20 Most Beautiful Moldavian Women in the World

Diana Korkunóva | Most Beautiful Moldavia Women in the World

Located in Eastern Europe, this small country is well known for its excellent wine, carpets, vegetables, and fruits, as well as its burning beauty. We enlisted the 20 Most Beautiful Moldavian Women in the World; even though Moldovans are southern expressers, they are docile and good-natured.

Moreover, they are all excellent housewives and, almost without exception, excellent cooks. But let’s move on from personal qualities to external data, and today, we have the most beautiful Moldavian women in the world who have achieved success both in their homeland and far beyond its borders.

20 Most Beautiful Moldavian Women in the World

Sofia Rotaru (1947)

Sofia Rotaru (1947)

Let’s begin by looking at the most famous Moldavian woman in history who became simultaneously People’s Artist of the USSR, People’s Artist of the Moldavian SSR, and People’s Artist of Ukraine.

Her magnificent voice earned her the nickname “Bukovina nightingale” from her fellow countrymen, who started referring to her as a “Bukovina nightingale” after winning a song contest in 1962. International recognition followed.

The beautiful and talented Rotaru still entertains fans occasionally with concerts. Rotaru was the first Soviet singer who sang recitatives and made use of computer sound processing.

There are more than 500 songs in Sofia Mikhailovna’s repertoire that sound in different languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Serbian.

Lily Amarfy (1949-2010)

Lily Amarfy (1949-2010) | Most Beautiful Moldovan women

Right after her audition at the Lunacharsky Institute of Theatrical Art, Lilia was admitted to the course of the USSR People’s Artist Lev Sverdlin.

In addition to performing jazz, the soloist of the Moscow Operetta Theater was also an outstanding member of the Codru folk ensemble.

A regular participant in the TV show “Lovers of Operetta,” the Russian operetta actress was awarded the honorary title People’s Artist of Russia in 1998.

Nadezhda Chepraga (1956)

Nadezhda Chepraga (1956) | Moldovan Women

A native of the Moldavian SSR with a beautiful velvet voice, she achieved fame as a soloist of the “Dumbrava” ensemble by the fourth grade. Since 1977, she has been participating in the song television festival “Song of the Year” since she was 16 years old.

In recognition of her contribution to the development of culture, Nadezhda was awarded numerous state awards and prizes. She is now active in developing cultural ties for the Orthodox Church of Moldova.

Ileana Lazariuc(1982)

Ileana Lazariuc(1982) beautiful Moldova women

Ileana grew up in Moldavia and inherited her talent from her mother, an Honored Artist of Moldova. She has become a successful actress in Romania.

As a result of the success of her first film, directors began to invite her to their projects. After living in Romania for a period of time, she is now living in Paris and pursuing his acting talent, at least occasionally, but mostly in films.

Nelly Ciobanu (1974)

The talented Moldovan singer began her professional career in 1994 when she won the Morning Star competition at the age of 19 years old.

In 2000, she won first prize at the prestigious Slavianski Bazaar festival after participating in a number of song contests.

In addition to her tour, the charming Moldovan woman hosts a musical program on Moldovan television.

Natalia Barbu (1979)

Natalia Barbu (1979) Moldova women

A music school teacher noticed Natasha’s musical talent, and advised her to enroll in the school. At 12, Natasha began playing at weddings after mastering the violin.

Barbu continues to play in folk groups after graduating from college. At the same time, Barbu begins her solo career, and she regularly participates in international pop competitions.

As a member of Moldova’s delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, the talented singer and violinist finished 10th in the final standings.



From childhood, Roxana dreamed of becoming a singer. Stylish and strong, Roxana graduated from a music school, class “Choir Conductor.” Once she had entered the Chisinau Institute of Arts, she and her friend formed the musical group “Lacrima,” which was the first step towards realizing her dreams.

It began with a tour of Moldova, and Moldovan singers with excellent vocal skills were invited to tour Romania and other countries. Today, Rosxana continues the singer’s career with success.

Aliona Chitoroaga

Aliona Chitoroaga

In 2012, the charming Alena won a national competition and went to conquer international catwalks after trying to participate in the most prestigious international beauty contests since she began her career.

As part of the Miss Earth 2012 contest, the girl became one of the three winners. The beauty graduated from the Institute of Geography and Geology with a degree in Tourism at one time, and she has become a true standard of style, femininity, and elegance.

Diana Korkunóva

Diana Korkunóva | Most Beautiful Moldavia Women in the World

There is no doubt that Diana Korkunova is one of the most beautiful Moldavian women in the world. Another Moldovan woman has made a successful career in modeling.

As a young woman, she took part in a prestigious beauty contest in Italy, representing Moldova and signing advertising contracts with leading cosmetic companies.

Aside from her charming beauty, she is also a language enthusiast. She speaks four languages fluently already.

Diana Grigor

Diana Grigor

Diana, a purposeful child who set a goal and stubbornly strived to reach it, perfectly combined her studies and her singing career at the Academy of Arts.

She becomes a prize-winner and receives many awards at prestigious music festivals after recording her first video for “Say yes or no”.

She has become one of Moldova’s most beloved and popular performers, and her videos are always at the top of the charts.

Lyanka Gryu

She was born in Moscow, but she has Moldovan roots on her father’s side, so she is eligible for the Moldovan beauty list.

Lyanka Gryu made her film debut when she was just four years old, and she is now one of the most well-known actresses in Russian cinema. She is also very successful on the stage, and Sergei Prokhanov invites her to his productions.

At the Rolan Bykov Children’s Film Festival, she won the award for best role among the awards for the talented actress.

Valeria Duka

The Moldovan artist, born in Moldova, is beautiful and talented. During her participation in the Venice Biennale, experts noted Valeria’s talent and original style. She has created more than 200 paintings since she made her debut in painting.

Her hobbies include painting and taekwondo. She has won 25 medals of various denominations in the World and European Championships in taekwondo.

Michaela Burn

When it comes to Michaela’s burning beauty, you can really get burned. Her artistic abilities wowed relatives and friends from a young age.

She organized and masterminded the successful Romanian music project “Mishelle” in 2011. Since then, she has won more than 100 awards at prestigious international competitions and festivals. Her career as a singer continues successfully today, as she alternates living between Bucharest and Chisinau.

Inna Codreanu

Inna joined the modeling business after the birth of her child, once again proving that she and her family are among the first among Moldovan families.

Prior to that, a pretty girl with a charming smile achieved recognition not only nationally but internationally after winning a beauty contest in 2007, when she was named the country’s most beautiful young lady.

Thousands of fans still speak fondly of Inna’s beauty, and their pictures of a beautiful woman with her daughter can be seen online. Inna’s beauty only increased with the birth of a daughter.

Natalia Cheptene

Natalia Cheptene was considered one of the most beautiful women in the post-Soviet space, but even before graduating from university, she was invited to broadcast news on Moldovan television.

Natalya has hosted a series of news programs in Russian since 2000, as well as the most popular show, “About our own, about women.” After giving birth to her daughter, she briefly interrupted her TV career.

As a result of PRO TV executives and fan letters, Natalia returned to broadcast the news. She now broadcasts it in Romanian, not Russian.

Xenia Delhi

As a native of the Moldavian town of Bessarabka, Ksenia dreamed of fame from an early age. When the opportunity arose, she took advantage of it to the fullest extent.

After meeting talented photographer Gavin O’Neill in Moldova, the girl moved to the United States for a student exchange program when she was 18.

In 2012, candid photos of Ksenia with American singer Bruno Mars appeared on the cover of “Play Boy,” bringing the girl to the attention of the most popular magazines. As one of Moldova’s most beautiful girls, she became an actress in order to delight her fans as well.

As a conclusion, here is another rating of the sexiest Moldovan women found on Instagram pages. The criterion for popularity is, of course, the number of subscribers (the data is current at the end of 2020).

Mia Beskiri

Beauty runs a blog about travel and the latest fashion trends. Mia has over 110 thousand subscribers.

Diana Kurmey

650 thousand people have subscribed to Diana’s beauty blog on YouTube, but the beauties on Instagram have just over 100 thousand subscribers.

Nicoleta Noku

At the end of 2020, the most popular Moldovan singer has almost 400 thousand subscribers who are happy to like the photos and actively comment on her creative successes.

Doina Ciobanu

Originally from Moldova, Doina Ciobanu gained recognition for her role as a fashion blogger, where she often shared her thoughts on the latest trends, fashions, and travel experiences.

As well as collaborating with luxury brands, Ciobanu has appeared on the cover of several fashion magazines. Her influence extends to her social media platforms, where she shares her fashion-forward content, lifestyle insights, and travel adventures, building a significant following.

The fashion blogger has collected just over 625 thousand subscribers today and is firmly in third place in this indicator among natives and residents of Moldova.


As you can see, the stylish girls of Moldova perfectly use their natural data, intelligence, and talent, achieving success in many activities, from show business to performing on opera stages.

In addition, as ethnographers note, Moldovan women are quite brave girls who are able to quickly achieve success, and most importantly, overcome any difficulties on the way to this success. The editorial staff of most-beauty asks you to write in the comments about what other most beautiful Moldavian Women should be included in our list.

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