Din News Live Streaming

Din News Live Streaming

Din News Live Streaming TV channel is one of Pakistan’s best-known news channels; Pakistani-owned Din News Live has a wide range of the best TV shows that millions of Pakistanis watch every day.

Din News operates as a 24-hour news channel, broadcasting round-the-clock to ensure viewers have access to the latest news and updates whenever they need it.  Din News holds broadcasting rights for a variety of national and international events, including political gatherings, press conferences, and sporting events.

Some of Din TV’s popular shows are Muhammad Azeem’s Sarhad Paar, Pakistan Online with PJ Mir, Rabia Saleem-led Jaiza, News Night with Neelum Nawab, Aaj Ki Baat, Situation Room, and more.

Din News Live Streaming TV Channel

Din News, a prominent news television channel in Pakistan, was established in 2005 under the ownership of Din Media Group. Since its inception, the channel has remained committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely news coverage to viewers across the country. Over the years, Din News has earned a reputation for its credible journalism and comprehensive reporting on a wide range of issues, including politics, current affairs, business, sports, and entertainment.

Din News Anchors

Din News boasts a team of experienced and seasoned news anchors who play a crucial role in delivering news programs with professionalism and credibility. These anchors bring a wealth of expertise and insight to their broadcasts, guiding viewers through the day’s top stories and providing context and analysis where needed.

Some of the notable news anchors associated with Din News include:

  • Ayesha Naz
  • Kashif Abbasi
  • Faisal Rehman
  • Muneeb Farooq
  • Rida Ejaz

These anchors, along with others, are instrumental in ensuring Din News remains a trusted source of information for viewers across Pakistan.

TV Programs

Din News offers a diverse range of television programs catering to a wide audience base. From news bulletins to talk shows, from current affairs programs to investigative journalism, the channel covers a broad spectrum of topics and issues. Some of the flagship programs aired on Din News include:

Din News Bulletin: A comprehensive roundup of the day’s top news stories, delivered multiple times throughout the day to keep viewers informed.

News Night: An in-depth analysis of the day’s events, featuring expert opinions and insights on key issues impacting Pakistan and the world.

Nuqta-e-Nazar: A talk show focusing on political developments and current affairs, featuring interviews with politicians, analysts, and experts.

Jurm Benaqab: An investigative journalism program uncovering corruption, crime, and social injustices within Pakistani society.

Din Sports: A sports program providing coverage of local and international sporting events, interviews with athletes, and analysis of sports-related news.

In addition to these programs, Din News regularly airs special reports, documentaries, and live coverage of significant events to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the issues shaping their world.


Din News has emerged as a leading news channel in Pakistan, known for its commitment to delivering accurate, unbiased, and timely news coverage. With its dedicated team of journalists, experienced news anchors, and diverse range of television programs, the channel continues to inform, educate, and empower viewers across the country. As Pakistan’s media landscape evolves, Din News remains steadfast in its mission to uphold the principles of journalism and serve as a reliable source of information for its audience.

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