How Many FPS Should the Game Have

How Many FPS Should the Game Have

How Many FPS Should the Game Have

Let’s remember the definition of FPS, along with how many FPS should the game have. We call the value of how many frames per second will be displayed, FPS. Also, although our computer can display a million fps, for example, its upper limit is hidden in the values ​​of our monitor. When we have a 60 Hz monitor, it will not change much if we get 200 FPS. The important thing is to say that we can play games with fluent and high-quality images.

  • Motion pictures: They show 24 frames per second (24 FPS)
  • TV channels: Transmit 30 frames per second (30 FPS)
  • New generation consoles: Transmit 60 frames at high settings (60 FPS)


Best FPS Games Setting 

First of all, of course, the higher we can reach with the highest settings, the better. We have to say that anyway. So let’s touch on what we are discussing here are the minimum goals. But if we are talking about full settings, the higher the better.

We can say that we reached the fluent image of games and videos at 60 FPS. Today, many video content producers also target this fluency and upload their videos to YouTube at 60 FPS. At the same time, new consoles are also targeting values ​​such as 4k 60 FPS.

However, it is not possible to say that the images below 60 FPS are of low quality. Because we see images at 30 FPS and around on many monitor devices, including our televisions. In fact, it is obvious that the movies we watch in theaters are 24 FPS.

So if you want a fluent image, you should play your games at 60 FPS. If you are aiming for a fluid display, you can adjust your game settings accordingly. However, if you are aiming for a gameplay experience with high image quality and without freezing, let’s say that the constant 30 FPS will not upset you.

You can also note that you will not eat ‘Drop’ in conditions where your values ​​do not fall below 24 FPS. Even if the sector infuses us with the opposite, an image falling from 60 FPS to 30 FPS will not cause freezing even if it loses its fluency.

If your monitor cannot project 120 frames, you do not need to turn down the settings of your games by saying “I should get 120 FPS”. By saying this, we can end our article. Have fun, we wish you plenty of drop-free games.



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