Best Mancera Perfumes For Women

Best Mancera Perfumes For Women 2022

The Perfumes by Parisian brand Mancera have become extremely beloved and popular in every country. What is the secret of success? Firstly, the creators of the brand offered a huge variety of perfumes – literally for all occasions.

If you are planning to go on vacation, to the office, on a date, or a walk, then you can easily pick up the 10 most popular Mancera perfumes for women and men, in the range of the brand. Secondly, the brand’s perfumes are distinguished by original compositions, as well as perfect balance.


East-West and Space Bottle

We can say that Mancera is a subsidiary of the Montale brand, and in the literal sense: the creative director of the brand is Amelie Mancera, the daughter of the founder of Montale. The joint project of Pierre Montale and Amelie began with her passion for graphic design and olfactory art.

As Amelie herself says, her childhood was spent in her father’s laboratory, surrounded by many bottles, so her love for fragrances is quite logical. The most popular Mancera perfume in the world is a fusion of Western and Eastern traditions, a tribute to refined French classics, and a bright, sensual, slightly rough oriental temperament.

Compositions of Mancera are attractive precisely because of the union of East and West, and the bottles also draw attention to themselves. They were developed in collaboration with CNES, a space technology company.

CNES has made a glass that is very similar in composition to the spacecraft window glass. It does not allow the bottles, which contain Mancera’s most popular fragrances for women and men, to let in the sun’s rays. As you know, UV radiation is very harmful to perfumes and shortens their shelf life.


10 Best Mancera Perfumes for Women 2022


1. Mancera Cedrat Boise Eau de Parfum

Of course, the most popular Mancera fragrance, which is always on the lips of fans of the brand, is Cedrat Boise. Or “sweet cedar”, as those who have tasted the fragrance have already dubbed it. We recommend it to both men and women, it is a real unisex that will suit people of all ages – to the office, to a friendly meeting, shopping, etc.

Best Mancera Perfume For Women

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The universal composition is appropriate for use in any weather, at any time of the year. Cedrat Boise mainly opens up as a woody scent, warm and cozy. Sometimes it shows resinous needles with citrus sourness, sometimes you hear a currant leaf with vanilla skin, prunes, and tobacco with fruit wine … Someone smells lemonade and incense, lacquered wood, and mossy forest. Very colorful and multifaceted fragrance, elegant, invigorating, and unusual.


2. Mancera Rose Vanille Eau de Parfum

Rich and sinuous, Roses Vanille de Mancera pleases lovers of Gourmet fragrances. With a combination of Lemon from Calabria, Rosa Loukoum (Turkish Rose), Cedar Wood, Intense Vanilla, and White Musk; responsible for awakening all the sensuality and romanticism in a single fragrance.

Best Mancera Perfumes

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Mancera has managed to captivate us with a sweet and aromatic fragrance that floats in the warm atmosphere of oriental lands. Roses Vanille is born from an explosion of freshness from the Lemon of Calabria, where the morning dew is present, while the Rose of Loukoum blooms to provide all its elegance and an intoxicating aroma that takes over everything. And just when sunset arrives, the deep woody essences take center stage with chords that are born from Cedar Wood and contrast with Vanilla Sugar.


3. Mancera Velvet Vanilla Eau de Parfum

This time, vanilla is dressed in white flowers. In a perfect harmony of white flowers bathed in White Musk, the fruity notes of Tangerine and Black Currant sparkle, giving this fragrance a fruity and sweet character. Like a dessert for your senses. Velvet Vanilla by Mancera, a fragrance that makes you want to eat it.

Top Mancera Perfume For Her

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Velvet Vanilla by Mancera, a fragrance that you don’t know whether to eat or be ecstatic with its aroma. This fragrance is captivating from its inception. Sparkling Tangerine, Pear and Black Currant mark just the beginning. The atmosphere begins to feel deeply with the notes of Angelica Root, Clove, and Pink Pepper. While Vanilla enters like a diva wrapped in her “brilli brilli” and soaked in White Musk.


4. Mancera Red Tobacco Eau de Parfum

And now we present Manser’s most popular fragrance – Red Tobacco, which will surely be appreciated even by those who cannot tolerate tobacco in life and do not like such notes in perfumery.

Best Mancera Fragrance for Ladies

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It’s not the smell of a pack of cigarettes or an extinct cigarette, it’s cherry berries with cinnamon wrapped in a natural and expensive tobacco leaf, fumigated with the smoke of an oriental hookah. Astringent, slightly vanilla and sweetish-woody aroma with smoky undertones are at the top of our rating.

The perfume, judging by the reviews of those who tried it, seems to flow from layer to layer, from note to note … Strawberry jam and apple pie turn into varnished wood of elite cars, nutmeg in a leather pouch gives way to cherry hookah with spices. A stunningly beautiful and stylish variation on an oriental theme, tailored according to western patterns!


5. Mancera Roses Greedy Eau de Parfum

This fragrance was created as if specially for a romantic meeting: a huge bouquet of roses, the salty sweetness of coconut water, delicate and delicate musk, velvety peach, white flowers, and blackcurrant marshmallows … Elegant, soft, and pleasant, reminiscent of a box of sweets, candied fruits, and beautiful fragrant flowers.

Best Mancera Fragrance for her

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Perfume Roses Greedy will not annoy others with its brightness, it is sweet, but not cloying while being easy to remember. It is very easy to fall in love with it and make it a favorite of your dressing table. Recommended for every woman who wants to emphasize her femininity, sexuality, and hidden strength.


6. Mancera Coco Vanille Eau de Parfum

Coco Vanille de Mancera is a sweet and innocent fragrance that is dangerous and seductive at the same time. Addiction has never smelled so beautiful. It manages to transport you to a hammock under the shade of palm trees.

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In this fragrance, the aromas of peach and tropical flowers predominate, which incites you to dance. Then comes the creamy scent of Tiara flowers along with luxurious Egyptian Jasmine and sweet Ylang-Ylang. Finally, so that the aroma can last throughout the day, woody tones and white musk are presented.


7. Mancera Hindu Kush Eau de Parfum

Among the perfumes produced by the Mancera brand, Hindu Kush is the most popular fragrance. The perfume got its provocative name in honor of the Hindu Kush Indian hemp, which grows in the mountains of Central Asia. The Hindu Kush mountain range is known throughout the world as a region where the best marijuana and hashish raw materials are harvested.

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Amelie and Pierre admitted that they wanted to demonstrate how intricately the salty-coniferous incense and resinous hemp with its specific sweetish-herbaceous smell would be combined in the aroma.

The result is a very interesting perfume – spicy and smoky, but at the same time cool and fresh, with grassy and woody undertones. Someone feels a fire, where they threw an armful of green grass, someone – oriental incense and resins, someone imagines himself in the misty mountains.


8. Mancera Gold Intensive Aoud Eau de Parfum

If we continue talking about which Mancera company has released the most popular fragrances on the world market, we cannot fail to mention Gold Intensive Aoud. Honey rose with the smell of a forest after rain, an oriental hookah, candied strawberries and sea breeze – the composition of the perfume is so amazingly multifaceted.

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You seem to be transported to the shooting of the film when the main character lands on a ship in a large eastern city. It is not only the noise standing near the stalls of merchants at the pier that falls upon him: the deafening sea, and floral and citrus freshness makes you believe that you are really in the port.

There they sell spices, sweets, and roses, a censer is smoldering at the entrance to the temple, beauties are dancing nearby, whose bodies are smeared with musk oil … The perfume conveys the atmosphere of the oriental bazaar at 100%, and this is not at all a rough screaming aroma.


9. Mancera Instant Crush Eau de Parfum

Instant Crush by Mancera is a sweet and subtle perfume… an irresistible mix that exudes romanticism and sensuality. The combination of the outstanding trio of Jasmine, Amber, and Pink roses is an olfactory and sensory highlight for lovers of floral fragrances.

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For Mancera French perfume house, creating fragrances transcends the purity of the aromas, the perception of the senses, the essence of the ingredients, the synergy of the forms, and the stylization of the patterns; which lead to creating pieces of high jewelry that reflect the personality of each of its clients.

On this occasion, Mancera seeks to delight you with the “Instant Crush”, a sweetly irresistible fragrance… The fascinating trio Rosa, Jazmín, and Ámbar strikes again with a rich mixture of sensuality and romanticism. A sweet combination that brings together all the power of these floral essences, known for awakening the senses with their penetrating and exotic aromas.


10. Mancera Aoud Vanille Eau de Parfum

Aoud Vanille as its name says is made from pure Oriental Vanilla, Saffron, Black Pepper, and Cardamom. Blended with woody accords from Gaiac and Indian Sandalwood; making this is a “gender-free” composition. Vanilla moves away from its traditional warmth, to become passionate and decisive.

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The shelter of the night prepares the first fires of autumn to warm the home. A resting space for the mind, a plan for two far from the world, a wild and mysterious environment. Aoud Vanille smells like vanilla heated by fire, its aroma is intense, mysterious, and captivating, only the most passionate can appreciate its distinctive smell.

Infused with pure Oriental Vanilla, Saffron, Black Pepper, and Cardamom Blended with woody accords from Gaiac and Indian Sandalwood; make this a “gender-free” composition. An enjoyment for two!



We hope that our TOP 10 Mancera fragrances for ladies will help you navigate and choose the right perfume. The products of this brand deserve the closest attention, it is truly a unique phenomenon in the world of niche perfumery. Good luck with your acquaintance!


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