Express News Live Streaming

Express News Live Streaming

Pakistan’s live-featured news channel Express News Live Streaming is becoming popular day by day with live TV viewers. The Express Media Group is the third-largest media group in the media industry in Pakistan as Lakson Group owns it. Its headquarters are located in Lahore.

Express News Live Streaming TV Channel

They first launched their daily Express newspaper on September 3, 1998. After turning ten years with the Daily Express, only the group started their first news channel and was Express-News Urdu on January 1, 2008. With the launch of the Express News Live Streaming TV Channel, the group entered the growing electronic media industry in Pakistan.

Shortly after the release of Express News, Lakson launched another Express 24/7 English news channel on February 5, 2009. It was the second English news channel in Pakistan, along with Dawn News.

At this point, the Express media group has four channels issued. The first is Express News Live Pakistan, which is a current Urdu news and affairs channel. The second is Express Entertainment or Express TV released on January 1, 2012.

Express Entertainment Live is an entertainment and drama channel. The third is Hero TV, an information and entertainment channel published on June 5, 2012, and the fourth is the Time channel, which is another drama and entertainment channel of the Express Television media group.

In 2010, the express media released their first English newspaper The Express Tribune. It is the first newspaper in Pakistan to have an affiliation with international print media that is New York International Times. The grandstand expresses the public in the daily media.

TV Presenters

Express News Live TV channel has many journalists, news anchors, and well-known presenters. Some of them have an excellent reputation for their hard work in the profession. Here is the presentation of journalists and presenters of the media group.

  • Javed Chaudhry (presenter and columnist)
  • Shahzeb Khanzada (Presenter and Analyst)
  • Rana Mubashar (Anchor Person)
  • Asadullah Khan (News Analyst and Presenter)
  • Zeeshan Malik (News Journalist and Presenter)
  • Mishal Bukhari (News Journalist)
  • Talat Hussain (columnist)
  • Orya Maqbool Jan (columnist)
  • Nusrat Javed (columnist)

Many journalists from the express group have already joined the next TV bol group. Also, one of the presenters is expected to join Bol News Live.

Javed Chaudhry (Journalist and columnist)

Javed Chaudhry is known as one of Pakistan’s prominent and highly professional journalists. He was born on January 1, 1968, in Gujrat District, Pakistan. He completed his master’s degree in mass communication in 1991 with a gold medal for his excellent academic record.

He began journalism in 1989 when he joined the Nawai Waqat newspaper. He served in several papers in Pakistan until he joined Daily Jang in 1997, where he started writing his famous Zero Point column. The entire Pakistani Newspaper Society (APNS) awarded him the award for Best Columnist for his Zero Point column in 1997 and 1998 as well. He was also awarded the Government Excellence Award in 1998.

In January 2008, immediately after the release of the Express-News, Javed Chaudhry joined Express News Live as host/analyst and columnist for Daily Express. Since then, he has been presenting his popular talk show, Kal Tak, in very successful live news. In which he has invited many expert groups, analysts, and politicians to discuss the current problems in Pakistan.

Shahzeb Khanzada (Journalist and Analyst)

Shahzeb Khanzada is one of the most active and energetic investigative journalists who host the famous political and current to the Point program that is presented in express-news. He is one of the young journalists, handsome and full of courage in the profession.

He received the award for Best Presenter by Pakistan Media Award at a ceremony in 2013 for his investigative report on the murder of the innocent Shahzeb Khan, the son of a police officer on duty for another son of the political elite in Sindh.

He took all the facts before to his spectators and then to court. But unfortunately, because of our corrupt judicial and police system, the main culprit avoided punishment and left Pakistan for the rest.

Shahzeb Khanzada also interviewed many public celebrities such as Imran Khan, Dr. Tahirul Qadri, Sheikh Rasheed, and others on the express news live streaming TV. In his talk show, he has organized a very mature discussion with experts on Pakistan’s current political and social problems.

Rana Mubashar (Anchor Person)

Rana Mubashar is recently associated with urgent news. He presents the Suno talk show that is based on the current issue. It is also among those journalists who know the current political situation of the country well and can also give their comprehensive analyses on any subject.

Asadullah Khan (News Journalist and Presenter)

Asadullah Khan is working on Express News Live TV channel as a news anchor and presenter as needed. In the absence of Javed Chaudhry, Asadullah has introduced Kal Tak as the host of the urgent news program.

Zeeshan Malik (News Journalist and Presenter)

Zeeshan Malik is another professional news launcher and express news Live broadcaster. During the operation, Zarbe Azb presented a complete transmission about the operation from the operating room of the urgent news.

Mishal Bukhari (Journalist)

Express News also has very professional and young-oriented female news anchors. Mishal Bukhari is one of them.

Talat Hussain (columnist and analyst)

Talat Hussain is an unrivaled journalist in Pakistan’s history. He has demonstrated his honesty in his profession with his accurate reports and analyses. Talat Hussain is part of the media as a columnist. Your article is published in the Daily Express newspaper.

Orya Maqbool Jan (columnist and analyst)

Orya Maqbool Jan is known as a person who has an excellent knowledge of the history of Islam and other religions. His article published in the Daily Express newspaper shows his intention to know about the history of all faiths. You can give an analysis of any subject with references taken from the great history of Islam and other religions.

Nusrat Javed (columnist)

Nusrat Javed is one of the most experienced journalists in Pakistan. He and others his age have a strong knowledge of Pakistan’s political history since its inception. Nusrat Javed is part of the Daily Express newspaper as a columnist.


Express News presents many popular talk shows on current issues and other social issues. Here we offer an introduction to the most popular talk shows performed on express television.

Kal Tak (Jauda Chaudary)

Kal Tak is the most popular express-news talk show. It started at the beginning of the channel. The famous Javed Chaudary hosts it. This show is featured in urgent news Monday through Thursday. Javed Chaudary presented the show not only in the studio with guests but also in the field, either to cover any special transmissions such as the pre-election mood of the people or to visit any celebrity.

To the point (Shahzeb Khanzada)

To The Point is rated one of the most popular talk shows among the few. The research skills of his host Shahzeb Khanzada quickly attracted the viewer. He has revealed many intimate stories in his program and reports without fear of many illegal acts committed by politicians or any institutional individual.

Suno (Rana Mubashar)

Express News has presented a new Suno talk show based on a current issue. It is hosted by Rana Mubashar, who has joined express not for a long.


Darling is a comedy show written, directed, and hosted by the famous comedian Khalid Abbas Dar along with another fascinating comedian, Amanat Chan. Jugni and the parody song are the most popular segments of the show.

Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga

Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga Live is a program based on various crimes committed in society. A true story of a crime is featured in express news with some visual elements and real facts. The main objective of the program is to make known to viewers the express news about the different crimes committed in society.

After the Hamid Mir incident, when he was attacked by unknown gunmen and in response to the geo news launch campaign against ISI and Pak Army, this divided all Pakistani media into pro-Army and neutral.

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