Geo News Live Streaming

Geo News Live Streaming

Geo News Live Streaming is Pakistan’s premier news channel, widespread among native and international viewers. Pakistani TV channel Geo News was launched in 2002. Geo News Live TV channel is operated by Media Corporation, the company that owns the Jung newspaper group.

Geo News is probably Pakistan’s most honest and viewed news channel for authentic and timely news. Current breaking news updates, forum discussions, talk shows, and more faith in Geo News were strengthened from time to time because the channel progressed and developed.

For a couple of years, Geo News Live has faced severe accusations and accusations by the government and judiciary. If we remember the terrible 1st incident materialized in the State of Emergency 2007 once the Musharraf government fully broadcasted the Geo News.

Geo News Live Streaming TV Channel

Geo TV Network can be a diversion channel based mainly on the Asian nation held by Mir Khalil city Rehman became official in the month Gregorian calendar 2002. The Geo News Network can be part of the famous newspaper publication “Jang Group.”

The channel became the trend-creating Urdu News Channel in Asian nations and was preferred in international forums. Geo News Urdu Live, therefore, trends on guests’ online websites to capture the news because they happens.

The idea behind the Geo News Live is “Geo Aur Jenay Do.” Geo News Live is not just a news channel, it is an image designed to be the Face of Pakistan Pakistan. The Islamic Republic of the Asian Nation Western Pakistan? Asian Country? Asian nation because it represents the image of Pakistan in the international forum.

No alternative Pakistani news channel is popular with international audiences, apart from Geo News. People like to listen and talk on Hamid Mir and Sohail Warraich’s talk shows. Whether it’s the 2013 election or the PTI protests over fraud in the 2013 elections, the current political turmoil, the execution of the university in the metropolises, or reports on the energy crisis, Geo News leads the broadcast of the news because it happens.

The Capital Speaks,s and Meray Mutabiq programs were illegal by the port government at the special request of the government of the Asian nation. Geo News was once again the goal in 2009 for intelligently promoting the “Lawyer’s Movement” and, therefore, the “Long March” and forever going against the government for many years. The recent incidents of attack on Geo’s main presenter, Hamid Mir, in metropolises, changed the entire situation of Pakistani media and its image at national and international levels.

The channel was heavily criticized for blaming and accusing the intelligence services of the tomb and Director-General Zaheer-ul-Islam for the attempted murder of Hamid Mir. This resulted in PEMRA’s suspension of the Geo News license for a fortnight.

Despite the controversies, the channels regained their quality within electronic media, which is the largest channel in the Asian nation. According to Asian nation Gallup, Geo News is the second-largest chart in the list of the twenty highest channels in terms of audience in 2013 (data: January – June 2013). It gained quality and public support thanks to its highly qualified news channels, presenters, talk shows, and debates.

TV Shows

People choose to watch Geo News for any Breaking News instead of BBC or CNN. People have religion in Geo News Live because it has continually provided them with accurate, current data, breaking news, and Geo News headlines. Geo TV Live can set trends and be one of the leading secure TV channels, not only in the Asian nation but around the world.

1. Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath

A program that combines fast-paced news, complete analysis, and stories that make headlines. Anchored by a vigorous and powerful host, Shahzeb Khanzada.

2. Aapas Ki Baat

Aapas Ki Baat could be a fast-paced live show about news and events at the national and international levels. It’s the last word on the current problems of the day with a 360-degree analysis and taking on unknown angles of news to get a replacement perspective from news creators.

3. Aik Din Geo Ke Sath

With the Aik Din Geo Ke Sath, now get up close and personal with powerful personalities and compelling people as GEO invites you to pay daily with politicians, movie stars, musicians, and athletes. Meet the people behind the personalities at Aik Din Geo Kay Saath, along with host Sohail Warraich.

4. Capital Talk

Capital talks about the challenges, problems, and considerations Pakistan faces in a routine. The format includes a panel of famous personalities that UN Agencies participate in during a dialogue that helps achieve possible and sensible solutions.

5. Geo Pakistan

The program Geo Pakistan provides the news of each genre with the most considerable focus firmly on onerous, political, national news, and more. Inspired by a newspaper, Geo Pakistan aspires to hide and deliver content of all kinds, types, and importance.

Every factor under the sun is NEWS! While a standard news broadcast does not allow presenters to interact with each other, Geo-Pakistan presenters often joke about points of interest while illuminating the angle or problems of batches.

The Vogue news broadcast program has been designed to maximize the strengths of the Geo News and JANG groups. From reporters to the head of the office and the OSRs, we’re going to engage with consultants and analysts to focus on varying angles for each newspaper article.

6. Jirga

Jirga covers every vital issue associated with politics, economics, sociology, faith, and mediation. is a journey to a prosperous future by providing access to the bitter truth through a severe and agitating dialogue.

7. Naya Pakistan

The program is based on robust discussions about news events and urgent current issues, providing a novel but versatile format by which facts, analyses, and opinions are integrated into totally different segments. Besides, the program not only focuses on discerning and discussing vital issues and events but also offers numerous views and conclusions to viewers.

8. Report Card

REPORT CARD could be a summary of essential news throughout the day objectively mentioned by leading analysts and opinion manufacturers. Valuation and classification of the performance of departments and personalities.

9. Score

If the sports associate’s degree is an integral part of your life and you want to stick with the latest events within the sports world, then this program has all the right ingredients for you. SCORE offers you exciting tingling moments in the backbone, thrilling performances, fair competitions, ground battles, and informative commentary. Geo Super Live is the best platform if you are looking to watch Live Cricket Streaming for free in HD quality.

10. Meray Mutabiq

It’s a prejudiced partner program whose primary objective is to induce a vital and realistic analysis of the multiple challenges facing today’s Asian country. Sohail Warriach Hassan Nisar on issues that start from political-economic and socio-cultural problems to problems of national and international importance.

11. Khabarnaak

An actual “speech program gossip column” anywhere in an extremely ironic manner politics, topical issues, and societal area unity under discussion that specializes in relevant issues that affect the United States.

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