10 Best Dior Perfumes For Men and Women

Best Dior Perfumes for women and men to buy in 2021

Whether you need evening perfumes or a comfortable composition every day, Dior has something in his arsenal that will make you feel special! The fragrance portfolio of the Dior fashion house dates back to the 1940s and includes one of the most famous perfumes for women and men in the beauty industry.

It is estimated that over the years, Dior has launched 234 fragrances. Let’s have a look at one of the most used and famous Dior perfumes launched for men and women that will surely drive you crazy.

10 Best Dior Perfumes & Colognes For Men and Women

1. Dior Joy by Dior For Women

Joy by Dior (2018) is a long-awaited perfume – the fashion house made us wait 15 years for a new fragrance for women. While everyone expected innovation, Dior served us an immortal classic.

Joy starts with a joyful duet of bitter bergamot and sweet mandarin. While the citruses vibrate in the dance, the heart of the fragrance fills with the narcotic scent of jasmine and sour rose.

Best Dior Perfumes For Women

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After a while, they are joined by soapy musk and creamy sandalwood. Thanks to these notes, the composition gains peace and harmony. Joy by Dior is the perfect perfume for work, for elegant meetings, and for a date – the fragrance will easily adapt to every woman and will fit in any situation.

2. Dior Sauvage For Men

Sauvage Eau de Toilette (2015) is a modern interpretation of the first men’s perfume from the Dior fashion house. Endless horizons and open spaces inspired the creator. The composition combines light and dense fragrance notes, which reflect the duality of a modern man – on the one hand, his instincts, on the other hand, his innate elegance.

Known for his love of citrus scents, François Demachy created Sauvage with a strong note of radiant bergamot and a powerful aroma of woody ambroxan.

Best Dior Perfumes For Men

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The composition is seasoned with three types of pepper – black, Szechuan, and pink – and the herbal aroma of lavender. Sauvage is classy and crazy. He plays the melody of the Świeżo and Korzennie duo with great success, which is a great hit in men’s perfumery.

3. Dior Hypnotic Poison For Women

Hypnotic Poison (1998) is the boldest and is one of the most beautiful women’s perfumes by Dior. This red bottle hides the true forbidden fruit of the Orient. Be careful; this Poison can get you into a lot of trouble. A wonderful combination of bitter almonds, jasmine, and vanilla intrigues and attracts like a magnet.

Best Dior Perfumes For Women

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The composition revolves around these three fragrance notes from start to finish. Initially, Hypnotic Poison is juicy and fruity. The pulp of plums and apricots accompanied by a tropical coconut makes it a holiday and fun. Over time, white flowers and notes of wood give it a creamy and warm character.

It smells quite intense, right? Hypnotic Poison is a mysterious and devilishly hypnotic fragrance. This is the magic formula of modern times.

4. Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet For Women

Miss Dior has become for the Dior brand what Coco Mademoiselle is for Chanel. Both fragrances are aimed at women who have a spark of youth in them and want to ignite it even more.

Of all the available versions of this perfume, the floral Blooming Bouquet (2014) brought me the most joy. The combination of peony and rose with the well-known patchouli and musk base is simply amazing. When you smell this fragrance, you feel the highest quality of the materials used.

Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet For Women

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The contrast between the sparkling pastel flowers and the dense aroma of patchouli makes the composition beautiful on the skin. At the same time, it is light and playful, which makes it suitable for sunny days in spring and summer. I’m sure if Christian Dior designed his garden, he would like it to smell like this perfume.

5. Dior J’adore For Women

J’adore (1999) is a tribute to Christian Dior’s love of flowers. The heavenly combination of flowers and fruits achieves a unique balance and surprises with harmony. If you are looking for refinement and femininity in perfumes – you will love J’adore without limits.

Dior J'adore For Women

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The composition opens with a sweet scent of fruit and magnolia. At the heart, it is joined by jasmine large-leaved, damask rose, tuberose, and lily of the valley. Although such a rich bouquet may be a tragedy, when balanced with a watery melon and a pear, it smells great!

J’adore is the softest perfume in the brand’s portfolio, but it stays on the skin for over 8 hours. This is one of those compositions that does not tire anyone and is always in a good tone.

6. Dior Fahrenheit For Men

Do you dare to come face to face with the mythical Fahrenheit from 1988? Although Eau de Parfum was created in 2013, it did not come close to the popularity of this classic. By introducing the scent notes of violet, the Fahrenheit Eau de Toilette has completely demolished men’s perfumery. By combining it with spicy vetiver, mace, and lavender, then balancing it with a background of leather, wood, and musk, she achieved perfect harmony.

Dior Fahrenheit For Men

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Long before Dior Homme and its powdery iris, Fahrenheit was the first floral fragrance for men to be successful. And this one owes to the infinite creativity of two great perfumers – Michel Almairac and Jean-Louis Sieuzac.

7. Dior Addict For Men

The person with an addiction has completely stolen my heart. This is the most honest perfume from the Dior collection. Like Hypnotic Poison, it tells about vanilla, but this time, instead of a tempting witch, it presents us with a real eccentric.

Dior Addict For Men

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We have creamy vanilla on one side, white flowers, and lots of green on the other. This blend has a surprising effect because it seems elegant and completely crazy at the same time.

The person with an addiction is a vibrant and truly sensual fragrance. It combines the moisture of the rainforest and the softness of vanilla. In my case, it is an everyday fragrance, but I know that for many women, it is an evening perfume. They will be perfect for those who want to discover the world and are not afraid to be carried away by adventure.

8. Dior Homme Intense For Men

Homme Intense (2011) is undoubtedly my favorite men’s perfume from Dior. Their composition resembles a trilogy. The first part is a story about the Tuscan iris, which is one of the most valuable elements of the perfumer’s palette. The long and arduous extraction process brings out a velvety fragrance that hides powdery and green shades.

Dior Homme Intense For Men

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Part two is the exquisitely luxurious ambrette fragrance. Derived from the seeds of the hibiscus fruit, it has a musky, slightly fruity scent. It can be defined as something between a pear liqueur and a silk powder.

Part Three is Virginia Cedar Essence, which provides a refreshing, energizing sound. It is as if we were in a sawmill. I do not doubt that these perfumes will delight anyone who decides to include them in their collection. They are simply stunning.

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9. Dior Dune For Women

Dune (1991) is composed of a lovely composition and has the kind of sensuality I really appreciate in perfumes – it’s not flashy and has a balsamic warmth to it. It is like a favorite vacation photo.

The composition combines Brazilian rosewood and sandalwood with ambergris and aldehydes. I know that the last note is not a favorite, but this perfume adds an interesting spice and never smells old-fashioned.

Dior Dune For Women

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Dune is a very creamy and subdued fragrance. While it’s not as powerful as Hypnotic Poison, it remains intense. It’s worth remembering that it represents the old school – two sprays are enough for over 12 hours!

I think that with its dominant wood accord, Dune can be considered a unisex perfume. For me, it is a fantastic springboard from all winter sweets and summer floral-fruity compositions.

10. Dior Dolce Vita For Women

Dolce Vita (1994) is spicy, warm, and wildly sweet. However, unlike today’s sweet perfume for women, it is not overbearing. Although warm notes are suitable for fall and winter, they create a carefree atmosphere and are associated with the warm sun during Italian holidays.

Dior Dolce Vita For Women

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Peach and cardamom in the opening bring a juicy sweetness seasoned with spices. Cinnamon joins them in the heart and quickly becomes the dominant note. For me, the base of the fragrance is the most beautiful. It wraps you in fluffy vanilla and a creamy note of sandalwood. After a lewd, oriental feast, it is like a mild balm for the soul.

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