City 42 Live Streaming

City 42 Live Streaming

City 42 Live Streaming News channel dedicated to serving the latest news, highlights, and current issues from the heart of Pakistan. Headquartered in the city of Lahore, City 42 News handles local news that prevails in and around Lahore.

City 42 holds broadcasting rights for a variety of local events, including political rallies, cultural festivals, and community gatherings. Through its extensive network of correspondents and affiliates, the channel provides comprehensive coverage of news and events happening within Lahore, making it the go-to source for residents seeking information about their city.

Political talk shows, current affairs, city-related issues such as water, electricity load detacher, subway bus station, and other important Punjab government stories are cared for and broadcast on City Channel 42. The channel is the best source of information and news about the city.

Lahore Events, the latest developments in the city and upcoming attractions, are broadcast on television and discussed in their live shows. From current affairs to information and entertainment, City 42 News Live has access to everything related to Lahore.

City 42 Live Streaming TV Channel

City 42, a prominent news television channel based in Lahore, Pakistan, was founded in 2008 by the City News Network. Since its establishment, City 42 has been dedicated to providing comprehensive news coverage to the residents of Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan. With a focus on local news, events, and issues, the channel has become a trusted source of information for viewers in Lahore and its surrounding areas.

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Operating as a 24-hour news channel, City 42 ensures that viewers have access to the latest news and updates from Lahore and beyond. The channel utilizes advanced technology and a dedicated team of journalists, reporters, and camerapersons to deliver breaking news, investigative reports, and in-depth analysis to its audience.

City 42 News Anchors

City 42 boasts a team of experienced news anchors who play a vital role in delivering news programs with credibility and professionalism. These anchors bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to their broadcasts, guiding viewers through the day’s top stories and providing context and analysis where needed.

Some of the notable news anchors associated with City 42 include:

  • Sadia Cheema
  • Farhan Shabbir
  • Madiha Masood
  • Sarmad Iqbal
  • Mahrukh Zahoor

These anchors, along with others, contribute to City 42’s reputation as a reliable source of news and information for the residents of Lahore.

City 42 Programs

City 42 offers a diverse range of television programs tailored to the interests and needs of its audience. From news bulletins to talk shows, from current affairs programs to entertainment segments, the channel covers a wide spectrum of topics and issues relevant to Lahore and its residents. Some of the flagship programs aired on City 42 include:

City 42 News Bulletin: A comprehensive roundup of the day’s top news stories, delivered multiple times throughout the day to keep viewers informed about local and national events.

Lahore Ki Baat: A talk show focusing on issues affecting Lahore’s residents, featuring discussions with city officials, community leaders, and experts.

City Buzz: An entertainment program highlighting the latest events, trends, and happenings in Lahore’s vibrant cultural scene.

City Special: A program showcasing special reports, documentaries, and investigative journalism pieces uncovering issues of public interest within Lahore.

In addition to these programs, City 42 regularly airs live coverage of significant events, such as elections, sports tournaments, and cultural festivals, to provide viewers with up-to-the-minute information and analysis.


City 42 has established itself as a leading news channel in Lahore, serving as a vital source of information and entertainment for residents of the city. With its dedicated team of journalists, experienced news anchors, and diverse range of television programs, the channel continues to uphold its commitment to delivering accurate, timely, and relevant news coverage.

As Lahore’s media landscape evolves, City 42 remains steadfast in its mission to inform, educate, and empower its audience, ensuring that the voices and concerns of the city’s residents are heard and addressed.

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