15 Most Beautiful Kenya Women in the World [2022]

Most Beautiful Kenya Women in the World [Updated List 2021]

Most Beautiful Kenya Women in the World 2022

The canons of female beauty in African countries differ significantly from European ones, although in recent years there has been a kind of, so to speak, Europeanization. African beauties are successfully conquering the world, realizing themselves in the world of fashion, cinema, music. For example, the most beautiful Women in Kenya are known far beyond their historical homeland.


15 Top Most Beautiful Kenya Women in the World [Updated 2022]


  1. Tamara Anzeze Makindu

Tamara Anzeze Makindu - Most Beautiful Kenya Women 2021

The Nairobi native is now studying at the electrical engineering department of her hometown university, and is an excellent combination of higher education and modeling.

They started talking about the new face in the fashion world when Tamara performed at the show of the new collection of the Lamove brand. After that, the beauty was invited to participate in promotions of famous world brands. She dreams of graduating from university and connecting her life with modeling fashionable clothes.

  1. Serah Ndanu Teshna


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The popular Kenyan actress was born on March 3, 1988 and is one of the most beautiful Kenyan Women in the World. She is known for her leading roles in both television and film projects.

Ndanu has starred in fairly successful projects such as The Strong Priest in 2011. For the excellent performance of her role in this film, she received the Kalash Award for Best Lead Actress. In 2013, Sera was cast as the lead actress in the Swahili drama Sumu la penzi.


  1. Brenda Wairimu

Kenyan actress and model, best known for her role in the soap opera Mali, was born on May 3, 1989, claims the second position in the list of Best Kenya Women of 2021. Brenda grew up in her hometown of Mombasa, and after graduation she studied International Business Management at USIU-Africa.

Brenda has starred in several television series and made her television debut in 2009, when she played one of the actresses in Times of Changes. After the release of the series “Mali”, where she perfectly embodied the image of the young Moon, the Kenyan woman woke up famous.


  1. Susan Anyango

Susan Anyango

Today Susan is one of the most beautiful girls on the African continent which makes her at the Top 3rd Best Kenyan Women of 2021. In 2011, she won the title of Miss World Kenya and also represented her country in an international beauty pageant.

At the “Miss World” Kenyan entered the Top 20 of the world’s first beauties. After winning a prestigious competition, photographs of a beautiful model began to decorate well-known world magazines, and leading fashion houses invite Susan to their fashion shows.

  1. Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria’s family returned to their historical homeland in 2010. Kenya holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia.

She has worked in radio, as well as a business journalist and television news anchor for Capital FM in Nairobi. She later became a news anchor and reporter for NTV. In the veins of the beautiful presenter, the blood of many African peoples flows, and from her father’s side she is Malawian by nationality.

  1. Pierra Makena


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A Kenyan disc jockey, actress and TV presenter was born on April 11, 1981. She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in When Love Comes at the annual Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards in Los Angeles.

Pierre completed her secondary education at Chogoria Girls’ High School and continued her studies at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications, where she studied radio production. She began to try herself as an actress while still in school, and a full-fledged career as an actress began in 2010. In parallel with roles in television series, she successfully worked as a TV presenter.


  1. Sarah Hassan


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Kenyan actress, model and TV personality was born on September 5, 1988 is one of the sexiest and most beautiful Kenya Women in the World in 2021. In her filmography, there are already more than a dozen roles in films and television series. Best known for her roles in comedy dramas Citizen TV, Tahidi School and The Wedding Show.

Hasan made her television debut in 2009 on the Tahidi School TV show as Tanya. After this success, Sakata Mashariki hosted the East African dance show for the first time. In addition to acting, she is also a famous model, becoming a brand ambassador for several local fashion trends.


  1. Eve D’Souza


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Kenyan media personality, radio host and actress claims 8th position in the list of Best Kenya Women of 2021 in the World. Started working as a radio host on the well-known channel “Capital FM”. A native of Mombasa, after graduation, she entered the Catholic University of Nairobi, where she studied English language and literature.

Her presenter career began in 2001, and now she runs Moonbeam Productions, which produces the popular sitcom Aunt Boss! She not only acts as the producer of the series, but plays one of the main roles.


  1. Joyce Omondi


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The Nairobi native left for the United States after graduation, where she studied at Knox College from 2006 to 2012. She received a diploma in economics and specialist in integrated international studies.

Upon her return to Kenya, Joyce released a series of gospel singles, including the acclaimed songs “Conqueror” and “Kweli”. The song “Kweli”, which means “Truly” in Swahili, has become one of her most popular hits for the Kenyan singer.

She dedicated it to her father, who was injured in an explosion at the American embassy in Nairobi. The talented Joyce is also the host of a television show on Citizen TV called Rauka Gospel Music.


  1. Lupita Nyong’o


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Lupita’s parents are from Kenya, where she spent her childhood. But the popularity came to her beautiful in America. She comprehended the basics of acting in the USA, while performing on the stage.

Success came in 2013, when the actress played a black slave in the movie 12 Years of Slavery. Her debut role earned her an Oscar. After that, leading directors began to invite Lupita, and in 2014 People magazine put her in first place in the list of the most beautiful women on the planet.


  1. Hoodda Monroe

Born October 10, 1991 in Eastleigh, and raised on the Huruma estate. Her real name is Alhuda Njoroge. She is a Kenyan socialite who makes a living as a modeling business.

Enrolled at Cajiado Hills Girls’ Academy. She also attended several other schools after she was expelled from one school for absenteeism and delinquency. Hudda rose to fame in 2014 after winning the coveted slot to represent Kenya on the reality show Big Brother Africa.


  1. Alice Kamande


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A talented singer with a charming smile was born on June 15, 1986. She began to study music at the age of 7, and now she herself writes lyrics and music for her musical work. At the age of 14, she made her debut with her songs on the school stage.

She became famous in 2009 after her song “Ni Wewe” appeared on radio and television. In 2015, fans heard the singles from her debut album, Omba. In addition to music, she is a successful businesswoman who produces jewellery under her own brand.


  1. Maureen Nduta

Professional photographers around the world celebrate the incredible beauty of Kenyan girls. The beauty Maureen Nduta undoubtedly belongs to the first beauties of the modeling business.

In 2016, she first appeared on the covers of famous magazines, and over time she was invited to shows in Paris, New York, Milan. According to experts, a purposeful model can embody any image.


  1. Maryanne Ndungu

Maryanne Ndungu | Most beautiful Kenya Women

Maryanne Ndungu is one of the most beautiful girls in Kenya. The beauty Marianne was born in Nairobi, and after graduating from high school plunged into the world of fashion. The Kenyan woman has been an adornment of fashion shows in the world’s fashion capitals and has successfully appeared in advertisements for leading cosmetics brands.

In 2018, Marianne was nominated for the best female model in her historical homeland, but among the recognized beauties she entered only the Top 10. After the success of the European catwalks, she went to conquer Asia, where she became the face of such companies like Samsung and LG.


  1. Cecilia Wairimu

The Kenyan singer was born on November 28, 1980, but better known by her stage name Amani. She herself writes the lyrics and music for her songs. While still at school she became a member of the pop group Sobriety.

Cecilia Wairimu

In 2006, her debut album was released, and now there are 6 music albums in her discography. Her contributions to the Kenyan music industry have earned her several coveted awards, including Best Woman at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards, Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Kisima Awards and Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.


Final Words

There is a natural, sometimes wild attraction in Kenyan girls. Each one on the list of 15 Top Most Beautiful Kenya Women in the World in 2021 has its own special twist. One attracts with an incredible smile, the second with incredible grace, the third with a purposeful look.