5 Tips How to Keep Your Nails Healthy

5 Tips to Follow for keeping Nails Healthy

For those who want tips for healthy nails, you are in the right place! It’s now very easy to have strong and healthy-looking nails, and it is possible to make your nails much stronger with only home care. To have healthy nails, your hands, and nails must always be clean and well-groomed. Many different methods can be applied to have strong, solid, and healthy nails. It is possible to apply these methods even at home, and you can easily do it yourself instead of giving money to hairdressers.


5 Tips to Make Your Nails Shiny, Strong, and Healthy 


1. Keep Your Nails Clean!

Keeping your nails and hands clean is the first step to having healthy and strong nails. Healthy growing nails are clean nails, so you must always wash your hands with your nails.


2. Do Not Forget To Moisturize Your Nails!

By moisturizing your nails with various care oils or moisturizers, they can grow much healthier. These care oils and moisturizers contribute to the strengthening of your nails without damaging the nail tissue. If you have brittle nails, moisturizing your nails at least twice a week will greatly contribute to you.


3. Eat Regularly

Regular nutrition makes a great contribution to nails, just as it affects every organ and system. Since vitamin B contributes to keratin, consuming foods containing B vitamins more frequently will contribute to your nails’ strengthening and faster growth. Also, do not hesitate to regularly consume products such as legumes, fiber foods, meat, fish, and eggs!


4. Be Careful When Using Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products that make nails look stylish and unique can seriously damage nail texture, structure, and health. Although nail polish, acetone, printing, prosthesis, and similar products indicate no danger to nail health or skin health, such products primarily prevent the nail surface from breathing.

For these reasons, nail polishes, prints, and prostheses that stay on the nails for a long time may cause the nails to turn yellow and weaken. Care should be taken when using these products. Nail polish should be kept on the nail for a maximum of three days.

Afterward, it will be much healthier to clean nail polish with acetone-free nail polish cleaners. No matter how much we love fancy nails, it is useful to let our nails breathe in a short time.


5. Apply Care

You don’t have to pay high amounts to hairdressers or beauty centers for nail care. It is up to you to make your nails look more vibrant and healthy with simple cures you will make at home. Well, with which cures can nail be made healthier?

  • Lemon Juice and Salt Mix

Add a pinch of salt to half a lemon juice and apply it thoroughly to your nails with a toothbrush or cotton ball. After making this application, it is possible to soak your nails in this lemon juice for five minutes. When you remove your nails from lemon juice, wait about fifteen minutes before washing them. You will not believe how much this application, which you will do twice a week, strengthens your nails!

  • Onion

Dip your fingernails into a smaller piece of onion and let it sit in the same way for ten minutes. You won’t believe the difference!

  • Sea salt

Add a teaspoon of sea salt to a bowl filled with warm water and dissolve. Then, soak your nails in this mixture for twenty minutes. It is possible to apply this application, which will create a unique change on both your cuticles and nail surface, every day.

It is also possible to use care oils, moisturizers, and hardening solutions to have healthy nails. Thanks to these methods, it is very easy to have solid, strong, and healthy nails that do not break easily! If you want to learn about the prominent nutritional trends of recent years, you can take a look at the other article we prepared for you.



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