vegetable into a warm and cozy atmosphere. Mocha coffee gives perfumes sweetness but also makes them original. When its scent is mixed with lavender and jasmine, you start to see the whole thing as a real discovery.

Eisenberg J'ose Homme For Men

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In the base, everything becomes more lazy, creamy. Soap musk, sandalwood, and patchouli create the atmosphere of an idyllic evening by the fireplace in a highlander’s cottage. According to José Eisenberg, perfumes reproduce personal emotions in a very subtle way, but Jose is absolutely not subtle and delicate. Their projection and durability are endless, so apply them with great care.

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9. Eisenberg J’ose Femme Unisex Parfum

We often fear that unisex perfumes are too masculine for women or too feminine for men. Jose was created in the perfect balance of masculine and feminine notes. That is why the women’s version has the same fragrance pyramid as the men’s.

It is the same sensual, warm and characteristic coffee perfume, where mocha is the companion of aromatic lavender, creamy musk, and balsamic ambergris. The only difference is the intensity.

Eisenberg J'ose Femme Unisex

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J’ose is daring and adventurous, but not cheesy or cheap. The creation of a bohemian perfume aura is quite rare for such smoky, sensual compositions. The procedure of placing the same composition in two color versions is very significant to me. By placing them next to each other, you can think of the complementary forces of Yin and Yang!

10. Rochas Man For Men

For dessert, we will serve you the most groundbreaking perfume with the scent of real cappuccino. This non-obvious eau de toilette by Rochas from 1999 introduced the modern man into the new millennium.

Rochas Man is like a combination of A * Men and Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier. But even sweeter and even more sophisticated in reception. For me, this composition is the most interesting cup of coffee that has ever been created in perfumery.

Rochas Man For Men

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It starts with spices and additives. Amazing lavender notes surrounded by delicate jasmine petals and lily of the valley, instead of resembling soap, are milky, creamy, and sweet. They smell like cappuccinos.

They are joined by notes of coffee. At first, they smell soft, then more and more intensely. This is not a quick-drink Starbucks coffee. This coffee is served with care, but also with a lot of sugar. Finally, the late waiter brings us a croissant with vanilla cream and a teaspoon of homemade raspberry jam. It sounds delicious and smells delicious!

Final Words

Coffee fragrances are not as common as you might imagine. Maybe that’s why all the compositions with this note are really special. Do you already have your favorite? Share your opinion about your best and favorite coffee perfumes with notes of coffee!

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