30 Best Google Photos Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Google Photos Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Google Photos is the ultimate app to save photos and videos to the cloud safely. Here are the best Google Photos Tips and Tricks You Should Know to Increase Productivity. With your Google account, you can automatically synchronize all the photos that you capture unlimitedly.

Essential Google Photos Tips and Tricks

Over time, Google Photos has been implementing a series of interesting functions and features. In addition to saving files on the internet, you can organize your library and use photos in multiple ways.

30. Join Multiple Videos as a Movie

Let’s get started with our list of the best and most amazing Google photo tips and tricks with “Join Multiple Videos as a Movie.” Use the movie feature to create a video with multiple video clips that you have in your library.

  • How: Select the videos you want – Click on the + button at the top – Click on “Movie” – Wait a moment for the video to be created automatically. However, you can later edit the cuts, add music, rearrange, add photos, and remove clips.

Note: The video will be saved in Google Photos and the other clips selected for the movie.

29. Find Photos on a Search Map

Explore the places you’ve been on an interactive map that uses the camera’s GPS, google location history, and waypoints.

  • How: You must write the country’s name, state, or place in the search engine. On the map, start exploring the points where you have taken photos and videos.

28. Navigate the Gallery with Gestures

With two fingers, pinch on the screen zooming in and out to see the photos closer or further away. If you hold down on the right edge from bottom to top, you can quickly navigate between months and Years.

27. Select Photos Easily

Select a photo, and then, without releasing, scroll down or up to select more photos quickly. You can also tap on the date to select the photos for that day or month.

26. Edit Dates or View Location and Camera

Discover in more detail the location, date, and time when you took the photo and the device used, and if you want, you can add a description to find it quickly using the terms you have used.

  • How: Open the photo – Click on the 3 points – to discover all the information.

25. Free up Storage Space

Free up internal storage space on your device by deleting photos that are already backed up in the Google cloud.

  • How: Press on the main menu – release – Confirm the deletion.

24. Project Photos to TV with Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast device at home, you can project the TV’s photos and videos. To do this, make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and click on the Chromecast icon to project the photos.

23. Group and Edit Photos by People

Google recognizes the different faces, and if you click on each of them, you can change its presentation photo, name, edit or delete it from the results.

  • How: Press the search bar – Press on the grouped faces – Choose one – Press on the 3 points – Change or edit.

22. Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google Photos

Pass the photos and complete albums that you have uploaded to your Facebook account.

21. Search for Text Within Images

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google Photos are now able to find text in uploaded photos. You have to write the text in the search engine so that Google will show you the photos that this text contains.

20. Share Photos with built-in Chat

Share the photos you have taken with your mobile in a special event with your contacts without downloading the photos. Everything is synchronized with Google Photos, where you can create a group and chat with whom you share.

  • How: Select the photos – Click on Share – Select the contacts from Google Photos or group – Send through chat.

19. Draw on the Images

Draw or create freehand text in the edit section of Google Photos.

  • How: Open the photo – Click on the edit icon – Click on the drawing icon (# 4) at the bottom – Select color, pencil ✏️, highlighter, or Text written above the image.

18. Change Gallery View

You use your fingers to pinch the screen where the images are displayed, and in this way, you can change the view to see more photos and make a kind of zoom—ideal for browsing between months or between a large number of photos.

17. Find Related Objects

Google Photos integrates Lens to search more in detail for information related to what is in the image.

How: Open the photo – Click on the Google Lens icon – Wait for the search result.

16. Make Backup Copies of Physical Photographs

If you have an album at home that is deteriorating or want to keep it in the cloud, you can use Google’s PhotoScan app to make a backup with the best quality.

  • In the Google Photos menu – Click on Photoscan – Download the app.
  • Take the photo with Photoscan, framing the photo well, and moving the camera towards the 4 points that the app asks for.

15. Extract Text from an Image

With the help of an integrated Google Lens, you can extract the text from an image and copy it.

  • Click on the Google Lens icon (Bottom). Select the text of the image and click on “Copy text,” “Search in Google,” “Translate,” etc.

14. Portrait Mode Editing (Depth)

If your mobile camera has portrait mode, with Google Photos, you can edit the focus point, focus color, and the blur depth setting.

13. Share Photo Library

Share an album with a friend or family member so that they have access automatically at all times. You can also select to filter by face or by event date.

12. Create a Shared Album

Create an album with the photos you want and share it with friends or family. Ideal for collecting photos of a party, trip, or family event.

  1. Click on the share icon.
  2. At the bottom, select ” Create a new shared album.”
  3. Select the photos.
  4. Write the name or email of the recipients and the title of the album, a message, and click on send.

11. Automate and integrate with other Apps

Google Photos now connects with IFTTT ( An application to automate tasks between apps ). Recipes or predefined rules achieve these.

You have to sign up for IFTTT and connect your apps to perform automated tasks. For example, save synchronized photos with Dropbox, and save images that tag you on Facebook or Instagram in Google Photos.

10. Hide Photos with the Archive function

Hide photos that you don’t want to appear in Photos view, but you don’t want to delete either. Google Photos now has a section called “Archive,” which archives the photos, but it will still be in an album that has been added and will still appear in the search results and device folder.

Note: It will not be used to create animations or movies.

9. Easily Set the date and Time of Multiple Photos

If you are traveling a lot, it is very likely, that you will get lost in the time zone change and cause a mess in Google Photos. But that can be changed by editing the date on multiple photos at once.

To do this, select the photos whose time and date you want to change and click “edit date and time” in the drop-down menu. You can then change or adjust the timestamps, along with a preview of the changes before saving.

8. Create shared albums with Smart Suggestions

With the recent update, Google has improved Shared Albums, and now they have gotten smarter. Such as adding comments to images, as well as to albums. After you have received a shared album, you will also receive smart suggestions for adding your images.

If you have an image that you would like to add to the shared album, you won’t have to wait for it. You can add your best photos with a single tap.

7. Create awesome movies, animations, and collages

Google Photos isn’t just smart; it’s fun too. It can be used to create some awesome movies, animations, and collages using your images.

  1. Select the images you want.
  2. Then click on the plus sign (➕) that you see in the upper right.
  3. Choose to create a new album, collage, animation, and even a movie.
  4. That’s it; Google will work its magic and create an impressive memory.

Note: In the option to create a movie, you can change the transitions, music, and videos.

6. Recover Storage Converting Images

You may have backed up your photos in their original size without realizing how much size it takes up. If you want to change, Google Photos lets you do it.

  1. Click on “Free up space” in the Google Photos menu.
  2. Click on “Create backup copies and synchronize.”
  3. Under Image Quality, select “High Quality (Free Storage).”

5. Remove Geo-location from shared photos

Google Photos uses your photo’s location data to sort and group photos based on their take.

While this is a handy feature, it can become a hassle when you share your photos with other users. You may not want everyone to know where the photo was taken.

Therefore, if you want to share a photo without sharing the location data, go to Settings and activate “Remove location.”

4. Search Photos with only favorite Emojis

You may have heard about how smart Google Photos search is, but even if you don’t want to type in complete sentences of what you want to look at, you can still search for photos you’ve uploaded with just emojis.

You don’t have to type mountain (⛰) road (🛣) or anything in the search box if there is an emoji for it.

Google Photos can search your images using only emoji. Note, however, that the feature requires an internet connection to work.

3. Mix and match Search

The Google Photos search feature is so amazing that you can type in multiple variables simultaneously in the search box and get only the result you were looking for.

Put different things like people, places, and things together, and you’ll be amazed at how accurate Google Photos search is.

2. Correct the color automatically

Google Photos now allows automatic color correction. Once you have made the backup, click on the edit icon and click on “Automatic.” Google Photos will adjust the Light, color, and Pop automatically, although it can be changed manually, or if you prefer, you can use another of the more than 12 filters.

1. Rotate Videos

For editing videos in Google Photos, one of the useful ones is to rotate videos. How to do it:

  • Open the video you want to correct.
  • Click on the “Edit” button, where you can find the function to rotate videos.
  • Click on “Rotate” and on the “Save” button to keep the changes.

Final Words

So, These are some smart, essential, and best Google Photos tips and tricks that you should know.

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