10 Best Perfumes For Date Night in 2022

Best Perfumes For Date Night 2022

Men always want to wear the best cologne for a romantic date night but some have trouble choosing which fragrance to wear for the First Date? It is absolutely right to hesitate. The wrong note is quick to happen when you have to wear perfume on such occasions. Fear of doing too much, fear of not doing enough, this article will help you clarify your vision on the use of perfumes when wearing a suit in the evening.

We are going to share with you the 10 Best Romantic Perfumes for Date Night. Note also that this top only applies to evening use or during cold/cool seasons. Indeed, it is difficult to find perfumes to wear with a costume both in the evening and both during the day.


10 Best Romantic Perfumes & Colognes For Date Night To Buy in 2022


  1. Polo Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren

Best Perfumes for Date Night

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Polo Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren offers us an easy-to-wear oud, balanced thanks to the softness of cinnamon. Pink pepper gives the composition punch and energizes the fragrance. It is a distinguished, classy perfume for a man in a suit. I find him underestimated and therefore wanted to talk about it here.

However, it is a little more difficult to recommend buying it blindly, like the other perfumes in this classification and it is also difficult to get your hands on it. This is what makes him position himself at the start of this ranking.


  1. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

Best Cologne for Date Night

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Released in 2006, Armani Code gave birth to many flankers, however, it remains the one that I recommend the most to be worn during a distinguished evening. Its leather is very present, giving off confidence and presence. Anise and olive blossom that we see more rarely in perfumery, add the necessary twist to make it enter this classification.

It exudes class, sophistication, and poise, which makes it perfect with a suit. It is quite easy to wear and is fun for a lot of people. However, her outfit is certainly not up to par and her smell is at times a little synthetic, which is why it drops a few places.


  1. Bvlgari Man in Black by Bvlgari

Best Fragrance for Date Night

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The fragrance with the most spices in this ranking, Bvlgari Man In Black plays on the warmth of spices and the suave character of the rum. Its leather note is more difficult to detect. The smell is not too powerful preventing him from doing too much, which would drop him from this ranking. He remains subtle about his strengths.

Rarely have I seen another scent, based mostly on spices, to be so classy and distinguished. Man In Black is serious, mature, charismatic. It is a very accessible fragrance, easy to find, easy to wear. Disappointment is difficult. A perfume that can easily be worn with a costume. He has a name that can only give us back the image of the Men In Black and their costume.


  1. Valentino Uomo Intense By Valentino

Romantic Perfume for Date Night

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Vanilla, leather but above all iris, this perfume takes you into very powdery terrain. If you like Dior Homme Intense but don’t have enough of the powdery touch, Valentino Uomo Intense will be a great choice.

It is a comfortable, soft, and soothing scent, which will be perfect for relaxing for an important event and thus only thinking about the essential things. It really exudes a lot of class !! I took him down the rankings because sometimes his iris seems to play a little too much on his sweet side. A perfect illustration of the iris and the class it brings in a composition when properly used!


  1. Dior Homme Perfume

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Perhaps one of the best-selling on the list, Dior Homme Parfum is included in this ranking with its excellent hold and its very pronounced leathery facet. His iris makes him refined like his companions in the Dior Homme line. Its ambrette reinforces the leathery facet and the sandalwood base gives it a creamy and warm woodiness.

It is the most serious of the Dior Homme line, Dior Homme Intense is sexier, more mischievous, more fun, and less serious. It will express itself perfectly in other contexts. Dior Homme Parfum is a fragrance for those who adore the Dior Homme line but find the iris too pronounced and therefore a little too “feminine” for their taste in Dior Homme. One of the best consumer perfumes to wear with a costume! I would certainly have put him in the top 3 if he was less a victim of his success and therefore less work.


  1. Prada The Intense Man by Prada

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The Intense counterpart to the classic Prada L’Homme (which I highly recommend as a perfume for the office), Prada L’Homme Intense is available in a deeper version with a very present leather facet. This leather note makes it more character, more charismatic, more mature, and more serious.

The iris is always the most present note, bringing us that distinguished and refined breath that we seek for a perfume to wear with a suit and a tie. Note that those who find Prada L’Homme not masculine enough will be delighted by this version which is much more masculine.


  1. Memoir Man by Amouage

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As its bottle lets us predict, this perfume of Amouage is very dark. However, we quickly discover that it is in fact also a very aromatic green scent. Imagine mint to which we remove the freshness of menthol and keep only the “chlorophyll side”, add basil and mugwort. Let’s wrap it all up in leather and let it sit in a bath of burning incense.

Here is a mysterious charism that is revealed to us. A dark, deep, intriguing charisma that urges us to know more. An ideal perfume when one wants to release a mysterious class, “..But who can it be? ..”.

Of course, Memoir Man offers us the epic hold of an Amouage perfume with more than 12 hours of happiness. It drops a few places since it is quite special and may not suit everyone’s taste, its price may make it out of the reach of certain budgets. Personally, I love it.


  1. Colonia Essenza by Acqua Di Parma

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At first glance, Colonia Essenza does not seem to meet the criteria set out at the very beginning of the article. It is quite lemon-flavored and its olfactory pyramid is reminiscent of a holiday fragrance, relaxed or even sporty! Well no!

Why is he so high in this ranking? Quite simply because it is difficult to make a charismatic, distinguished, refined, deep perfume that we can also easily wear during the hot seasons. Colonia Essenza is also doing wonderfully well during spring and summer in full sun while keeping a great freshness and a great refinement. It does not fall into the traditional box of fresh summer scents. I had to salute this performance!


  1. Tom Ford Black For Men

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Perfume for mature men, Noir by Tom Ford offers us fairly imposing patchouli for charisma, alongside a note of iris giving it the class we are looking for in this top of perfumes to wear in a suit. It is dark, serious, deep.

It leaves a voluptuous trail with a strong personality and great elegance. For lovers of Jaipur, Habit Rouge, etc. Some might find it a bit feminine (iris, violet, rose), so you can turn to the more masculine Eau De Toilette version.

What loves it but wants more: Noir Extrême is here to satisfy you, but will certainly be a little too powerful to be distinguished enough. Noir is certainly Tom Ford’s best perfume to wear at costume parties, followed by Oud Wood. Gray Vetiver meanwhile will be very good when worn in a strictly professional environment, office, sunny day.


  1. Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense

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Prada once again signs us a beautifully composed amber perfume. The leather is subtly noticeable and is not what strikes us the most. Patchouli is very present alongside myrrh, making the fragrance dark, rich, deep but still with the charisma we are looking for in this top.

The smell is beautiful, sweet, slightly soapy. Unlike many amber-based fragrances, Amber Pour Homme Intense is not too strong/disgusting in the long run (which would have deprived it of its place in this ranking, because it would lack refinement). It is not sweet; its vanilla background is dry.

It is a really very classy perfume; it is for me the ideal perfume to wear when you have a party where you are going to wear a costume! No false note is possible when you wear it. You cannot be wrong.

It keeps the same DNA as the original Amber Pour Homme but is darker, more powerful, and less clean. If you want to wear your costume more on a hot day, then prefer to wear the original Amber Pour Homme which also remains fantastic.


Common Mistake to Avoid while Wearing Date Night Perfume

First of all, here are some tips to help you see a little more clearly and which allowed me to refine this selection around the best fragrances for date night.

Seek to Stand out at all cost

You can immediately avoid perfumes that are too powerful, too opulent. If you want a fragrance filled with richness and depth, do it in subtlety. Some scents are intense but do not put an uppercut right in your nostrils.

Wearing Perfume out of Context

Wearing a costume is often codified and I would certainly not be in the best position to talk about it. However, we will avoid wearing perfumes that recall contexts that are too light.  Thus we will avoid aquatic scents, which remind us a little too much of summer by the beach (Acqua Di Gio, Azzaro Chrome, Bvlgari Aqva).

We will also avoid too sweet perfumes, often categorized as frivolous perfumes (1 Million, Invictus, Ultra Male, Black Xs), expressing themselves more in clubbing contexts. Then we will avoid perfumes that are too nervous, like most sports versions (Dior Homme Sport, Kenzo Homme Sport, etc.), perfumes that are much too energetic and relaxed for the occasion.


Selection Criteria for Dating Perfumes for Men


Refinement and Elegance

This kind of perfume must, like a costume, infuse elegance without being too overdone. This refinement is an essential criterion for a perfume.

An elegant fragrance will draw this aspect from delicate notes. Floral notes, with their delicacy and their hint of femininity, are welcome in this kind of composition. Iris will be the perfect note for this situation, its powdery, luxurious, precious, and delicate scent makes it the perfect candidate for a refined perfume!


Charisma will also be an important aspect to take into account when choosing a perfume to wear when wearing a costume. When we wear a beautiful costume we also try to release a certain aura, a certain self-confidence, in short, charisma!

Although charisma is above all an innate state of mind or to be acquired, a charismatic scent can make it possible to multiply it tenfold. Often character notes, when used well in a composition, add character, power, and charisma. Oud wood, leather, patchouli, or even tobacco brings this charismatic aura in particular.


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