7 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2022

7 Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone 2022

Whether you want to join videos, cut parts, add music, photos, and more, each video editor has tools, filters, and effects to create a fantastic project. With Promo’s Online Video Editor you can easily edit videos directly on your iPhone that have great features and resources to create videos as if you were using editing software for PC.


7 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone You Must Try in 2022


1. Splice – Video Editor

Best Video Editors for iPhone

Create personalized videos in a professional way with the capacity of a desktop editor, optimized from your mobile device with all the necessary tools.

  • Featured : Crop and frame video clips, add and control the speed of transitions, add title slides, overlay texts, automatically sync the beat of the music with your video, and much more …
  • Price : Access all the tools of this application for only 2.77 USD per month
  • Get on : iPhone

2. Inshot

Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021

It is a handy video editor that includes tools to sync sound with original mp3 volume control and timeline features.

  • Featured : Add text and emojis on photos, use filters to retouch your files, colored borders, voice-over, effects to combine videos, adjust speed, share with high resolution video and much more.
  • Price : Remove the watermark for as little as $ 2.77
  • Get on : iPhone

3. VivaVideo – Video Editor

Best Video Editors for iPhone in 2021

It is one of the most recognized video editors in the world, thanks to its incredible editing and design tools, which allow you to create high-quality projects.

  • Featured : Add text, multitrack music, stickers, filters, transitions and voice-overs on the timeline, adjust video speed and parameters, precise cropping up to 0.1 seconds, custom watermark, video split into 9 grids , special effects like: rainbow, rain, snow, thunder, flame and much more.
  • Price : Unlock Premium Package for just $ 4.80
  • Get on : iPhone

4. FilmoraGo – Video Editor & Maker

It works with up to 100 video-audio tracks, easily adapted for users who have no experience in video editing, thanks to its graphical interface similar to that of other applications.

  • Highlights : Color correction tool, fisheye, camera shake, freeze frames, composition of overlapping clips with green screen, automatic scene detection and removal of background noise, equalizing audio
  • Price : Access this app for just $ 39.99 per year or $ 59.99 for life.
  • Get on : iPhone

5. Quik – GoPro Video Editor

Create videos by choosing photos and other files from your device, add filters, effects, synchronize the timeline to the rhythm of the music, personalize with text, emojis and much more.

  • Featured : Add up to 200 photos and video clips from your gallery and choose from 26 themes with their respective transitions, plus easily rearrange, trim, rotate, and customize the clips you add to the timeline.
  • Price : Free
  • Get on : iPhone

6. Filmmaker Pro Video Editor

It is a very practical video editor, which contains creative design tools with an unlimited number of video sequences to carry out large projects.

  • Featured : Access more than 30 filters and transitions, crop, divide, duplicate sequences, control slow and fast motion playback speed, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure
  • Price : Remove the watermark for only $ 27.90
  • Get on : iPhone

7. Filmr

It is a video editor with a simple interface that has more than 150 filters and effects to create videos with unique transitions where you can also add songs or narrate with your voice.

  • Featured : Increase or decrease speed, add exclusive styles, color with frames and choose in multiple formats for social networks, Gifs, stop motions, presentations and more.
  • Price : Free and Pro version that unlocks all functions with a 7-day free trial.
  • Get : For iPhone


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10 Best Alternatives to Google Play Store in 2022

10 Best Alternatives to Google Play Store in 2021

Best Alternatives to Google Play Store 2022

With these Android app stores, obstacles such as restrictions in your country, by the version of Android installed on our mobile, or due to money issues will no longer excuse installing Android applications and games on your device. With these best Google Play Store alternatives of 2022 that I present below, you will find applications and games that can be downloaded for free legally, download the APK file (installer) to avoid restrictions, and much more.

10 Best Google Play Store Alternatives to Download Games and Apps without Play Store in 2022


1. Aurora Store

Aurora Store is considered one of the best alternatives to Play Store. It allows you to install applications and games on android devices without having google services and installing applications with restrictions by regions or incompatible with your device by having location language and device simulation. Aurora Store is Open Source and features on Android versions 5.0 and up. Download Aurora Store


2. Aptoid

Aptoid is the second alternative for Google Play Store, preferred by many users. It mainly offers all the free applications, and even some paid ones from google play can be downloaded for free through the APK file.

To date, it has more than 600,000 Apps uploaded by users, developers, and partners. The apps are downloaded through their Official App, App Line, and App for TV (For SmartTV). Web Link: Aptoide

3. Uptodown

When you google the apk file of any application, Uptodown appears in the first results because it is at the top of the most popular websites to download applications safely and legally.

The Uptodown app was recently updated, offering the possibility that Apks downloads update automatically. This is really a gem because you can download apps regardless of your country’s restrictions or block. Download Uptodown Android.

4. APKMirror

It is not an application to have the mobile, but an online repository of your favorite apps’ most recent versions. It is a community created by Android Police where APK files are uploaded so you can update or download an app at any time without depending on google play. Web Link: APK Mirror

5. APKPure

A lightweight alternative with which you can see recommendations of the day, ranking, and categories.

  • Application manager: Update Apps, downloaded and installed.
  • Download Apps without country blocking.
  • Download applications safely with the pause/restore option.
  • Free-Download: APKPure

6. XDA Labs

It is a large community where you can find and download applications.

  • There are no restrictions whatsoever.
  • All types of payment are accepted, even Bitcoins.
  • View applications by categories, recently updated apps.
  • See Root mobile apps.
  • Download Wallpapers.
  • Download Free: XDA Labs

7. Malavida

It is a website to download applications for all operating systems, including Android.

  • Download Apk files from Android apps and games for free.
  • Download Applications that are not in the Play Store.
  • It offers information about the version, the file size, and the obtained rating.
  • List of apps, new, updated, the most popular, and organized by categories.
  • Web Link: Malavida


Manufacturer’s App Stores Alternatives

8. AppGallarey by Huawei

The official Huawei store comes pre-installed in its most recent models, which has been improving after restrictions with the Google Play Store.

Find featured applications, apps, and games organized by categories, a ranking of apps and games, gifts, prizes, and coupons granted if you download Huawei services. AppGallarey (Official Site)

9. Galaxy Store by Samsung

Samsung has been offering a wide range of its own services and content on all its devices, including applications. These applications are updated from the Galaxy store, but you will also find thousands of apps and games.

Its focus is on themes to personalize your Samsung, exclusive applications, font styles, stickers, and emojis.

Like app galley, you will find promotions, coupons, offers and events, and pending updates of the factory pre-installed apps. Galaxy Store (Official Site)

10. Amazon Appstore

It is mainly intended for its line of tablets and smartphones created by Amazon. Although it has fewer applications and games, its main advantage is the daily promotions of paid applications to download for free. It really has Free Premium applications. Download Appstore for Android from Amazon

More alternative to Google Play Store

F-Droid: Contains only open source apps, where it has more than 2000 apps.

SlideMe: Contains a smaller catalog of apps (45,000) but focuses on offering free paid apps but is reviewed by the community for malware-free.

Mobogenie: It has a smart recommendation engine that analyzes your preferences and makes sensible suggestions. It also works as a file manager, and you are allowed to download other content beyond applications, such as wallpapers, ringtones, books, and YouTube videos.

These are the main alternatives to Google Play so you can find the best games and applications for your Android. Remember that every week we publish a weekly top with new apps.


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