How to Sell Your Products on Social Networks

5 Simple Ways to Sell your Products on Social Networks

The reach of social media is growing, and the way consumers engage with brands is changing. In fact, social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have already added options to sell directly from the platform. Here are 5 simple ways that help you to sell your products more efficiently through social networks.

In the beginning, they were looking for recommendations and information about products or services; the next natural step is to make purchases directly from the platform, which opens a lot of opportunities for companies.  They are even capable of carrying out the transaction for greater security. Selling through social networks is known as “Social Selling,” It is one of the strongest trends in recent years.

In summary, social selling is done to leverage social platforms to engage with prospects directly by sales teams, for which the social media marketing team shares content to achieve branding and marketing goals. Social Media Marketing strategies help in generating more revenue, you can take up any Digital Marketing certification course provided by many companies for the best knowledge in this domain.

At least 74% of social media users have looked for information and recommendations for products or services. At least 43% would be more willing to buy after learning about a product in networks. Currently, “Social Selling” has an estimated return of $5 for every dollar invested.

However, approximately 75% of companies do not have a strategy to take advantage of these opportunities. Part of the problem is not knowing where to start selling on social media. First of all, it is necessary that before starting to sell the brand, you have a solid digital marketing strategy.

Reputation and brand recognition are key to attracting consumers and giving them confidence. Also, with the strategy, you will be able to get to know your audience better and get to where they are to sell your products.


5 Simple Ways to Sell your Products on Social Networks


1. Link the Digital Marketing Strategy With the Sales One

Although digital marketing and social media sales are different from each other, they are closely linked. As we mentioned before, before even thinking about starting sales, the reputation of the brand must be established, and its notoriety increased.

As a relationship between users and the brand is created, there will be more chances of closing the sale. If you choose to contact prospects through the sales team, it is even more important than the brand’s good digital presence, especially on social networks.


2. Create Engaging Content

For most users, content that is too focused on sales is uninteresting and can even cause them to block your profile to avoid seeing your messages anymore. Instead, content that feels authentic and sincere gets more engagement.

One recommendation is to share content that talks about your brand and its benefits, preferably in a close tone. In real life, when you meet a person, you would not start selling them without introducing yourself and making yourself known; the same happens in the virtual space.

Another technique that can help you is storytelling, telling the story of your brand in an interesting way to connect on an emotional level with the potential customer. This is why the link between marketing and sales is necessary to ensure that the content is oriented in the right direction.


3. Connect with Influencers and User-Generated Content

Influencers are social media users with a broad fan base who can help you drive alliances. Although their effectiveness concerning sales is yet to be proven, their effect when promoting content is undeniable.

Also, you can leverage them to create a community around your brand. A complementary strategy is to use user-generated content such as reviews, photos, and videos with your brand’s products as a promotion. This type of content has high credibility among potential customers. Sharing user content also creates a stronger bond with them as they will feel heard and valued. Getting new clients


4. Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the one that best suits the needs of the company can be complicated. In principle, you can start with the network where you have a greater presence and connection with potential customers.

It is recommended that at the beginning, you only apply the sales strategy on those platforms where you have active profiles. Then if you wish, you can expand to new platforms if you consider it necessary. Other factors like product type, brand, and target audience can help you choose the right platform.

For example, Instagram works best for teenagers, while for professional women, Pinterest is ideal. However, Facebook offers one of the complete sales platforms among all social networks. From the same page of the company, you can link to your website so that any sale is also reflected in the inventory and avoid discrepancies.

Likewise, it offers you the possibility of uploading the complete catalog of products and even offers its secure payment platform to carry out transactions. Facebook also works well for various demographic categories such as millennials and people 55 and over.

If it is ideal to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and, in general, obtain the most information from the social networks that are going to be used.


5. Increase the Reach of your Brand

Some of the industries that benefit the most from Facebook sales are textiles, consumer goods, gifts, furniture, beauty, and fitness products. Some of these also work on Instagram, although this network’s content type must be 100% visual.

The Instagram platform allows you to make sales posts integrated with Facebook. The choice between one network and another will depend on your audience and their preferences. While Pinterest is perfect for brands selling local designer clothing or home products, the platform also allows direct selling from posts. With a sales strategy aligned with digital marketing, you can increase profits and reach more people interested in your brand.




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