Dunya News Live Streaming

Dunya News Live Streaming

The channel Dunya News Live Streaming is a highly competent news channel governed by limited private national communication services (SMC). Dunya News live TV channel was born on December 1, 2008, and in a short time, ruled its toaster and challenged different news channels that were working at the time. Dunya News Live has its centers in different parts of Pakistan, while the headquarters of Dunya TV is located in Lahore.

Dunya News Live Streaming TV Channel

The owner of this popular news channel, Mian Amir Mehmood, is a well-renovated political icon of Pakistan. Dunya Live is broadcast in a national Urdu language 24 hours a day through local cable operators. Dunya News Live is readily available and can be viewed in different cities, towns, and districts of Pakistan.

The satellite through which they are used to obtain their live signals is Intelsat-20 68.5E, with a frequency of 4006 hertz. The polarity of Live Dunya TV is horizontal, while it has a symbol speed of 2990 with FEC.

As already mentioned, the headquarters of Dunya TV Live is located at 8-A Abbot Road Lahore, while it also has its different Office offices in different cities and districts of Pakistan, such as

  • Islamabad
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar
  • Multan
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • DI.Khan


After the headlines are released, Dunya News Live has different sections that include minute-by-minute updates and truthful news on hot topics about current issues happening in Pakistan and around the world. Each segment has particularly related news. Below are the names of different parts and sections of Dunya News Live.


In the sports section, there is news about different games, and their matches are used to organize in different areas of the world. Of hundreds of games, few games are played and watched internationally.

There are also many such games included in the Olympic Games. The Olympics are organized every four years in a particular host country decided by the internationally specified board. Different experts, and players with remarkable skills in a specific game, participate in this internationally organized event to represent their country against the whole world.

The most sought-after and outstanding sports are cricket, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, badminton, bike racing, car racing, etc. Some exclusive games are famous only in a particular country or in different areas of the same country, such as kiting (Basant), kabaddi (Dangal), animal fights, polo, and bullfights, which are very famous in Pakistan. All sports news, regional, national, and international, is broadcast in this section of Dunya News TV.

There is news about the top rankings of expert players after their brilliant performances, records made or beaten by different legendary players, and news about the highlights of the various matches played in the past on the Dunya Channel.

TV Programs List

There are many famous shows presented by Dunya News Live TV that have a large audience and TPR. Some of Urdu TV’s famous shows are listed below:

  • Dunya Ki Tareekh
  • Dunya Taiz Hay
  • Dunya TV Special
  • Faislay Se Pehle
  • Hasb and Halal
  • Ilm or Hikmat
  • Khabar Yeh Hay
  • Kyuon
  • Nisar
  • Nuqta and Nazar
  • On the front
  • Police File
  • Saboot
  • Talash
  • Yakeen
  • Yeh Hay Dunya


Hasb e Haal is the most popular and most sought program broadcast on Dunya News live Streaming television. It’s a fascinating, moral, and comedy show. The underlying theme of this program is to criticize, promote, and degrade something good or bad that happens in our society.

So that local people, the common innocent countrymate, can get information and knowledge about the facts of current affairs of what is really behind the curtains. Because it is possible to interpret different things from the same diplomatic statement, case, or news, the words used in political statements that have many meanings to understand and which to bear are challenging to decide.

As we all know, every image has two faces to follow, and admit is about us. But hopefully, we should all be optimistic rather than pessimistic. The host of this famous show is Junaid Saleem, while the co-host and protagonist are Najia Baig and Sohail Ahmed, respectively.


Sobia Cheema directs this Dunya TV program, and the show’s protagonist is Aniq Naji. This program by Dunya Urdu, as shown in her name, has to do with the search to discover the problems and problems that occur secretly or publicly without any control and balance. Social injustice, dirty plans of devilish-minded people, robbery murders, gambling, and other social ills are now common in our society these days.

Talash’s team seeks out all those who performed or became victims of such activities so that they can publicly tell others about these calamities and encourage others to be careful and also to make their voices very strong to bring justice and peace to society.


Saboot is a really exciting thriller based on the Dunya Live TV store. The theme of the program is that part of a corpse. The experts collect data and other clues and information after delivery, techniques, and eyewitnesses present at the scene of the incident.

Then, step by step, the case is resolved with the help of the available data. Initially, starting more complexly, it began to become less and less tangled over time. In the end, experts can detect and arrest the criminal. This program was written by Amir Raza and directed by Usman Raza.


This Dunya News Urdu show is broadcast on television five days a week from Monday to Friday. The protagonists of this show are Shazia Akram, Sami Ibrahim, and Saeed Qazi. This program was written and directed by Hassan Tariq.

In this program, experts, analysts, political agencies, and people who have experience and insight into issues across the country analyze current news Khabar yeh there are k., real causes and factors of incidents and information about events and its subsequent effects that may occur.

So that people can be aware of all aspects of how cunning people deceive others expertly, and with confidence and not just this, they have adapted this as their profession. And many unexpected techniques are publicly reported that black sheep use to harm.


It’s a very famous show with a broad audience. What happens in this program is dramatized research on unwanted social realities that usually occur in our society due to illiteracy, lack of awareness, social injustice, mishandling, and misorientation of people, especially young people. The primary vision and mission of this program are to highlight the problems that people face in our country.


It is also Dunya News’s program that includes discussions on sizzling issues related to politics, industry, agriculture, education, taxes, electricity, oil, price escalation, and other aspects of Pakistan.


The impressive voice, through knowledge and confident reports, makes Wajahat Saeed Khan’s Mahajaz show immensely popular with the general public. Mahaaz is a journalistic television program that is based on various types of Mahaaz where Pakistan was challenged and emerged victorious.

In each episode, Wajahat S. Khan takes him on an incredible journey exploring different challenges and discussing Pakistan’s true potential to meet that challenge.

Mr. Wajahat Saeed Khan is a renowned journalist and alumnus of Harvard University and the University of Michigan. We are all impressed and delighted by its unique way of presenting a show. The show airs on Sunday.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaq Raat is a popular program by Dunya TV. Renowned television actor Wasay Chaudhry hosts the show with a team consisting of Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Sakhawat Naz, and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider.

The program airs Monday through Wednesday at 11:05 pm. The show format is entertaining when DJ Jutt starts and ends the show with a parody song. Noman Ejaz presents the show wonderfully with the Mazaaq Raati team, who intervenes with sarcastic and hilarious comments. The other members of the program are Miss Tech, composed of Fatima Sohail and Hanel Siddiqui.


Live Dunya News’ famous, talented, and bold News Anchors and presenters are the following:

  • Muhammad Ajmal Jami
  • Junaid Haleem
  • Samina Ramazan
  • Ayesha Naz
  • Ayesha Zulfiqar
  • Shazia Akram
  • Sehrish Asif
  • Uzma Nauman
  • Salman Hassan
  • Nabeeha Ejaz
  • Tariq Mateen
  • Javad ahmed Sadiquie

Duniya TV Pakistan

Dunya TV Pakistan has all the news related to our beloved country Pakistan in this section. News and programs on energy megaprojects, electricity production, dams, oil ups and downs in the country, and approved or under-construction megaprojects or if there are practical implications for some of them.

Special information programs on literacy rate, poverty, country GDP, education, self-employment, youth, women’s empowerment, and many other topics. Dunya TV Pakistan also covers all the news about Pakistan’s political scene.

Coverage of all current reports on the personal and public profiles of notorious political leaders and icons. Therefore, Dunya Live TV covers all black-and-white events that occur instantly or through pre-planned strategies in our most beloved homeland. We can see the general sketch and image of Pakistan through it as we sit in our places.


Dunya TV News Live Streaming is used to broadcast on television all the time events and incidents that occur in different cities, districts, and small towns in Pakistan. Different ceremonies, celebrations, programs, symposia, seminars, live events, shows of national and international importance, and many other similar functions occasionally occur, such as Independence Day, Defense Day, Iqbal, Quaid Day, and Lok meals, etc. in Pakistan.

In short, people who belong to other areas or even belong to the same areas can see that news on their TVs or laptops and even on their mobile phones over the Internet and different applications.


Dunya News TV Live streaming in the business segment broadcasts daily all the news related to the business and the stock index. Change in the value of the Pakistani currency relative to other currencies such as the euro, dirham, dinar, yuan, and dollar. Hikes and low rates in oil, CNG, coal, and other fuels used in vehicles, as well as in industries.

An agricultural profile such as the gross production of fruits, vegetables, and cereals directly and indirectly affects the market rates of daily-based edible products, fertilizer production, cement, and many other industrial products, etc.

We can also see news about all the scandals of different businesses. Therefore, the use of Dunya News Live to cover the whole issue belongs to Pakistan and affects the country’s GDP and progress.


Dunya TV News Live Streaming broadcasts news about Pakistan’s education system in this section, such as the role played by the Ministry of Education in the country in the past and its planned strategies for future news on the country’s literacy rate.

There is a lot of news about changing trends in the education system, and different conventional and mediocre techniques used by teachers in our local educational institutions. Dunya’s live television is also used to cover all records made by Pakistani students nationally and internationally.

Brilliant diamonds of remarkable value such as Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Kareem, and many other brilliant students like them, who give more brilliance to Pakistan’s name and social impact in front of The whole world the blessed fruit of our brilliant masters in Pakistan.

As we all know, each image has two sides, so we can also see the worst conditions and weaknesses of our education system here in Pakistan, such as the great fun in the education system in the form of the government sector and the private sector, and also in the form of half English and half Urdu.

There is a significant difference between the tariff structure of the different institutional centers that have a different reputation. While there are many villages and districts in Pakistan where there is no basic availability of schools, colleges and universities, and other vocational and polytechnic institutions.

Samaa TV Live has a complete approach to each education-related incident gradually, or that occurs immediately in Pakistan.

For example, only investments made by the local government in education or changes made to the exam system or text courses to be components at the national and international level, all updates are presented on this channel with great Efficiency.

International registrations made by Pakistani students. Through it, you can see workshops, scholarships, symposia, short courses organized around the world in different fields of education or grants offered by different countries to expand the education system internationally.

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