8 YouTube Music Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2022

8 YouTube Music Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2021

YouTube Music Tips & Tricks You Should Know in 2022

The YouTube Music app is relatively new if we compare it with other streaming music platforms, however, it has been updated with some interesting functions that you should know to get the most out of YT Music.

These are YT tricks and functions that will be added and that works on Android mobiles and Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Although there is also a web version that you only need to log in with your Google account in any browser and if you use a smart speaker like Google Home, you can choose YT Music as the playback platform.


8 YouTube Music Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2022

1. Use by default on Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to control the music you listen to without leaving navigation. Now it is compatible with the music provider YT Music.

  • How: Go to Google Maps settings – Click on “GPS Navigation” – Activate the “show multimedia playback controls” function – Choose YT Music as provider.
2. Upload your songs

One of the star functions of YT Music is uploading your own songs to the library. At the moment it is only available to do it from the web version.

  • How: enter your music.youtube.com with your Google account – Click on the profile image in the upper right corner – Click on “Upload Music” – Select the audio file – Accept the terms of use – Wait to finish getting on.

Note: The songs will be in the library / Songs – Filtering by “load”.

3. Move downloaded music to SD

If you don’t have enough space in the internal memory, you can transfer all your downloaded playlists to the external SD memory of your cell phone.

  • How: Click on the profile icon next to the profile photo – click on library and downloads – activate the “use SD card” function.

4. Change video download quality

By default YT Music only downloads the audio of the videos but it is possible to change it to 360p or HD.

  • How: Click on the gear icon to go to the settings – Click on “video quality” – Choose one of the 3 options.

5. Enable smart downloads

Use smart downloads to save your favorite songs for offline listening. This process is done automatically when you connect to a Wi-Fi network and you have enough battery.

  • How: Enter the YT Music settings – Go to the bottom of the settings – activate the “smart downloads” function – Adjust the number of songs you want to download.

6. Change time by tapping twice

When you are listening to a song you can double click on the edges of the song cover to go forward or backward. This time by default is 10 seconds but you can change it up to 60 seconds.

  • How: Click on your profile picture – Click on settings – Click on “press twice to go forward or backward” – choose the time.

7. Adjust privacy and location

YT Music allows you to manage your play history, searches, and recommendations based on your location.

  • How: Click on your profile photo – enter settings – Click on “privacy and settings” – Activate the settings you want.
8. Play to connect to a device

If you play your favorite songs on external devices via Bluetooth such as speakers, car or any audio device, you can start playback automatically.

  • How: Enter your YT Music account settings – Activate the “start playback with external devices


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Best Free Survival Games for Android and iOS in 2021

Best Free Survival Games for Android and iOS

Best Free Survival Games for Android and iOS in 2021

As with PCs and consoles, the best free survival games for Android and iOS are the options that manage to offer a high level of challenge and keep players very busy with creative mechanics. And no, there is no shortage of options capable of doing this, even if we focus only on cell phones. By the way, to prove it, we separated here 10 beautiful survival games. So, if you like games of this type and want to enjoy them with your smartphone, don’t forget to follow the post until the end.


10 Best Free Survival Games for Android and iOS to Play in 2021


1. Ark: Survival Evolved

At the “starting point” of this list of the best free survival games for Android and iOS, we have Ark: Survival Evolved. This is a game that very well summarizes the ideas that define the genre and that manages to engage players with its theme and gameplay. Overall, Ark: Survival Evolved places players on an island where prehistoric creatures are the biggest predators. And this makes the fight for life start very intense. Hence, the search for features and other game options ends up making everything very immersive. Great option!


2. Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

The idea of ​​a zombie apocalypse is something so explored by survival games that we end up being forced to filter the options to find the best quality games. In that sense, my highlight goes to Dawn of Zombies: Survival After the Last War, which is a really amazing game. Throughout the adventure, players can explore a dangerous world infested with zombies and fanatical mutants. Obviously, this exploration is not easy, but it is always very attractive, with good confrontations, options for building shelters, interesting stories, and much more. It is worth checking!


3. Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft

As its name suggests, Jurassic Survival Island: Dinosaurs & Craft is a survival game that offers Jurassic-era scenarios and hazards. In other words, players must resist the onslaught of dinosaurs of all kinds and do their best to stay alive. Among its biggest highlights, the game features an interesting system of building shelters, options to tame dinosaurs, busy battles, and a very attractive world. For sure, it’s a game that will appeal to all those who like options with this theme. Very good!


4. Last Day On Earth: Survival

Despite also being marred by a kind of zombie apocalypse, the story of Last Day On Earth: Survival begins with an unknown infection that nearly drove mankind to extinction. In this context, players assume the role of a survivor and must do everything to overcome the obstacles of the “new world panorama”. Endowed with many interesting mechanics, Last Day On Earth: Survival deserves to be praised for its setting and its tense atmosphere. The game promotes an excellent immersive experience and always has some surprises and challenges to keep players “stuck” to it. Great!


5. LifeAfter

To close the first half of this list with the best free survival games for Android and iOS, my choice is the challenger LifeAfter. This is another game that focuses on the theme of a zombie apocalypse but manages to stand out among other options. In my view, the biggest highlight of the game is the way it works with the idea of ​​unity between the survivors. That is, the game focuses on building communities, to increase the chances of resisting the dead. Furthermore, conflicts are endowed with a lot of action. Be sure to check it out!


6. Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad – Simulator

A vast ocean, islands, and rafts. It is in these locations that all Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad – Simulator adventures unfold. And yes, it’s all pretty exciting, with dangers coming out of nowhere and the lack of resources putting enormous pressure on players. To alleviate some of the tension, players can spend a lot of time customizing the rafts and creating new equipment. Anyway, this is a game that bets on different ideas to stand out and does everything with a high level of efficiency.


7. Stormall: Saga of Survival

Leaning a little more towards the MMORPGs, Stormall: Saga of Survival ends up offering more versatile gameplay for players, with interesting combats, construction systems, options to build clans with other players, and many dungeons. When it comes to survival, the game’s dangers come down to all the threats found in abandoned land, where evil monsters and other players are always in conflict. In short, this is a very complete title with options that hold our attention for a long time.


8. Survival On Raft: Crafting In the Ocean

Survival On Raft: Crafting In the Ocean is another game that bets on the idea of ​​putting players on rafts and sending them adrift in a vast ocean, in which sharks are always on the lookout, resources are very scarce and perspective it is always desolate.  As the name of the game suggests, here we have an option that places a huge emphasis on construction mechanics. This means that a good part of players’ time is invested in collecting resources and improving the raft. In short, this is another great option for those who enjoy adventures at sea.


9. Survive – Wilderness Survival

Offering a very simple structure, Survive – Wilderness Survival is the “difference” on this list. After all, the game works more with textual options and, even so, it manages to create a climate of enormous tension, “forcing” players to pay attention to various aspects related to the character’s life. Another interesting point of the title is the way it works with time. Hour counting is essential for managing actions and understanding the right time to perform certain tasks. Undoubtedly, despite the lack of impactful visuals, this is a survival game of respect.


10 . Westland Survival: Be a Survivor in the Wild West

And at the bottom of this list is the excellent Westland Survival: Be a Survivor in the Wild West. This game deserves full attention, as it is one of the few that bet on the dangers of the Old West to let players engaged in their struggles for survival. In addition to the interesting theme, the game features attractive graphics, simplified commands, construction mechanics, combat with a good level of activity, and a large open world ready to be explored. Certainly, this is one of the best free survival games for Android and iOS.


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Apps to Convert Files to PDF on Android (Word, Images & Editor) | 2021

4 Android Apps that Convert File to PDF in 2021 

4 Ways: Convert to PDF on Android (Word, Images and Editor) | 2021

Learn to use these 4 best PDF Converter Apps for android in 2021 that allow you to create and convert any document or file such as MS word, Image, & editor to PDF from your Android mobile.

It is a very useful tool for managing and creating PDF documents when you are studying or working. We don’t always have a PC at hand, so this application can get us out of trouble when all we have is an Android mobile or tablet.

4 Android Apps that Convert File to PDF in 2021 


1. PDF Convert

This application allows you to convert any document you want to scan, whether it is in the phone’s memory or from cloud services. Selecting an image allows you to crop, rotate, select the quality of the PDF and the size of the page.

Download Play Store | Free

2. JPG to PDF App

As its name implies, it allows you to convert JPG images or photos into a PDF file. You can do it individually or by selecting a complete folder where you have several images to create a single PDF.

Download Play Store | Free

3. Word to PDF

Convert PDF files to editable Microsoft Office Word documents with the extension .Docx, .Doc, .RTF, .TXT or vice versa: from Word to PDF. This process is done online, so it is necessary to have an internet connection to download the converted file.

Download | Play Store Free

4. Google Drive documents

The Google Drive text editor has a series of features that allow you to create files with images, formatted text, tables, links, etc. and at the end you can download the file in PDF, Word, .odt, .txt,. rtf, .html, .epub.

As it is connected with your Google drive account, you can save the final file in the cloud, share the link or download it to your mobile.

Download Play Store | Free


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