Best Musk Perfumes & Fragrances For Women

Best Musk Fragrances 2022

Nowadays, it’s quite common to see musky perfumes in the market as they offer longevity and help to balance other ingredients in a composition. It also helps you to offer a soft, warm, and soothing aroma that switches your mood quickly. Musk fragrances can sometimes be fruity, sometimes floral, but always soft. The paradox is that pure animal musk has a heavy, pungent smell, but in the deft hands of a perfumer, it turns into the lightest feather.

The word “musk” comes from the Sanskrit Muska, which means the odorous secretion of the inguinal gland of male musk deer, a small deer with fangs and large ears, but without horns.

This secret of musk deer was considered one of the most valuable ingredients and has been used in perfumery for a very long time. Until, in 1979, the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) took the musk deer under its protection to stop the extermination of these cute animals.


Musk in Modern Perfumery

Nowadays, the term “musks” refers to several other aromatic substances: civet, hyrax, castoreum (or beaver stream), as well as synthetic compounds created in the laboratory, such as white musk. Synthetic nitro musk was first invented in 1888 by Albert Bauer, who was trying to create a powerful explosive but received a strong-smelling substance (however, it was soon banned due to potential toxicity and instability).

Subsequently, polycyclic and macrocyclic musks were created. The latter, by the way, are obtained from plants: ambrette seeds, angelica root, and galbanum, as they most accurately convey the smell of natural musk.

The fourth generation of alicyclic musks began with BASF’s Cyclomusk fragrance, a warm powdery musky aroma with fruity undertones. Created in 2001 by perfumer Alberto Morillas, this white musk accord, reproduces the smell of whiteness and purity with a touch of soap, including molecules of macrocyclic and alicyclic musk. Research to find new musk odorants continues to this day since the ideal synthetic musk has not yet been created.


15 Best Musk Fragrances For Women 2022


Narciso Rodriguez EDT Spray For Her

One of the most popular musky fragrances is Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette. This is a stunning composition with musk and osmanthus framed by fruity and woody notes.

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Frank, but not vulgar, gentle, but not quiet. And even if there is nothing masterpiece in the composition, this fragrance will surely collect a lot of compliments from others. It has excellent durability, and the smell on clothes lasts for several days, rolling in waves. However, not everyone is lucky with this musky fragrance, so it is better to get acquainted with it in advance before buying.


Burberry Her Eau de Parfum Spray

Welcome to a completely new story full of unexpected twists and bright transformations from a brand that has long won the hearts of millions of men and women around the world! One of the brightest and most unforgettable scents created by the brand is steadily gaining popularity among everyone who loves quality and beautiful fragrances.

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Burberry For Her is spring London, with picturesque streets and small alleys bathed in amber sunbeams. There is so much light in this fragrance that no melancholy is terrible with it. In his company, you will not find a place for fuss, boredom, and routine, only joy, only positive emotions, only love for everything that surrounds you!


Lacoste Pour Femme Legere EDP Spray

In 2017, the popular perfume brand Lacoste surprised all lovers of the 2003 fragrance Pour Femme by releasing a new flanker Lacoste Pour Femme Legere. Light and airy, at the same time full of trendy modern notes, the fragrance makes you fall in love with it from the first breath. This is an incense that every girl who wants to be the center of attention should try.

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The composition belongs to the family of fruity, floral scents. In 2003, the developer of this perfume is perfumer Olivier Cresp. In his skillful hands, magnificent scents were combined, which allowed us not only to inhale and feel this perfume but also to enjoy a wonderful olfactory journey into the world of spring fragrances.


Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker EDP Spray

The floral-woody-musky Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely would also be a great choice, especially considering its fairly affordable price. In addition, you will be warmed by the feeling that the star of “Sex and the City” Sarah Parker took part in all stages of its creation.

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Together with the perfumers, the actress brought the composition to perfection, participated in the design of the bottle, etc. The result was a sensual, warm, comfortable musky fragrance with a delicate sillage and excellent durability. By the way, many perfume lovers note the similarity between Lovely and Narciso Rodriguez For Her.


Yves Saint Laurent Libre EDP Spray

It is this principle that underlies every creation of the iconic brand Yves Saint Laurent. Freedom of choice, creativity, and decision-making. The freedom to live by your own rules, regardless of other people’s opinions. Libre – this is the name given to a luxurious and stylish fragrance that has become a symbol of freedom of femininity and self-expression for every fashionista.

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Perfume Yves Saint Laurent Libre can become not just another charming decoration of your dressing table. These perfumes will give you an invaluable feeling of self-confidence and inner freedom, which will be noticeable not only to you but to everyone around you!


Lancome Idole EDP Spray

Many are accustomed to touching chypre as something sharp and angular in places, detached and very specific. A classic mossy bottom, a structure built on icy contrasts – all this perfectly characterizes the direction when it comes to familiar chypres.

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But in this case, we will meet with a fundamentally new representative of the genre. It is soft enough, thanks to the abundance of pure musks, not clouded by excessive cutting, but at the same time, as it should be, it breathes freedom and independence, emphasizing the proud character.


Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree EDP Spray

A chic feminine fragrance that captivates and captivates with its inimitable story, was created by the founder of an American brand. Unusual eau de toilette will allow you to emphasize the elegance and charm of your image.

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Scrupulously building a fragrant pyramid, the developer of this work decided to focus all the attention of the listener on the desire and desire to be feminine and airy. A wonderful masterpiece languishes in a small bottle, the fragrant liquid has a pleasant peach color.


Giorgio Armani My Way EDP Spray

Bright, elegant, floral fragrance My Way by Giorgio Armani will captivate from the first spray. And these are not empty words. The perfume will emphasize the image of a confident and independent woman who is open to new, unexpected acquaintances and emotions. Maestro Armani believes that it is unexpected encounters in life that inspire us, making life richer and brighter.

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The heavy, elegant bottle with a dark blue cap is surrounded by a half-ring with the brand name. Crafted from recycled materials, it features a sophisticated design with watercolor powder pink sunset hues. It is very comfortable to hold in your hands, it is tactilely pleasing due to its smooth, rounded corners. The lid is like a gemstone, which looks very impressive.


Issey Miyake A Drop EDP Spray

The embodiment of nature, clean air, and crystal water through fragrances are the main themes of the Japanese brand Issey Miyake. A clean, sonorous, impeccably gentle composition is addressed primarily to young people who do not follow standards and live by their own rules.

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The floral composition opens with almond milk, which brings lightness, tenderness, and subtle sweetness. The heart is dominated by a luxurious bouquet of lilac, complemented by rose, jasmine, and orange blossom. Here is anise, fleetingly teasing with its spicy-refreshing sound. The fragrance ends with vanilla, musk, cedar, and ambroxan.


Parfums de Marly Athalia EDP Spray

Designed by Alexandra Kosinski, this fragrance features a luxurious glossy black frame with a gold-colored ball-shaped cap adorned with a soft silk tassel to emphasize the sophistication and seductiveness of this fragrance.

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An exclusive harmony opens with a prelude, which is arranged by the piercing citrus freshness of sparkling bitter orange. Passionate heart captivates with the tart-honey aroma of noble orange blossom and powdery melody of night iris. A soothing aftertaste is brought by a creamy-airy touch of sensual musk and a sunny halo of resinous amber.


Tom Ford Tubereuse Unisex EDP Spray

In 2021, the fragrance collection of the American brand Tom Ford was replenished with another Tubereuse Nue perfume. Floral Eau de Parfum is dedicated to tuberose, an obstinate and unusually fragrant flower that fills the southern nights with a languid fragrance. The fragrance is very sensual and deep, airy and delicate.

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The oriental floral perfume opens with transparent shades of delicate lily and noble jasmine. The spicy-spicy accords of Sichuan pepper circle around the floral bouquet. A heart is given to tuberose. The magic of the flower is underlined by the resinous-balsamic accents of benzoin and styrax. Cocoa adds a tart sweetness. The deep, sensual base is represented by velvet suede, divine tonka bean, mysterious musk, and expensive oud.


Nasomatto Silver Musk EDP For Women

If you need an expensive and strong musk, feel free to buy Silver Musk from Nasomatto, and with the help of the most extravagant perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri, set off on a journey to a distant, very cold country.

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From the first chords, the fragrance opens with a light breeze of cool wind, foreshadowing a white winter. And now the frost draws ornate patterns on the glass, and the linen dried on the street smells of icy freshness.

The lavender holds back the musk and adds a slightly soapy aspect to the composition. In the loop, the fragrance warms up and curls up in a fluffy lump on the skin. In winter, you can freeze in it, but in summer and early autumn, it is perfectly refreshing.


Byredo Velvet Haze EDP Spray

To create something special, inimitable by any perfumer of the past and present, to make a magic potion out of familiar smells – Ben Gorham and his unique team professionally cope with these tasks over and over again.

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When you think about why Bairedo has become one of the most popular and best-selling niche brands, it’s easy to conclude that these fragrances are distinctive yet uncompromising for everyday wear. Isn’t this what a perfume esthete wants? We invite you to meet one of the representatives of this universe – Byredo Velvet Haze.


Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur EDP Spray

Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur is another sexy musk that shines through dense and heavy strokes of animal accords. It smells like sheets after a night of love, you can’t wear it to the office or a business meeting.

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After a fresh spicy-citrus opening, the composition gradually warms up, and a vanilla sweetness appears, which leads to a sultry golden amber. Perfumer Maurice Rousel spent several years creating the fragrance, and then for a long time could not attach it because many brands considered it too “frank”.


Serge Lutens Clair de Musc EDP For Women

The fragrance of Serge Lutens Clair de Musc is called by some “musk for beginners” – it is so airy, light, and emotionally even. Serge Lutens created a stunningly beautiful composition: he took the musk, wrapped it around the petals of iris, jasmine, and neroli, and let the moonlight shine right through them.

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Clair de Musc contains white musk, composed of the synthetic substance gabanolide and ambrette seeds. This is a fragrance of purity, gentle and reverent. It sits close to the skin and becomes exquisitely deep, it can be heard on the skin for more than a day and is unobtrusive.


Final Words

We have listed the 15 Best Fragrances with a bright note of musk, but any of them can easily become your favorite perfume.


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