20 YouTube Music Tips and Tricks You Should Know

8 YouTube Music Tips and Tricks You Should Know in 2021

Today we will look at some of the most amazing YouTube Music tips and tricks that will operate on Android phones as well as Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

YouTube Music stands out among music streaming services since it offers not only music but also concerts, mashups, video songs, and even fan edits, resulting in the largest library of music content.

The YouTube Music app is very new when compared to other streaming music services; nonetheless, it has been updated with several fascinating features that you should be aware of to get the most out of YouTube music.

YouTube Music Tips and Tricks

In addition, it provides a few useful functions such as setting a YouTube Music Playlist as an alarm, sharing playlists with friends via links, or even making them public for everyone to listen to, among others. These tiny methods will greatly improve your experience and help you get the most out of your YouTube Music subscription.

1. Use by Default on Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to control the music you listen to without leaving navigation. Now it is compatible with the music provider YT Music.

  • How: Go to Google Maps settings – Click on “GPS Navigation” – Activate the “show multimedia playback controls” function – Choose YT Music as the provider.

2. Upload Songs to YouTube

One of the star functions of YT Music is uploading your songs to the library. At the moment it is only available to do it from the web version.

  • How: enter your music.youtube.com with your Google account – Click on the profile image in the upper right corner – Click on “Upload Music” – Select the audio file – Accept the terms of use – Wait to finish getting on.

Note: The songs will be in the library / Songs – Filtering by “load”.


3. Move Downloaded Music to SD

If you don’t have enough space in the internal memory, you can transfer all your downloaded playlists to the external SD memory of your cell phone.

  • How: Click on the profile icon next to the profile photo – click on library and downloads – activate the “use SD card” function.


4. Change Video Download Quality

By default, YT Music only downloads the audio of the videos but it is possible to change it to 360p or HD.

  • How: Click on the gear icon to go to the settings – Click on “video quality” – Choose one of the 3 options.


5. Enable Smart Downloads

Use smart downloads to save your favorite songs for offline listening. This process is done automatically when you connect to a Wi-Fi network and you have enough battery.

  • How: Enter the YT Music settings – Go to the bottom of the settings – activate the “smart downloads” function – Adjust the number of songs you want to download.


6. Change Time by Tapping Twice

When you are listening to a song you can double-click on the edges of the song cover to go forward or backward. This time by default is 10 seconds but you can change it up to 60 seconds.

  • How: Click on your profile picture – Click on settings – Click on “press twice to go forward or backward” – choose the time.


7. Adjust Privacy and Location

YT Music allows you to manage your play history, searches, and recommendations based on your location.

  • How: Click on your profile photo – enter settings – Click on “privacy and settings” and activate the settings you want.

8. Play to Connect to a Device

If you play your favorite songs on external devices via Bluetooth such as speakers, car,s or any audio device, you can start playback automatically.

  • How: Enter your YT Music account settings – Activate the “start playback with external devices

9. Use Lyrics to Search Songs

Sometimes you forget the name of the music and only recall a few lines of the lyrics. You can use YouTube Music to search for a song by inputting its lyrics. Surprisingly, this feature works well with other languages except English.

This is a lifesaver when you can’t remember that tune. It is unquestionably my favorite feature of YouTube Music, which no other service provides.

10. Use the Radio to get Personalised Playlists

You may already be aware that there is a playlist named ‘Your Mix’ that gives you infinite tailored music. Though this is an excellent approach to learning your preferences, it may not always suit your current mood.

Music streaming services provide more than just tracks and playlists. They also construct personalized playlists based on your preferences, making them even more personal.

For those occasions, there is another option called Radio. You may access that option by playing any music you want to listen to, then selecting the three-dot menu and clicking on Start Radio. This quickly builds a tailored playlist of songs that are similar to the one you’re currently listening to.

11. Collaborate with Others

You may already be aware that you can share your playlist by clicking the three-dot menu and selecting “Share” to share the playlist’s link.

People who have the URL can listen to your playlist, and the music in the playlist will be updated whenever you change the playlist. However, they cannot add songs to it.

You can now create a collaborative playlist in which both of you can contribute music. To make the playlist collaborative, open it, click on the edit playlist button, and change the Privacy option to “unlisted”, making the playlist public but only available to those who have the link. Now, select the collaborate button beside it to enable cooperation.

12. Use Playlists as an Alarm

The Google Clock app allows you to use tunes and playlists from YouTube Music. You have the option of using standard playlists or creating your own.

All you have to do is launch the Google clock app, pick set alarm, and set the alarm sound, and you will see an option called Youtube Music where you can select songs or playlists. My better advice is not to set your personalized playlists as Alarm, or you will start to dislike your favorite music.

13. Play Songs from the Local Storage

Not many streaming apps allow you to play songs from your local storage. This function is so beneficial that you won’t need to keep another music app on your device to play your local tracks.

You can access your local storage by heading to the Library area and selecting playlists, albums, songs, or artists. To listen to local storage, switch to the device files option from the YouTube Music option.

14. Improve YT Music Audio Quality

By default, the audio quality on YouTube Music is set to normal. You can improve your audio experience by setting it to high or always high.

This requires more bandwidth, however, you may adjust the audio quality for mobile data and wifi separately. You may locate this option by navigating to YouTube Music Settings.

15. Use the YouTube App on TV

YouTube Music does not have a standalone app for TV, but you may open YouTube and select Music from the sidebar. You can access all of your suggestions and playlists, but the user interface will be slightly different.

You also miss out on a few features, such as an explore tab, lyrics, and a library, which means you have to search for your playlists on the homepage rather than going to the library and finding them conveniently.

Aside from that, you should be perfectly fine with the YouTube app. In any case, if your TV supports Chrome Cast, I highly recommend using it.

16. Get Notified About New Songs

If you like one artist over another, YouTube Music will notify you when they release new music. This is a super nice function, but it isn’t perfect yet.

For example, you cannot manually follow musicians; YouTube Music does so automatically. The strange part is that the notification comes from the Google app, so you can’t just click to listen to it.

17. Sync your Playlists with Other Apps

If you’re using Spotify Premium, Apple Music, or another streaming service, you may switch to YouTube Music without losing any of your existing playlists. You can transfer them to YouTube Music, and the greatest part is that you can sync them, so any changes you make there will also be reflected on YouTube Music, and vice versa.

You may save that using a third-party program called Soundiiz. All you have to do is log in to both services in Soundiiz and begin transferring. This tutorial provides a full explanation of the process.

18. Change the Forward and Backward tap duration

You’re probably already aware that YouTube Music, like YouTube, allows you to tap ahead and backward. However, YouTube Music also includes the ability to adjust the duration of it.

By default, it is set at 10 seconds, but I found that 5 seconds worked much better. Simply go to Settings, double-tap to seek, and then pick Duration.

19. Smart Home Integration

This must be a fairly apparent functionality given that YouTube Music is a Google product and interacts well with their own Google Assistant and Google Home.

To connect YouTube Music to your Google Assistant, go to Settings > Services > Music and select “Link YouTube Music.” Now you can ask your Assistant or Google Home smart speaker to play a song, and it will automatically begin playing from YouTube Music.

20. Manage Your YouTube Music History

Your music preferences may evolve, so you must review and erase songs from your history frequently. This tells YouTube Music that you don’t want to continue receiving recommendations based on certain songs.

To do so, navigate to your YouTube Music profile, pick History, and erase songs by clicking the three vertical dots and scrolling down to Remove from History.

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