10 Best Remote Desktop Software

10 Best Remote Desktop Software

There are many apps and programs available to remotely access your PC’s desktop. Here we take a look at the 10 Best Remote Desktop Software. As a rule, programs for remote access to a computer are in demand among two types of users. The former want to have remote access to control his home desktop or PC while traveling. The second are those who are members of the community, and team and want to have a simple system of remote use.

With remote PC software, you can use your home computer as if you were in front of it, whether you are at the mall, the beach, or anywhere else. In fact, some remote access apps are also cross-platform, so you can control your PC using just your smartphone.


1. Remote PC – Best Remote Access Software

Remote PC provides key functions that allow you to conveniently control your PC remotely. You can only access your colleague’s computer elsewhere using a browser. Thus, Remote PC by iDrive users can access the computer remotely even via a smartphone or tablet. iDrive is well aware that privacy is also a must. That’s why, in addition to Always On Access, which allows you to remotely access computers at any time, they also offer Time Access.

By providing only an access ID and a one-time access key only, you can only temporarily access your partner’s computer. This is to ensure that no one can continue to use the Remote PC feature without being invited. A remote computer from iDrive is also a very convenient collaboration option, allowing you to chat, share files using a drag-and-drop interface, and provide a whiteboard function during a remote session. It is one of the most fully featured remote PC applications in the world and, unfortunately, cannot be used for free.


2. LogMein Pro

This program for remote access to a PC in Poland is suitable for commercial use by an organization. LogMein Pro can be a great investment for your company. Its various functions are suitable for meeting the needs of collaboration, especially for companies with a very large number of employees. The reason is that LogMein Pro supports an unlimited number of users, so file sharing or screen sharing can be done by anyone.

All LogMein Pro sales packages also offer the bonus of a LastPass Premium license for more unified and versatile password management. Each account and password will be easily accessible on the Internet and shared with your colleagues. Want to access your PC on the go? Yes, you can, because LogMein Pro also has a MobileAcess feature, so you can control your PC from your Android or iOS device. LogMein Pro provides a free trial.


3. Zoho Assist

With Zoho Assist, you can truly feel the freedom to control your computer elsewhere, as if you were in front of it. Zoho Assist can maintain a certain amount of freedom, it can even restart on a remote PC without interrupting the session.

Interestingly, Zoho Assist also allows users to control the PC remotely, even without the presence of other people on the other side. Even if the other computer is off, you can also turn on the computer using the Wake on LAN function. Of course, the computer must first be connected to a power source that supports this function.

You can also make your brand even more recognizable by listing your company name in this app. This way, both team members and clients will see your logo and corporate identity when using it. And the best part is that Zoho Assist has a free plan where you can use Zoho Assist indefinitely. In addition, this free package offers automatic remote access.


4. Chrome Remote Desktop

If you don’t want the hassle of installing additional apps and are a regular user of Google Chrome, this extension is definitely for you. Technically, Chrome Remote Desktop is not an app because it is an extension that can be installed for free on the Google Chrome browser.

As a result, both the guest and the remote device must have Google Chrome installed. Chrome Remote Desktop is a variant with rather minimalistic features. No support for chatting or transferring data between the two devices. But at least Chrome Remote Desktop supports device control from Android and iOS smartphones.


5. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Not only is Chrome Remote Desktop free, you can also use Microsoft Remote Desktop as a free solution to control your computer from a distance. Compared to Chrome Remote Desktop, you don’t need to install Google Chrome.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is compatible with Windows 8 and 10. It’s just important to note which version you are using. If you are using Windows 8 or 10 Home Edition, you can remotely control the second computer if the second computer is running Windows 8 or 10 Pro / Enterprise Edition. Unlike Chrome Remote Desktop, this platform allows you to access files on a second PC.

Thus, even when you are outside the city or country, you can print files left on your home computer. Microsoft Remote Desktop also supports multiple devices, but unfortunately, when accessing a PC remotely, the person on the other end will automatically log out. Overall, Microsoft Remote Desktop is a good choice for Windows users.


6. Team Viewer

Another fairly popular program. Some of its features may not be as compelling as the other apps on this list, but that’s because TeamViewer offers its features for free if they are not used commercially. With TeamViewer, you will have a reliable PC remote control experience. TeamViewer is suitable for taking part in online meetings, helping friends who have technical problems, without meetings, and much more.

TeamViewer is available for all platforms like Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and of course Windows. Interestingly, TeamViewer is also available in a portable version. So, just put the files on a flash drive and the computer can directly access the remote computer without the need for installation.


7. Connectwise control

Connectwise Control may have a rather complex interface, but this remote desktop app comes with a simple setup configuration and various screen-sharing features that can satisfy your clients or colleagues.

This app is paid, but users can complete the 7-day trial period without having to pay anything. All you have to do is create an account for free, download the app, and Connectwise Control is ready to support remote access operations.

There are two additional products to choose from: support and access. Support is more targeted at IT staff who can resolve technical issues for non-IT staff. With Access, users can remotely control their PC or smartphone without the help of others.

The downside to Connectwise Control is performance, which is not as good as other apps, and the web interface, which is rather complicated for regular users. The advantage is that Connectwise Control has maximum flexibility in defining roles and permissions, and also uses a level of security similar to that used in banking and government institutions.


8. Splashtop

Like Connectwise Control, Splashtop is also split into two parts: remote desktops for businesses or individuals, and IT support teams. Splashtop has TLS and 256-bit AES security features, as well as two-step verification to encrypt data, making it difficult for hackers to steal sensitive information.

Business Access starts at $ 5 per month for one person and offers basic features such as multiple monitors, chat, user management, remote printing, and file sharing. In terms of remote support, you can use the automatic access function and the ability to remotely turn on the PC if the computer is connected to the Internet.


9. Remote Utilities

If you want to be a guest, you can download the Remote Utilities portable app so you don’t have to worry about installing the app. Remote Utilities also provides applications that can be installed on multiple host computers so that users can access remotely unattended by the other side.

The free version of Remote Utilities allows users to remotely access 10 computers. This app does not offer a monthly fee but provides lifetime access for $ 99. In terms of cost, Remote Utilities is actually a relatively cheap proposition compared to other apps that use a subscription payment system.


10. Remote Desktop Manager

If you want to have a remote desktop application that offers unlimited sessions at the same time, this Remote Desktop Manager might be the right choice. Uniquely, team members cannot arbitrarily access computers that are not part of the group. These parts are defined by the role-based access function. Remote Desktop Manager is quite expensive – up to $ 199 per year for one user. However, this app is also available for free, although this version does not have role-based access functionality.


Final Words

Apparently, there are also many good remote desktop software and applications out there in the market to use. In addition to making it easier for you to control other computers, Remote Desktop applications with automatic access features can also be used to shut down your PC at home. If there are files left, you can access them remotely without asking anyone to control the computer.