10 Best Perfumes for Teens 2023

Somehow, the summer flew by unnoticed and ahead is autumn, which the parents of schoolchildren associate not so much with yellow leaves and damp, dank air, but with the beginning of their studies. And if backpacks, stationery, school uniforms, and casual shoes have already been selected and bought, then moms and dads think about perfumes last. And completely in vain, since many modern children simply cannot imagine going to school or going for a walk without the appropriate aroma.

If a student asks for perfume, and you are not at all smiling at unfastening a round sum from the family budget for this “Wishlist”, do not worry. We present a small selection of fragrances for girls and boys that can be used together with their parents.

Take note of the following rule: when choosing a perfume for teens, give preference to fresh floral or fruity compositions, with marine, citrus, or creamy notes. Gourmand aromas with soft notes of caramel, praline, chocolate, and vanilla are well revealed on young skin.

But heavy, rich oriental-style perfumes should be avoided, as well as spicy, vintage compositions. On teenagers, they will “look” very inappropriate. Without any further delay, let’s delve into the 10 Perfumes for Teens (Boys and Girls) that are perfect for everyday use.


10 Best Perfumes for Teens For Everyday Use in 2023


10. Tous Gems Power For Women

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A novelty that attracts attention primarily due to the design of the bottle. The bright and cheerful design is 100% true to what’s inside: a cool, playful sweet, and sour tropical fruit cocktail.

The perfume sits close to the skin and does not distract from studying. The combination of fruits with vanilla and white flowers is not at all cloying or intrusive. A good gift for the new school year!


9. Trussardi Jeans Trussardi For Women

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If your daughter doesn’t like sweet perfumes, then Jeans by Trussardi is a great everyday scent choice for a teenage girl. Light bitterness of wild honey, smoke from a fire, meadow herbs, delicate violet, and a subtle touch of cinnamon – thanks to these notes, an unforgettable bitter-fresh melody is obtained that is not forgotten for a long time. This is a universal perfume – both under jeans and under a strict school uniform.


8. Zara Star Wars Boys Eau De Parfum

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The discreet youth fragrance of Zara Star Wars Boys is a warm hello to all fans of the Star Wars franchise. The creators of the perfume made lavender the center of the composition, complementing its elegant, austere beauty with herbs, sweet and sour citruses, and spices.

The result was a perfume tailored according to all the canons of youth men’s publications: nothing superfluous, experimental, and annoying. Not flashy, but stylish and quite suitable for everyday use.


7. Ozone by Sergio Tacchini For Men

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The Sergio Tacchini brand has made a name for itself with the release of budget refreshing fragrances, and the Ozone men’s perfume does not stand out in the least. Juicy apples and citruses on freshly cut green grass – a fresh, playful, positive set of notes that will come in handy at any time of the year. Recommended to all boys who want to attract the attention of the female half of the class. The question “What is this delicious aroma?” You are 100% guaranteed.


6. Thierry Mugler Innocent Rock For Women

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It is already clear from the name that this fragrance was created specifically for rebels – a leather jacket, high boots, and disheveled hair … Despite the slightly defiant character, the perfume resembles tart grape juice, where fragrant rose petals and rough black peppercorns float. Such an elegant and stylish perfume can be safely used with your daughter.


5. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male In The Navy

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And this is the case if you want to create some kind of creative, rebellious mood, proudly straighten your shoulders and look down on everyone. The fragrance Le Male In The Navy from the famous brawler Jean-Paul Gaultier is the best fit for the image of the “bad boy”.

Sweet, fresh, and salty motifs have merged here: mint and wind from the sea, vanilla cake with cool citrus juice, and the smell of sea-salted wood and algae. Despite the originality of the pyramid, the plume here is not deafening.

The bad smell behaves like a well-bred A student from the first class: the notes do not interrupt each other, do not scream, and create a certain atmosphere of anticipation of something unusual, but very good.


4. Marc Jacobs Bang Eau de Toilette For Men

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Bang by Marc Jacobs is dedicated to woody motifs: many can hear resinous juniper heated by the sun, cedar cones, wet moss, spicy herbs, and salty wind from the sea. Bang is appropriate at any time of the year, this is a universal politically correct fragrance that will serve as a great addition to the everyday look of a teenage boy. And if you prefer woody perfumes to others, then you can use Bang with your son.


3. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDP for Women

Best Perfume for Teens

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Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire is a fragrant tea with bergamot, rose petals and tart cherry jam. Despite the bright pyramid, the composition turned out to be not loud: it sounds restrained, and it will not bother anyone with a stunning trail.

In general, what you need for visiting the school, meeting friends or walking around the city. By the way, if the mother of a teenage girl loves the Little Black Dress series, this flanker deserves attention as a very intimate, whispering scent in the ear.


2. Abercrombie and Fitch First Instinct For Men

Best Perfume for Teenage Boys

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An unusual fragrance, as if created for teenagers and young adults: a refreshing gin and tonic with melon slices and spices, sweet amber motifs, and expensive thin suede. This is the “First Instinct” (this is how the name of the perfume is translated from English) – it is invariably highly appreciated by the opposite sex, which catches the avant-garde, unlike anything trail, and smiles back. Highly recommended for high school students.


1. Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum For Women

Best Perfume for Teenage Girls

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“Meow” by Katy Perry is a real paradise for the sweet tooth! Sundae with pear syrup, whipped cream and tangerine slices, vanilla sticks, caramel and marshmallows, cotton candy, and milk dessert… In a word, a whole creamy cloud of amazing beauty and tenderness, which is created by a combination of fruits and white flowers with sandalwood. On teenage skin, it reveals more than intoxicating.


Final Verdict

With the 10 Best Perfumes for Teens, it’s quite easy to choose the right fragrance for teenage boys and girls to wear every day. Enjoy your olfactory acquaintances and successful shopping!


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