How to Grow Your YouTube Channel 

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel 

Well, YouTube is one of the largest content platforms in the world, if not the largest. YouTube has been around for ages and has seen most of the content evolve to what it is now. YouTube has been an experiment since day one, making it popular. However, in recent years, YouTube as a platform, and YouTubers as a profession are coming up.

This is why a lot of people now own multiple YouTube channels. However, all does not go as planned. Well, if it did, it would be a movie, wouldn’t it? So to help you cross the hurdles, we have the perfect beginner guide. If you are an artist and looking for a making your talent and art more valuable which might offer you a good relationship with business and brand, we recommend you to get a brand sponsorship as a musician. This would allow you to grow your business as well as connects with the outside world that might love your content.

If you need help with your YouTube Channel to grow, then try the things we are about to mention. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.


  • Optimize Your Profile

You might have heard a lot of people say it. But have you ever taken action? well, if you answered no, then it is about time you did. Having an optimized profile on YouTube is more important than the content you post, at least in the beginning.

Optimizing your profile isn’t as simple as it sounds, but it sure isn’t difficult either. You have to research a few things. Your audience, your forte, and the people you follow. Well more on that later. Once you have done your research, you have to come up with a name that is catchy and relevant.

Lacking either of those things is dangerous in the YouTube world. Where people dont have a lot of time to remember you, you must come up with a name that describes the personality you reveal through your content. After that is done, focus on good channel art.

If you leave that segment blank, you’d look like a 13-year-old trying desperately to work their YouTube channel. If you want to avoid that, hire a professional graphic designer and get it done. The next thing you need to focus on is your profile picture and you’re set. Well, for the most part. A good profile picture is needed to help relate your audience to the content. 


  • Understand Your Target Audience

For those who are brand new to the YouTube scene, the target audience is the part of YouTube, that you are marketing to. Well, your target audience could be a certain part of the population, that has certain search traits and interests.

Well, you can understand this by experimenting on YouTube and checking the analytics. Well, the reason why we promote you to understand your target audience is that that’s who you’re going to show your video to.

Your target audience can be anyone from a particular age group or someone sharing a certain interest. Once you start molding your content around it, you will see massive success on the platform. 


  • Work on Producing Good Thumbnails

The only barrier between your content and the viewer’s click is the thumbnail. The thumbnail appears before the video, which is why you need to focus more on it. Thumbnails make a difference when it comes to viewership because not everyone is thinking about it.

Thumbnails should be catchy and descriptive, but not too revealing. It should be something emotionally heightened to produce the desired effect. The reason we say that is, that most people are emotionally driven.

This is why they are more likely to click on the video if the thumbnail triggers an emotional response. These decisions are subconsciously made, according to the personality trait of the viewer. Regardless, having an interesting thumbnail is very important before you jump to the content. 


  • Focus on The Content

Now that we have talked about all the prerequisites, it’s time we talk about the content as well. There are a few ways to improve the quality of your content. These include better camera equipment, better cinematography/storytelling, and better editing.

Talking about the former, better camera equipment is the sure-shot way of increasing your content quality, even in literal senses. There are tons of creators on YouTube that have better camera gear making them stand out automatically.

Taking about the next point, better cinematography is a skill that you need to acquire. With YouTube offering so much content for free, there is no skill ceiling. You can learn cinematography and storytelling from the platform and if you’re someone who puts out sketches, your content will improve a lot as well.

Coming to editing, good editing skills are required to make the video concise and highlight what is necessary. If you cant do it yourself, find someone who can and focus on the rest. 


  • Check Your Analytics

Last but not least, checking your analytics is one of the most essential things on YouTube. As a content creator, you must check your numbers often. If you’re on the platform to be a creator, there needs to be something in your channel to sustain your lifestyle.

To make sure that happens, understanding analytics is important. First things first, you need to check the engagement rates of your posts. The number of accounts they reached, the number of impressions they gathered, and even the likes and comments. The algorithm supports the videos that are already on the verge of exploding and hence gives it a push over the fence.

YouTube is a platform where, if you get the initial engagement, the rest follows. So if you’re looking to grow your subscribers on YouTube, invest in good analytics tools. If you dont want to spend extra as a beginner, you can keep track of your videos from the creator studio app, well enough. However, make sure to do this often, as the trends keep on changing. 



The above-mentioned five tips are not the only things that you need to do. Well, there are other important things to note as well. However, these need to be applied for other tips to work. These actionable are strictly for beginners and even some intermediates.

But we’re sure once you apply these tactics in your early YouTube days, we’re sure your YouTube channel will have a foundation that is strong and hence will never look back. If you haven’t tried any of these before, we highly recommend doing so. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word. 

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