10 Best Valentine Perfumes for Women in 2022

Best Valentine Perfumes 2021

Best Valentine Perfumes 2022

It’s always believed presenting colognes on Valentine’s Day is very romantic. Firstly, because it is such an intimate gift, and secondly, through the scent, you have a chance to express your love and create wonderful memories! Valentine’s Day is a luxury! Decadent chocolates, velvety roses, sparkling jewels, and beautiful fragrances!

Whether you are looking for a fragrance for yourself or a gift for a loved one, these 10 Best Valentine Perfumes are undeniably the best gift for women to offer this Valentine’s Day. Some of them are romantic, others hellishly sensual, all tell a beautiful story about love. We chose only those fragrances that evoke the most beautiful emotions and will be remembered for certain. There are only a few moments left until Valentine’s Day! For me, this is the perfect time to show how much we love the people closest to us and how much they mean to us.

This is a great opportunity to share your love with your partner or brighten up the day of a loving mother, sister, or daughter! And what better to put you in a romantic mood than a beautiful fragrance!


10 Best Valentine Perfumes & Colognes for Women in 2022


  1. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

A fragrance for a woman who will not be forgotten after Valentine’s Day date. It was made to show love. It smells like pomegranate, orchid, and wood.

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  1. Love Story by Chloé

Orange blossom and jasmine make the fragrance very romantic and powdery. The combination of the freshness of flowers and green accords gives it a lot of lightness.

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  1. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

This perfume is the vestibule of sensual and deep orient. Their most intense notes are sweet tonka beans, cocoa, tuberose, and almonds. They are very durable.

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  1. Sí Intense by Giorgio Armani

The scent notes of blackcurrant, vanilla, and patchouli packed in a black bottle seem even more sensual than in the classic version. Sí is modern.

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  1. La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme

Powder iris, dark patchouli, and sweet pralines are the perfect combination. There is sexuality in this fragrance, but also a relief. You want to hug her and kiss her.

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  1. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Long tail, lots of sweetness, and beautiful coffee scent notes: this perfume makes the heart beat faster. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day date full of romance.

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  1. Tresor In Love by Lancôme

Rose perfumes could not be missing among the Valentine’s Day proposals. The queen of flowers with sweet peach and even sweeter nectarine is the nectar of love.

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  1. Amor Amor by Cacharel

Made for a girl who is looking for adventure. Black currant and vanilla combine with white musk and sandalwood. You will find a lot of youthful charm here.

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  1. My NY by DKNY

These perfumes have found their permanent place in a large group of sweeteners. Sweet raspberry, dark patchouli, and hot pink pepper create a fragrance that is hard to forget.

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  1. The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss

Bestseller on the shelves of perfumeries. The new version is much more durable and stays on the skin for 10 hours. Peach and vanilla smell lovely – the perfect perfume for a date.

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How to choose Valentine’s Day Perfume?


# 1 Is This Perfume For You?

Think about how you will spend Valentine’s Day. Will it be a romantic dinner? Maybe one of the first dates in a new relationship? Are you going out or staying at home? If you are going on a date,  wear something soft and romantic. Your companion will feel at ease if you don’t attract everyone’s attention with your tail scent.

Especially if you are going to a place where a large group of people usually appears and access to air is limited – a cinema, theater, or restaurant. Select Love Story, Tresor in Love, Sí Intense, The Scent of My NY.

If it’s you or Valentine preparing dinner, you can wear something more predatory. Choose a sensual perfume and use it an hour before the scheduled meeting. Their intensity will slightly decrease and they will create a sexy blend with the scent of your skin. Select Euphoria, Good Girl, La Vie Est Belle, Black Opium, or Amor Amor.


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# 2 Is This A Perfume For A Gift?

Browse through her favorite perfumes. If she only loves fresh fragrances, she will surely like others in the same style. Maybe he has a perfume that he has been keeping to for years?

Expand its collection by buying a different version or a set of cosmetics with the scent of your favorite perfume: body cream and shower gel. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift should be intimate. Is there anything more personal than perfume? YES! A bottle of your favorite fragrance with your woman’s name engraved on it.

Buy something super popular. The advantage of this solution is a high probability that your Valentine already knows this fragrance and probably belongs to the group that likes it. The most popular among polka dots is the sensual Euphoria by Calvin Klein. The second place goes to La Vie Est Belle and the third goes to Sí by Armani.

Choose the perfumes you like. From experience, I can say that there is nothing sweeter than a loved one who, when handing a perfume, says: “I think that this perfume will smell very sexy on you”.