8 Best Perfumes with Mango Notes

Perfumes with Mango Notes

An aroma of sweet and sour mangoes, combined with floral nuances, instantly transports us to tropical islands and lifts our spirits. On New Year’s Eve, mango fruits are hung on the front door to symbolize harmony and love for the next 12 months. A mango fruit, similar in taste to pineapple and peach, is often laid in the foundation of a new house for good luck.

Top 8 Perfumes with Mango Notes

Mango is one of the most exotic fruits on earth, and perfumers rarely attempt to recreate its fragrance. We present you with a selection of the best perfumes with Mango Notes that both men and women can wear.

1. Lacoste L 12 12 Red Eau de Toilette

Lacoste L 12 12 Red Eau de Toilette

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It would be unfair if perfumers didn’t take care of men who prefer the smell of mango to other fruity scents. So, lovers of this exotic fruit, get ready: now there’s an exciting ride ahead. One of the most interesting fruity men’s perfumes is this blend of strong black tea, herbal balm, ginger, cardamom, juicy mango, wood, and pepper… The twists it creates on the skin are fascinating.

2. Beyonce Heat Kissed Eau de Parfum For Women

Beyonce Heat Kissed Eau de Parfum For Women

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What about chocolate bars filled with fruit, orchid bouquets, jasmine, roses, and oriental desserts with vanilla and powdered sugar? A feminine fragrance, Beyonce Heat Kissed, is available in this variety of shades, and every gourmet will appreciate it. The fragrance is delicious: mango, lychee, and other exotic fruits are accentuated by a chocolate glaze, making it an excellent perfume to wear every day. What could be better to lift your spirits?

3. Moschino Gold Fresh Couture For Her

Moschino Gold Fresh Couture For Her

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In your memory (and in your heart), do you remember (and know) what Duchess lemonade tasted like? It was ripe pear flavored with bubbles that tickled the nose, sweet, but not cloying, but refreshing and cool. The Gold Fresh Couture perfume by Moschino is very similar to Duchess: it combines ripe pear with mango, rhubarb, peach, grapefruit, and white flowers. It is still about pears and mangoes, so all those who enjoy these fruit flavors should try out Gold Fresh Couture.

4. Michael Kors Exotic Blossom Eau de Parfum 

Michael Kors Exotic Blossom Eau de Parfum

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With this feminine fragrance, mangoes play hide-and-seek with you: at first, it seems as if they are pineapples, then citruses, and then passion fruits. Despite its apparent simplicity, this is not a bland, repetitive fragrance. Despite the apparent simplicity of the composition, this is a non-banal, versatile fragrance for any occasion.

5. Estee Lauder Beautiful Love Eau de Parfum

Estee Lauder Beautiful Love Eau de Parfum

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It is no wonder that Beautiful Love is so popular among wedding guests. Picture a huge bouquet of white flowers with juicy green stems scented with sweet fruits and bitter spices. … Beautiful Love, or “Beautiful Love,” is a classic French perfume with solo tuberose, mango, and freesia. A happy bride holds it in her hands and smiles – from the anticipation of a miracle, from the aroma of flowers that turns her head …

6. Kilian Moonlight in Heaven Eau De Parfum

Kilian Moonlight in Heaven Eau De Parfum

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For a long time, Kilian Hennessy was searching for a chord that would convey the feeling of an exotic island, and suddenly, he found it … at dinner. Kilian realized: This was it! It was a traditional Bangkok dessert – rice with mango and coconut milk. Moonlight In Heaven rests on these three pillars: mango, rice, and coconut. These notes are complemented by citruses, pepper, and vetiver, giving the fragrance the impression of a true fruity explosion.

7. Christina Aguilera Inspire Eau de Parfum

Christina Aguilera Inspire Eau de Parfum

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There is no doubt that mango goes well with white floral aromas – with its sour, slightly tart taste, it balances the floral sweetness. One striking example is Christina Aguilera’s Inspire. A delicate floral heart of tuberose, gardenia and rose moves from a beautiful mango and lemon start to a delicate floral heart of tuberose, gardenia, and rose. It opens with an elegant transition, a rarity even among luxury perfumes and niche fragrances, and is complemented by a light veil of citruses and creamy sandalwood.

8. Montale Mango Manga Eau de Parfum

Montale Mango Manga Eau de Parfum

A fragrance with the eloquent name Mango Manga is distinguished by the presence of mango mono-florals, citrus notes, and woody undertones despite the inclusion of white flowers and citrus notes. Specifically, it’s a sweet chewing gum that smells like overripe fruit, which flows through your hands. Additionally, mangoes here are quite predatory, so don’t overdo it.

Final Verdict

Mangoes are thought to prevent depression, nervous disorders, and stress because of their fragrant smell. Why not trust the research of experts and see for yourself? Choose a perfume from among those listed above. Good luck with your purchases and pleasant olfactory encounters!

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