Channel 5 Live Streaming

Channel 5 Live Streaming

We bring you the facility to watch Channel 5 Live streaming; the Pakistani-based TV is a news channel in Pakistan’s Urdu language. It’s Pakistan’s private news channel that offers News Live. The report focuses on matters of the moment.

It is now becoming a popular news channel among Pakistani people. It covers all kinds of news related to Sports, politics, current affairs, and more. The News channel broadcasts the program on Agriculture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, Sports, etc. Live Channel 5 can be viewed through.

Channel 5 Live Streaming TV Channel

Channel Five, popularly known as “News Channel 5,” is a popular news television channel in Pakistan. Channel 5 Pakistan is part of the Khabrain Group, a significant media conglomerate in Pakistan. The Khabrain Group is well-known for its popular Urdu-language newspaper, Khabrain, and has expanded into television with the introduction of Channel 5.

Channel 5 Pakistan has statewide broadcast rights and reaches millions of Pakistani households via cable and satellite networks. It primarily broadcasts news and current affairs, keeping viewers up to date on national and worldwide happenings.

TV Channel 5 is an Urdu-language news channel that is becoming popular with people. Channel 5 Live News is ready to shape a new name and fantastic ways to shape your content. In the age of state art, Channel 5 news broadcasts news 24 hours a day.

In the age of technology, Channel 5 News Live makes it easier to communicate with 24-hour reports to stay up to date 5 times a day. Some of the popular programs that are broadcast on Channel 5 are Puranay Geet Purani Ghazlain, Quran Aur Sehat, Capital Watch, Kisan Time, and Zia Shahid Kay Sath, to name a few.

TV Programs

Channel 5 News Live broadcasts various programs and reports based on national and international topics, sports, economics and finance, agriculture and industry, shows, and much more. Some of the popular programs on Channel 5 Pakistan include:

  • “News Hour”: A flagship news bulletin providing comprehensive coverage of the day’s top stories.
  • “Aaj Ki Baat”: A talk show featuring in-depth discussions on current affairs and pressing issues facing Pakistan.
  • “Ikhtilafi Note”: A political analysis program where experts analyze and debate various political developments.
  • “Khabar Kay Peechay”: An investigative journalism program uncovering hidden truths and exposing corruption.
  • “Dusra Rukh”: A documentary series exploring social issues, cultural heritage, and human-interest stories.

TV Anchors

Channel 5 Pakistan is home to a talented team of anchors, journalists, and presenters who bring professionalism and credibility to its programming. Some notable anchors and presenters associated with the channel include:

Faisal Rehman: A seasoned journalist and news anchor known for his incisive reporting and analytical skills.

Asma Shirazi: An award-winning journalist and talk show host recognized for her insightful interviews and commentary on political issues.

Imran Khan: A prominent news anchor and presenter who hosts prime-time talk shows on Channel 5 Pakistan.

Sadaf Abdul Jabbar: A respected journalist and news presenter who has covered a wide range of national and international events.

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