Web Positioning Factors You Need to Know

Web Positioning Factors You Need to Know

8 Web Positioning Factors You Should Take into Account

Website Keywords positioning can be affected by various factors. It does not depend on a single element. You may be doing well in one area, but if you don’t neglect another, your site may suffer. In this post, we are going to show you what factors influence web positioning and which ones you should pay more attention to so that your site can rise in Google positions.

There are different elements that influence website positioning and it is necessary to apply measures so that your site has optimal performance. Many companies do not have a comprehensive SEO strategy to attract potential customers. They are focused perhaps on a single type of action, but they are not monitoring the different aspects that can affect their positioning.



1. Web Speed

Website speed is one of the most important elements that must be taken into account for positioning. If your website is not fast, users will get tired of waiting every time they click on a link. You have to get the different elements to load quickly so users don’t get bored of waiting and leaving. Also consider mobile web speed.


2. User Experience

The user experience goes a point further than web speed. Users need to be able to find what they are looking for. The information on your website must be well-structured and accessible. There should be no broken or misleading links that take the user where they don’t want to. The color, design, and usability of the website must be good for your positioning to improve.


3. Search Intent

All the pages of your website must be oriented to satisfy the search needs of the users. If there is no match to the search intent, it will be more difficult for you to reach your potential audience. Keep in mind that nowadays keywords are no longer the only fundamental element since Google has evolved a lot and the algorithm is much more intelligent.


4. Quality of Content

Content is still king, whatever they say. The quality of the content matters and this is a fact because users value the content that answers their questions or solves their problems. The knowledge that human beings share is essential for a website to have authority and be recognized for its value. Google will value quality, complete, and interesting content that is not copied from other websites.


5. Internal Linking

Another element that is still very important is internal linking. A website that is correctly linked allows users to easily move from one URL to another and can expand more information. Linking must be done intelligently, taking internal SEO into account and without abusing anchor text. The more natural the link to our website is, the better results we can obtain.


6. Quality External Links

External links are still important for SEO today. But it is important that they are quality links and as natural as possible. In other words, it is not worth using the same anchor text on multiple sites, publishing the link on the same day, or even from the same IP… Google can easily detect attempts to increase positioning artificially. Make sure that your links come from sites that have value, do not abuse keywords in the anchor text, and control the quality of the websites from which links are published.


7. Social Presence 

That your content is shared naturally on social networks is still important. That is why it is highly recommended that you generate content that can be shared, such as lists of tips or any type of article that adds value and solves a problem. Any interesting content, posed in the right way, can be an article that users want to share, so do not give up on this possibility.


8. Mobile Responsive 

Another point that should never be forgotten if you want a good positioning is to adopt a mobile-first SEO strategy. It must be borne in mind that Google currently takes more into account the SEO optimization of mobile websites than that of their desktop versions. If your mobile website is slow, doesn’t have good usability or you can’t even see the lyrics well, rest assured that it will negatively affect your positioning.



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