14 Bizarre and Weird Phobias That You Might Don’t Know

Strange and Wierd Phobias You Never Heard Of!

We all fear and have phobias in our life however, some Phobias are quite strange, bizarre, and weird. The definition of phobia is that the state of fear felt towards something reaches a level that will affect daily life.

Such people may sometimes need psychological support. The phobias that we will talk about today are a little different from what you always hear. These are particular phobias that you cannot see everywhere.

Strange and Weird Phobias You Never Heard Of

Although we do not know the exact starting points, the more we researched, the more surprised each time. If you are ready to be surprised, our article consists of the weirdest phobias that we compiled from a foreign source!

1. Chirophobia (Hand Phobia)

You may have heard that some people can’t stand seeing feet and even feel bad when touching their feet. Well, if there is a fear of feet but not a fear of hands!

This phobia can manifest itself in the form of fear of one’s own hands or someone else’s hands. The reason is said to be based on a traumatic accident, often involving a hand injury.

2. Tripophobia (Hole Phobia)

Most of us are subject to trypanophobia, one of the most talked-about phobias on social media in recent years. If we need to explain for those who do not know, trypanophobia can be defined as the intense discomfort of the person from small recurring holes.

While this discomfort manifests itself only in extreme situations in some people (such as hole-filled hand or foot images created in a virtual environment when you write trypanophobia on the internet), some people may feel bad even when looking at an ordinary strawberry.

3. Nomophobia (phobia of being without a phone)

Perhaps this is one of the greatest fears of our age. Being afraid of losing your phone is acceptable up to a point. Because phones are valuable technological tools, all our personal information is stored in them.

We need them for essential actions such as getting up in the morning or finding a way to pass our day, making them important devices.

However, people cannot stay away from their phones for a short time. These people can even experience panic attacks when they lose their phones or are not with them.

They also need to check their phones during the day constantly. Sound familiar, right? After learning this information, I think we will all need to review our phone usage habits.

4. Ablutophobia (Phobia of Bathing)

This phobia, which should disappear on its own after childhood, may continue into adulthood in some people. Although it’s a normal thing in childhood with age this phobia will turn out to be weird.

It is thought that these people who are uncomfortable with washing, bathing, and briefly cleaning may have experienced traumas or accidents around the water or the act of washing.

5. Genuphobia (Knee Phobia)

Since we started our article on strange phobias with organs, let’s continue like this. In knee phobia, known as gynophobia, the person may feel extremely uncomfortable with the kneecap joints’ movement or just the knee appearance.

It is known that the source of this phobia is knee injuries that have turned into psychological trauma.

6. Turophobia (Cheese Phobia)

Yes, we are talking about the cheese we know! Some people are afraid of cheese, whether it is taste, smell, or texture. We know it sounds strange when he says that, but some people with cheese phobia can have a panic attack just passing by a market with cheese in the window.

7. Ergophobia (Work Phobia)

People with work phobia are not afraid of the idea of ​​the act of work. They feel high stress and pressure only in their work environment. And of course, this prevents them from being efficient. If ergophobia is severe, it can cause panic attacks.

8. Somniphobia (Sleep Phobia)

For some Somniphobia is one of the weird phobias because sleep is one of the best things in the world for most of us. However, for some people, falling asleep at night can be torture because they are afraid of falling asleep.

People with this phobia often experience sleep paralysis. These people, who were unable to move due to the body falling asleep while they were conscious while falling asleep, developed a phobia for sleep due to the stress caused by the inability to move.

9. Aerophobia (Phobia of Fresh Air)

Although it sounds bizarre, there is such a phobia. People with a phobia of fresh air feel great discomfort from the fresh air or the light breezes it creates. This condition is generally associated with rabies disease. If a person is infected with rabies, water, or light breezes can cause muscle spasms. This explains the avoidance of water and fresh air.

10. Amathophobia (Dust Phobia)

This is the phobia that we are sure all mothers in our country have! Dust phobia can be defined as having a high degree of discomfort from dust, as the name suggests. The interesting thing is that this phobia is most common among librarians. Although we think that most of us get used to the situation when we spend time between the dusty pages during the day, the truth is different.

11. Numerophobia (Number Phobia)

You might wonder why a person is afraid of numbers, but there is such a phobia. Of course, people with this phobia are not afraid of the appearance of numbers or think the numbers will do them any harm. Numerophobia is more like people avoiding math operations or dealing with numbers. It’s an understandable phobia when you think like that.

12. Deipnophobia (Phobia of Dinner)

Yes, you read that right. Some people were afraid of dinner! These people are not directly afraid of dinner. The phobia manifests itself more as being afraid of dinner with a large group.

This situation, the exact cause of which is unknown, has still been reported in the literature. So there are people who have experienced this.

13. Globophobia (Balloon Phobia)

Colorful balloons may seem like a great idea for decoration, but some are very afraid of balloons. Generally, a balloon bursts in childhood.

It is known that people with such experiences stay away from balloons in their adulthood. Research has shown that these people are often their children and have trouble when they have to take them to their peers’ birthday parties.

14. Xanthophobia (Yellow Phobia)

A person is afraid of everything, but do not say whether he is afraid of color; some are afraid. It is known that the yellow color evokes death in Chinese culture.

This situation has become so internalized that giving a yellow scarf to a person in ancient times became a suicide order from the emperor. In other words, the person who received the scarf was expected to ‘politely’ kill himself and save the soldiers from the trouble of doing the same job.

Final Words

If we put this aside, it is also possible that yellow color phobia may occur after a traumatic accident with yellow in it (bee sting, an accident involving a yellow car, etc.). 

In some advanced cases, it has been observed that a person with this phobia cannot consume any yellow-colored food, cannot look at the yellow color, or even cannot stand the vocal pronunciation of the yellow color.

We have come to the end of our article called strange phobias that we prepared for you here. Who knows, maybe we’ve brought up a phobia that you don’t even know you have. Do not forget to write the strangest phobia you have heard in the comments section.

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