Capital TV Live Streaming

Capital TV Live Streaming

Watch Capital TV Live Streaming of all the Latest News and current affairs in Pakistan. Capital TV Live is one of the famous media faces in this category that meets the requirement of a responsible news channel in the country.

Pakistani channel Capital TV Live provides and offers a wide range of the latest news and current TV shows for dedicated online viewers. Based in Lahore, Capital News Live TV began its regular broadcast across the country to make it easier for the audience to deliver authentic, reliable, and timely news.

Capital TV Live Streaming TV Channel

Capital News Live Pakistan is a renowned news and entertainment channel, led by Dr. Basit Sheikh, Ph.D. of Cornell University, USA. The main office of the Capital News channel is located in Islamabad.

The Capital TV Pakistan management has faith in the professional workforce made up of some of the renowned journalists and news anchors, including Fahad Hussain, Asma Chaudhry, Javed Iqbal, Rabi Pirzada, and Nasim Zehra, among some. Capital TV’s latest talk shows include Awam, Bay Laag, Bay Bank, Friendly Opposition at Capital Tv, Seedhi Baat, Hum Sab, News plus, Capital Live, etc.

Pakistani-owned Capital TV channel broadcasts talk shows that are based on essential issues associated with political and political issues. The democratic structure of Pakistan. Capital TV News Bulletin is on the air every hour with the latest updates across the country.

Capital TV News was released on April 10, 2013. The channel broadcasts its broadcast to supervisors, including the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, South Asia, the Middle East, the United States, Ireland, and India.

TV Programs

Capital News Live is headquartered in Pakistan and based in Islamabad. The slogan of “Mulk, Qaum, Saltanat” describes that Capital TV places importance on the country, citizens, and its leadership in general. It’s the Urdu channel of news and common issues that have really ranked up to viewers’ expectations.

Cross Check with OT

This program airs Thursday through Sunday at 8 pm on Capital TV. The program was presented by Owais Tohid and based on political and current affairs. The host discusses and performs a cross-check on various topics, and has verdicts from guests and phone calls.


Diyar e Ishq is a talk show base on poetry, the guest and the host both discuss and narrate the melodious and outstanding poetry verses. Discuss ancient Urdu poetry, its evolution, the future of Urdu poetry, and the latest development. The host of the show is Ghania Haider.

Bay Laag

Bay Laag is a famous talk show broadcast on Capital TV. The main objective of the program is to address the social ills or problems that prevail in the country and need a practical solution. Renowned Pakistani analyst Ejaz Haider hosts Bay Laag.

Like other talk shows, Bay Laag follows the same pattern in which guests are invited to give their opinion on the current topic. The program is broadcast for an hour and can be streamed live from this page.

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